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Baywash Car Wash: Bikini-clad Car Cleaning Services

Baywash Car Wash: Bikini-clad Car Cleaning Services

JACKI: Hi Welcome to Baywash have you ever been here before? 00:12
COMM: Welcome to Baywash Bikini Car Wash in Winter Park, Florida. The Sunshine State’s
hottest place to get your motor cleaned and it’s as popular with the girls who work
there. 00:23
JACKI: I do enjoy working at Baywash, it’s a lot of fun at the end of the day. 00:26
COMM: As it is with the customers 00:28
TREVON: It’s awesome to see the young ladies in beautiful bikinis. 00:31
COMM: Business is booming at Steve McMahon’s Baywash Bikini Car Wash, but he didn’t start
it primarily as a business venture. 00:39
STEVE: I started Bay Wash in March 2009. I Started it just as a fundraiser for my daughter’s
school. She goes to school for autism. 00:48
COMM: Open 7 days a week til midnight, the car wash regularly pulls in high-end customers. 00:54
STEVE: We’ve done many Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentley’s we get a lota nice cars here. 01:02
COMM: But they offer services for all budgets. From the 10 dollar handwash to the 30 dollar
super clean inside and out. 01:12
COMM: But regardless of the quality of the service it seems that not everyone thinks
of it as good clean fun. 01:18
STEVE: The law enforcement here when we first started, we them for free. We appreciate their
services and then one day a female officer took a picture of the sheriffs getting their
cars washed and they all got a email from the captain saying no more baywash bikini
car washes. 01:34
JACKI: Baywash can potentially be viewed as sexist although I don’t view it that way.
I would definitely recommend my friends to work here. In fact I referred several friends
that have worked here over the time. 01:47
TREVON: Well in this economy we can’t really look at a sexist as far as someone paying
their bills. If a young lady has to wear a bikini in 90-degree weather then I don’t
think that’s sexist. 01:58
COMM: After the success of his first bikini car wash, Steve now has plans to expand. 02:03
STEVE: I have a couple of locations getting ready to open up. I have one in Altim, I have
one in Miami. I have a person that owns many properties that’s interested in opening
more. 02:13
COMM: And it seems he won’t be short of customers. 02:17
This is the best car wash ever 02:20
TREVON: I would definitely come back again ASAP.

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46 thoughts on “Baywash Car Wash: Bikini-clad Car Cleaning Services

  1. Baywash Car Wash: Bikini-clad Car Cleaning Services
    A car wash is employing women to soap down and rinse cars in their bikinis. Baywash Bikini Car Wash in Winter Park, Florida, USA is the unique shop open seven days a week that offers a variety of bikini-clad cleaning services. Services range from a $10 quick wash, which includes a hand wash and dry, to a $60 detailing wax package. Owner Steve McMahon, 47, started the wash as a fundraiser five years ago – but he now has plans to open up multiple locations in Florida. 

  2. only a man will wash his car here >_< 

    oh come on every thing are becoming sexy ! What is next ? free girls for gas 

  3. Diversity is a just a code word for less White People.
     Nobody says an Asian country that is virtually 100% Asian needs more diversity.
     Nobody says an African country that is almost all Black needs more diversity.
    Anti-Whites claim “anti-racism” but ONLY demand diversity for White countries.
    They say it’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY. They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  4. I also work at car wash, and yes we wear bikini. But if you too busy you don't need to go out, you call and we'll come 😀

  5. I live about 30 seconds away from here, its across from my school.  As much as i love girls in bikinis i would never let them touch my BMW or Lexus.  Scratches and swirls recipe 

  6. People who are hating are obviously jealous! It's no driffent then wearing a bikini at the beach or at a pool for that matter it's just a bikini lol I've walked around town before with just my bikini on hahah I think that looks like a fun job. "Sign me up! 😉

  7. It's not for everyone – customers or employees. But for those who want to do it, there's nothing wrong with it. Depending on on many factors such as personality and your other options, maybe it's not for you.

    There's nothing degrading about it. For some people, it's probably a more enjoyable job than a lot of alternatives. It's certainly better than welfare.

  8. There's a cafe out in CA called Bottoms up where the servers wear bikini's and no one bats an eye but when people wearing such attire clean your car, suddenly it's sexist. I mean, I think if places such as Hooters, Wing House and Twin peaks can exist than why not a carwash? On a side note, I've never been to this place just because I'm too cheap to clean my car. haha.

  9. I am going to be a part of that business as well..I will put a chair and click every guys pic and threaten them to show the pics to their wife…hahahaha..easy money….

  10. Open one up in The Lee County area of Florida please, Fort Myers and Cape Coral could use something like this

  11. Baywash? More like "Boob wash". No, I am not jealous. But in the interest of fairness, can someone please provide shirtless blokes to wash women's cars? Women deserve to perve too.

  12. They may look hot, but they are there only on a job it would be hard and quite a challenge to get a girl like that to take on a date or get married to as they might not have the time for it as job can take over their freedom make it hard for them as they have to pay bills like shopping, car insurance, house, mortgage or other things they might have to pay for like electric, gas, water, stock and power supplies. The job might not want them to get married or fall into a relationship I’m not saying it in a cruel way I’m just trying to say it in a way that will help to educate people on how hard life is or can be hard decisions and rules and regulations can be strict, tough and not fair Life is never easy.

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