Batman and Robin Rent A Car | Superhero Toy Adventures Episode 2 | Video for Kids #ToyReplay

[Robin] Holy skydiving Batman, what are we going
to do? [Batman] Jump into the Batmobile, Robin. I have a Plan. [Narrator] Are you wondering how our
dynamic duo got into this pickle of a plummet? Watch Episode one on Nerd Dad Toys
channel to find out. Already seen it? Then keep watching! [Batman] Jump into the Batmobile.
Robin. I have a plan. [Robin] I’ll try. NOOO! Not my cycle! [Batman] Don’t worry Robin, I have a feeling it’s not the
last we’ll see of your cycle [Robin] ok. Gee Batman, it shure seems like we’ve been falling for
a long time. That must have been a really high cliff. What was that plan you had? [Batman] The plan? Robin, you’re going to pull the
emergency bat parachute. [Robin] emergency bat parachute? when am I supposed to pull it? [Batman] now! [Robin] What an amazing plan Batman! We are still
alive! [Batman] Robin, amazing plans one of my bat-specialties! There’s only one problem, [Robin]
what’s that Batman? [Batman] We’re going to have to take the Batmobile into the shop to have
the parachute reinstalled. We will need another vehicle in the meantime. [Robin] I just
saw a commercial the other day advertising rental cars for action
figures [RoboCop] are you in action figure with a broken Batmobie? An incomplete Ecto? Or a malfunctioning Mystery Machine? Do you need another ride while your Vigilante vehicle is in the shop? If that sounds like you, look no further than RoboCop’s Rental Coupes. Robocop’s Rental Coupes come in yellow and red, as well as red and yellow. And your whole crime fighting team Can enter through one conveniently located driver’s side door. For all those ragtag heels who need a rad set of wheels Robocop’s Rental Coupes is the name for you. Call 1-876-robo-coupe We’ll even polish up the plastic for you. [Batman] This is mildly ridiculous [Robin] I think it’s great! [Batman] We’re going to need to call Alfred on the Bat communicator to ask him to open the gate to the Batcave. [Robin] Uh, Batman, this Batcave playset didn’t come with an Alfred figure [Batman] This has not been our lucky day. [Robin] Don’t worry Batman, I’ll open the gate. [Batman] This rental coupe won’t fit through the opening! We’ll have to leave it parked outside SHIELDS! Now that’s what I’m Bat-talking-about! Alright Robin, I’m going to scan the Bat computer to see if we can find anything out about that purple bear who poured syrup on the road. [Robin] Okay Batman. Hey, that’s the Bat phone. I’ll go answer it. [Batman] Lotso H. Bear. Hmmm. Okay Robin, all we’ve got is a name. Lotso H. Bear. We need to find out more about him. Who’s he working for? What’s he up to? We’ve got other things to worry about Batman. You haven’t asked me who was on the Bat phone. Oh, sorry. Was it the Commissioner? No, it’s the superhero auto shop. And replacing the parachute isn’t the only problem with the Batmobile! What’s the big problem with the Batmobile? And who is Lotso H. Bear? Who’s he working for? What’s he up to? Find out on the next episode of… Good day Make-believers! Thank you for watching Episode 2 of Superhero Toy Adventures! Superhero toy adventures is a collaboration between my channel, Toy Replay and my friend’s channel, Nerd Dad Toys. If you haven’t seen episode 1, you gotta check it out over at Nerd Dad Toys. And if you don’t want to miss future episodes, you should subscribe to both of our channels! Thanks for watching. We’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below. Play on Make-believers!

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