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Barbie Car Turbo #2 Testing and Driving on the Oregon Coast 4K

Barbie Car Turbo #2 Testing and Driving on the Oregon Coast 4K

[Music] exactly a cheaper and like potentially less quality pump but it has a maximum pressure rating of a hundred psi that one’s designed to float 3.7 gallons a minute and I don’t know what its maximum pressure rating is but when trying to flow 3.7 gallons a minute through all these tiny passageways it can’t handle it and shuts off this is rated for 4 liters a minute so a lot less as long as it keeps flowing and doesn’t shut off it should be plenty of flow for the turbo that came with a bunch of weird I know if I was looking at that like really weird super cheap like what the heck we got the red handles which would normally mean positive on a green wire and black handles which would normally mean negative on a red wire so we’re kind of guessing that this is positive here this is positive I’m gonna go with the color on the clam okay so red going with most people are gonna look at so we’re going with a green wire is positive [Music] [Applause] that sounded like something explode there’s our point of failure cell 100 psi pump with the two sent attachment yeah apparently so the very first community to recognize grind hard plumbing company in the channel was the redneck engineering reddit so in proper redneck engineering fashion does this count so we got the right size nut that fits the banjo bolt welding it to the nut that fits the pump exactly it’s gonna be perfect it’s gonna be perfect step one to test your oil pump warm up oil not a recommended method hey that’s good that’s pretty good [Music] Barbies on jack stands we got new oil thinner oil finished the dumped pipe and we got the new oil pump which stays on and works well so yeah works much better oh yeah and on the plus side it’s also lighter by a walk yeah much smaller less power draw turns out a cheaper crappier pump was actually better who would’ve thunk it’s ready for a uh ready for a test run [Music] so right now we’re gonna take it out on the driveway for a few laps and see if she’s ready to rock and roll then we’re headed to the Oregon coast and it’s going to be ridiculous well the oil coolers working at least yeah hot touch it means it means hot oil circulating through it as far as I can tell though it’s not not fast at all as in like like slower than it was when it rolls a lot slower than it was before sure it could be wrong so that’s what it feels like so on the initial drive neither of us could hear anything spooling so maybe it’s just because the exhaust we’re gonna pop the exhaust off and see if it’s still spooling yeah I mean maybe I should take it for a lap without the exhaust maybe that dumped Heights too restrictive yeah [Music] haha this sounds a way cooler without the exhaust oh yeah it was the exhaust part all the difference man I didn’t I thought that pipe was fairly decent in size but I guess not is it faster than it was Wow on dirt who knows but I guess I need to make a bigger dump pipe tomorrow a lot of time on that one yeah and it looks super dope last-minute modifications before we hit the coast the Barbie cars on three ton jack stands right now I don’t think they’re quite strong enough yeah if it falls out on you it’ll probably kill you yeah so the dump pipe on the barbie car is too restrictive and we don’t have a whole lot of wider pipes so we already threw away the rest of the exhaust from the Tacoma but I think it’s gonna be the perfect size so I’m just gonna cut a chunk out of what’s still there and we’ll use that to make the new dump plate yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right well I’m Steve heseok we’re at Sand Lake in Oregon and this is the 300cc drifty Trek thing go see what it does the Sam [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you got it but yeah it’s running like fast because I got water in the air filter I think [Applause] all right Barbie turbo just isn’t working for us Ethan switching it over to n/a right now and hopefully it works hopefully we didn’t do anything too bad to the engine but we’re about to find out you’re so defeated now you’re so stone [Music] [Applause] this is hilarious this is my favorite part for it on for crime here I think you’re gonna be the first person I’ll gladly pepper well true grind hard fashion we’re done when all the toys are broken I guess so the turbo was not a success I mean it was always an experiment and that was the point was have fun and see if we could do it it didn’t work it ran all right for a minute it didn’t really have any extra power but then it started blowing oil and just you know I don’t know it’s it doesn’t have a water jacket on it also you’re sucking fuel through the turbo that’s probably dissolving some of the oil and sucking it into the engine and maybe messing up the seals it’s not optimal but it was a fun experiment yeah and we got some parts for something else exactly truck so that’s good today was awesome I mean crazy stuff like this it doesn’t always work but [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  2. Hey guys.. just noticed after a few vids that the production quality is excellent. Did the guy who edits these go to school for that?

  3. You need to put the carb on and then turbo second becuase the carb has a more narrow hole your making a vacume thats not letting the turbo spool up faster not by much but still a good difference

  4. Fuck you for wiring that shit up with red on both poles..that's a fucktard move of the highest order…way to go!

  5. Русские, ставьте лайки. Пусть думает, что что-то умное написал:)

  6. You guys should really think of making a shop to sell rebuilt and custom karts and stuff. If legal of course, tons of people would love to have one of these toys you guys build!

  7. I think turbo should be after of the carburetor, not before the carburetor, since air and fuel mixture will also hit the propeller before it gets into the engine.

  8. What turbo are you using? I’ve been looking for a turbo but can’t seem to find a suitable for my project?

  9. Increible inteligencia y creatividad la de ustedes. Gracias es un placer pasar el rato con un buen video como este.

  10. Since it’s a single cylinder engine the turbo isn’t going to spoil very well unless you’re in high rpms, you should add what’s basically an expansion pipe to the hot side of the turbo piping so it has extra air built up to charge the turbo

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