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Back in the USA!

Back in the USA!

It can’t get any crazier!
I’m back in Orlando! I’m gonna spend 3 weeks here and I’m so excited! This is our hotelroom. I have to knock, because the doorbell is broken. Hi! – Welcome Wezzvlog viewers to our crib I can’t see you. Where are you?
– I don’t know either I almost didn’t see you. Good camouflage! This is our hotelroom at All Stars..
– Sports! Because we are so sporty! – Our fridge. We need it, because it’s very hot!
It’s still empty! – We have to go to Walmart.
Yes, we’re going to Walmart. Look, we got very big beds! Which room is this?
– The sinkroom! There’s also a sinkroom over here, not just in Japan! They have a sinkroom. – Guess what Wesley’s gonna do here later
I’m gonna poop over here! The shower. Look with Daisy’s. And Mickey and Donald. Nice – Such a small bathtub.
It’s a very small shower. A small shower. Great. But great room for a great price. What did they say when we checked in? – They won’t clean the room and then we got 110 euro He said they won’t clean the room during our stay. But we got a giftcard with 110 dollars on it in return. Well.. then don’t clean my room! Fine by me. Now we can shop for 110 dollars! So we’re finally in the hotelroom. It was such a journey to get here. For the first time we got a rental car. Finally I can rent a car in the USA. Such an experience. It went like this.. We just arrived at the Alamo Car Rental. All the small cars are sold out. We rented a small one. They said we could pick any car we’d like. We want this one! A giant pickup truck! I don’t know if I dare to drive this one.
But let’s do this! This one? The white one? Amazing! I’m gonna drive this car.
So goooooood! We just left the.. We didn’t even left the parking garage. – Wesley is allready stressed.
I’m sweating like crazy! We got such a weird key. Where’s the key? You have to start the car with this thing.
I tried many times with this key. I asked someone, because it wasn’t working. Let’s follow the Disney Bus.
But they drive so much faster than me! – Then you drive faster too
But it says 35 mph Let me see how fast I’m going.
40 mph The wheel is in the way.
I can’t even see how fast I’m going. – 35mph. And you’re driving 40mph now. I’m allready driving too fast. Because I can’t see it. – You’re not good at keeping your speed
The wheel must be raised! The wheel must be raised. It’s too low. – Tell us about your frustations. I can’t see anything on the dashboard.
I can’t see this, this and this! And I kinda need that while driving.
– You had to take care of it before we left. I didn’t see that when I just sat there in the garage! I’m on the road with my pickup truck. I said pickup truck. This wheel is so low! First of all, I can’t fit under this wheel. The seat can’t go any lower. It’s not working. I want my wheel raised up a bit.
Because this way I can’t see my dashboard! I can’t read it. The wheel blocks my view. It’s frustrating! I just don’t know anymore. I recognize this place. Over there is Celebration. And Funspot
– Oh, with the slingshot! There are crocodiles! Alligators. – But how fast are you going?
I can’t see! 40 mph. Disneyworld! We’re in Disneyworld! We’re driving towards Animal Kingdom.
Our hotel is nearby. Amazing! It’s allready the Disney feeling with the purple signs. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going. Driving in my pickup truck. With Country music. Look at the sunset. Incredible. Amazing! Are you taking a picture? – I wanted to film this. But now we see his flag. That was fantastic! So much drama.
I’m so bad at this. I couldn’t see how fast I was driving.
So much drama! We just did some shopping at Walmart. Driving around on a scooter. The ultimate American experience! You have to walk? Bad luck again. – They only had 2 scooters left. You go to Walmart to get your stuff.
But driving these scooters is so much fun! I’m in heaven! Look at all the chips.
This makes me so happy! The only reason to come back to Orlando is ofcourse Ofcourse. Seasoned Fries! Look at this! I’m so hungry! Denny’s seasoned fries. I missed them so much.
It’s been 3 years! 3 years ago for the last time. I have to eat them all! It’s so good! I love them so much! We had a lovely diner at Denny’s. Seasoned Fries.
They tasted just as good as in my dreams. I’m dreaming about them for 3 years now. We did our groceries. We’re dead tired. It’s 12am right now. I think we allready beat the jetlag! It’s time to get some sleep.
Tomorrow morning we have a early wake up alarm. We’re going to Animal Kingdom!
You’ll see that the next time. Everyone. Such a bad invluation. Get used to this!
Cya next time! So bad..

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10 thoughts on “Back in the USA!

  1. Wij nemen ook altijd een huurwagen in Orlando. We betalen een kleine goedkope auto en als je in de garage komt mag je toch altijd kiezen welke je neemt.

  2. Ik hoop dat wij die aanbieding van het 'niet schoonmaken' ook nog krijgen in April! Laat maar lekker komen die Dollars 🙂
    Wow, die auto haha :p Kon je het stuur niet hoger zetten en/of de stoel lager? Je zat precies ook enorm hoog, bijna tegen het dak? Nou ja, wat een avontuur weer he 🙂
    Hahahahaha met die scootmobiel. Schitterend. Zeggen ze daar niks van? Zou je hier in België niet moeten proberen denk ik.
    Natuuuuurlijk Dennyyyyyyyy's 🙂 Staat op mijn 'to eat' lijstje voor April hoor. Ik hoop dat we er geraken want we zijn maar een weekje daar. 🙁

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