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Avoiding Pitfalls of Renting a Car in Costa Rica – A Reply

Avoiding Pitfalls of Renting a Car in Costa Rica – A Reply

Great work from! Thanks for tackling a few of the most contentious
points of a car rental in our beautiful country; your video’s usefulness to potential renters
is huge! Will is straight to the point in sharing his
knowledge about the mandatory insurance that by law, car rental agencies must pay. Unfortunately, he is correct in his observation
that most rental companies aren’t as forthcoming as you’d like. The deposit charge on your credit card can
be unexpected too, but if you’re going to drive away in a vehicle worth tens of thousands
of dollars, then the car company does need a bit of security! “So what’s the solution?” As Will rightly suggests, the vacationer has
other options such as a private driver or flying; however, if you prefer the freedom
of ‘going it alone’, then we think the solution is to find an honest and upfront car rental
company which does not add all those hidden charges once you’re standing at the counter
— waiting for your vehicle. That’s our philosophy at Vamos Rent-A-Car.
The customer pays the quoted price — no surcharges, no extra rental costs for child seats, cooler,
roof racks or any ‘perks’ that other rental companies tack on. Vamos Rent-A-Car only charges $8 per day for
GPS rentals, but ask Michael Alan about our special offer only for his viewers! Vamos Rent-A-Car does offer loyalty discounts
as well. Will and Michael are kind enough to make constant
disclaimers through their dialogue and we’d like to think that they mean Vamos Rent-A-Car,
when they say there are good companies out there! We do ask for credit card details to confirm
a car reservation — just as a hotel would for a room — nothing sinister about it. Despite Will’s warning, we’d couldn’t guarantee
your rental in High Season without it. Do your homework! Only give your credit card information to
trustworthy & reliable firms like Vamos Rent-A-Car. We would rather subcontract to another firm
and lose money, than to fail to honor a client’s reservation. Vamos Rent-A-Car has a reputation that we
are determined to maintain, even if at times, we incur an expense by going above and beyond
client’s expectations! Compare our rates, read reviews (on unbiased
sites like and you’ll soon see that Vamos Rent-A-Car has competitive
rates, outstanding customer service and meticulously maintained vehicles. “What else could you need on your vacation?” …perhaps a little scenery and solitude? We hope to hear from you soon!
– George & the Vamos Rent-A-Car team

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