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Automotive Management Training

Automotive Management Training

Think back in your career, who was that person
that made a difference? You know who was that person that cared more
about you getting better, than you cared about you getting better? Hi my name is Dennis Milliron, I’m a sales
manager at Fred Beans Ford. Casey Norman, Jason Graciano from Paragon
Honda, Danny Pivone, Gary Glauser the General Sales Manager, Angel Perez here at Paragon
Honda, I’m one of the Sales Managers. Andre Lopez, Hi I’m Indy Ibarra, my name is
Michael Gator, I’m the sales manager Rinkon Chevrolet in Rinkon Georgia, we’re learning
how to better train our sales people. Your average trainer gives you a book, and
tells you read it go home study it, Tim makes you actually go and do it. I’ve been in this business for 20 years and
it’s some of the best training that I’ve been to. If you’re on the fence or undecided about
going to a training course with Tim Kintz, I’m going to make this very simple for you,
GO. So do you have that person in your head? Great. Hi I’m Tim Kintz President of the Kintz Group
and I’m here to tell you that as managers in the dealership we have a huge obligation
to train, develop and motivate our people. But chances are you’re a lot like I was, look
when I got promoted from sales into management I didn’t really get any leadership training,
no people development training, nobody trained me on how to train or how to hold one on ones,
it was pretty much how to work the computer, how to work my DMS, ADP, how to appraise cars,
how to order cars, and then I ended up spending most of my day handling heat, ordering cars,
desking deals, chasing stuff around. I did stuff all day, I managed things and
not people. Look I know most of you guys are being told
the same stuff I was I was told, that you gotta hold training every day, you need to
do one on ones, you gotta spend time on the floor, you need to get involved in every deal
early and often, right? We’ve heard that all the time, but then we
look up saying, how am I going to fit that in, when am I going to do that during the
day? In the High Performance Automotive Management
Training, I will show you how to become a more effective leader. How to manage your day so your day doesn’t
manage you. How to hold effective training. Look, what’s the difference between training
and effective training? Isn’t it results? It comes down to, are you getting the results
from the training you’re holding? And I’ll also show you how to coach, how to
roll up your sleeves, and help develop the skill. Training is all about giving knowledge, coaching
is developing skills. So when you walk out of the High Performance
Automotive Management Training Workshop you will know how to develop your team into top
producers. I feel like I’m better prepared to train my
people, and be a better manager by having come. I kind of did not look forward to coming I’m
not great at speaking in front of people, but I learned a lot and I want to come back. I love it. Don’t give up on your team, always work with
them so that you can have a better quality team to serve the sales people, because at
the end of the day we’re here to make sure the sales people earn a great living. Training with Tim Kintz really made me come
back down to earth and realize, hey we gotta guide these people from step one, they don’t
do this every day, we do so let’s guide them through the process, let’s make it an easy
process for them. I would recommend anybody who wants to be
a high achiever to go through Tim’s Automotive Training. This may or may not be you, but I hear this
all the time from managers, they say hey look “I understand I need to get better, I know
I need to become a better leader, I know I need to spend more time with my guys, I know
I need to become a better coach.” but then they follow it up with “we can’t
afford it right now” you know “my dealer is not ready to spend the money” well it’s an
expense you can’t afford not to have right now. You’re people are as good as they’re going
to get on their own. You need to get here so you can turn yourself
into that leader, that coach, that mentor that your people need. And I know some of you guys are thinking right
now, “Look I can’t be gone from the dealership for a day or two days or three days, the place
will fall apart.” That’s exactly why you need to get to class,
because being a great leader isn’t what happens when you’re there, being a great leader is
what happen when you’re not there. If the place falls apart because you come
to class for two or three days, then you’re not a great leader you’re a great doer. That’s exactly why you need to get to this
management workshop so you can learn from me, learn from all the other attendees from
around country that are going to be in there. And you’ll walk out with more ideas, more
tips, more skills on being that effective manager and leader than you will ever get
sitting at your desk for 3 days. You might be sitting there thinking right
now that, “I’ve been to training, I’ve gone to classes, I walked out and it was a bunch
of good theories…” look, here’s the difference; I’m not going to spend a half a day or a day
talking about a bunch of statistics or a bunch of theory. This class is all about actionable items. This is real skills that you’re going to be
able to implement. This is all about the one on ones. This is how to hold a one on one, not “you
should hold one on ones.” Look you all been to that training that they
said you should do training, you should be holding one on ones, and they just “should
all over you” for two days. No, this workshop is how to’s. You will walk out with an action plan of real
world things you implement to get results now. I’ve known Tim Kintz for about a year and
a half now, the guy is phenomenal. He’s like a car selling bible. I think he really gets to you and brings out
what you have sleeping inside of you. Probably sold 8-10 cars a month and probably
only made 4-5 grand a month. And then this Tim Kintz guy shows up and we
start talking about closing and negotiating and that’s where it all hit home. From there that very month, as soon as we
left his class in the beginning of the month, I made $13,000 that month, and averaged just
over $1,000 of commission – 1,001.38 per car. So I figured that was pretty good, and that
gave me my first salesman of the month ever. One of the best things about Tim is that he’s
up to date, he’s old school, but he’s moved up with the times, and he’s just got a ton
of knowledge to share man, I recommend him to any body. I would recommend Tim for anybody who is in
a position to train their sales people to attend this course, and attend it now. Look, you can wait. No problem. Sure absolutely, wait. You can wait until you have the right team,
the right people around you. You can wait until business slows down so
you have more time to come. You can wait until you get that new computer
program installed or that new software installed. Absolutely. Wait. No problem. But the fact is, is we’re always chasing the
right team. You’re entire career you’ve been chasing that
right team. Business, it’s not going to slow down, business
is just getting better. And that software, and that computer program
or that CRM, we’re always installing new CRM’s, we’re always installing new software, the
time is never right. Look, NOW is the time. Take action. I’ll see you there.

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5 thoughts on “Automotive Management Training

  1. I know exactly who that person was. A mentor means everything Tim! Wish I had some automotive management training back when I was working in the dealership. Is this workshop specifically and only for managers in the car business?

  2. Dealership entity do not train for the same reason they do not care for floor staff. I do dealership marketing, non-technology, every repeat visit there are new faces. Very few dealership entities invest in their floor staff. In Northeast, very few dealership have 30% or higher CSI rating. It's all quantity and deals. Always a hustle. CRM Tools, may or may not help if the candidate has tech skills. BDC is the worst.. that is recovering from lost sales to justify apology.

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