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Auto Move | Car Transport | Moving Cars | Car Shipping | Moving Bikes | Moving Boats

Auto Move | Car Transport | Moving Cars | Car Shipping | Moving Bikes | Moving Boats

[email protected] TM Vehicle Transport Rachael Crocker: We not only move vehicles, we also move motor bikes, caravans, non-drivable vehicles. If you were to jump on to, you basically follow the prompts popping you where you’re coming from and going to. All the prices are there. You just click on the price that you would like or you are happy with. Colin: I’d actually moved my car lots of times before. But when I came across these guys, I found the prices to be very cheap. The online service or the form to fill out was super easy to do. It took no time at all really. The service was great overall, I mean I received my car in the time that they told me. I would definitely recommend that people use Auto Move to get their car moved anywhere in Australia. Rachael Crocker: Insurance varies between each supply. It’s an insurance policy, so if you’ve got your own insurance, you can actually call your own insurance company up and get a transit insurance policy. So if you got all the information that we need, it’s a very easy process there are a lot of people that haven’t moved their vehicle before and we’re happy to answer any questions. We need to make sure that they feel safe when they’re booking and they feel secure that, you know, their car is going to be okay and it’s not going to get damaged or anything like that. Bridgette: I’d jump on Auto Move because I needed to move my car quite quickly. It was quick and easy so I just called up office and they processed my credit card over the phone and my car was on a truck the very next morning. Rachael Crocker: Each supply that we use, they’ve been hand picked. We’ve done a background check on each and everyone. We highly recommend each supply. The customer would benefit from us doing the background research. Obviously, they don’t have to do it themselves; it’s basically a matter of being happy with the price, all the hard work is done. Do call us or phone customer service and we always provide great rates. Auto Move: 1800 992 772 [email protected] all the right choices undefined

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  1. very nice information on how to get your car shipped in Australia. It's very similar to how we get it done over here!

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