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Auto Detailing Business Mistake #1: Buying Too Many Products

Auto Detailing Business Mistake #1: Buying Too Many Products

Hey guys, I’m Oscar with Detail Groove and
in this video we’re going to be talking about is a mistake I made when I started my car
detailing business and that was buying too many products. Now this is one mistake that I made out of
the other seven that I outlined in other videos. So if you do want to check them out, I’ll
put them somewhere in this video so you can click on. But anyways, let’s dive straight in. So, the big mistake I made was buying too
many products starting off. So what I mean by that is I went outline to sites like Auto
Geek, Detailed Image, so on and so forth. And I kind of just browsed around in see what
can I buy, what looks cool, what’s the latest and greatest, so on and so forth. I also actively went to other detailers, detailing
forums to see what others were using so I can get some information and see what’s the
best option out there for me. What’s going to bring me the best results,
what’s going to X Y and Z for my detailing business. So, I searched, I searched, I searched,
and at the end of things, I think I spent twenty-five hundred dollars on purely detailing
products. A big chunk of that was that I bought the V X five thousand steamer which cost about
a thousand dollars to get shipped to my house and then the Aztec Hot Water Extractor which
I believe cost seven hundred dollars. Not exact numbers but somewhere within that
realm and the rest were in detailing products in terms of glass cleaners, all purpose cleaner,
compounds, pads, polishes, buffers, so on and so forth. Looking back at it, eighty percent of that
was complete non-sense, unnecessary to buy and let me tell you why. Now, I only use about a few core products
to get about eighty percent of my detailing needs done. I’ll give you a quick example, so let’s say
for exterior, you have the glass, paint, wheels, engine, and tires. What I did at first when I started my car
detailing business was I would buy a specific glass cleaner, a specific paint cleaner, a
specific wheel cleaner, a specific engine, so on and so forth. Each one had it’s own specific product and
tool. Overtime I realized a few things, I can use one product to do other different
applications. For instance, I had a specific glass cleaner, I had a specific wash solution
for the paint, I had a specific wheel cleaner, my idea and take on it now is buy one product
that can do several applications. For glass and paint and even clay lubrication,
for when you’re going to decontaminate the paint, I can pretty much use this product
called Optimum No-rinse and again, there’s dozens and dozens of better products out there
that do similar tasks as O N R. But basically I can use O N R as my wash solution,
I can use it as my clay lubricant, and I can use it as a glass cleaner. That’s three application
I can use with one single product. That’s what I’d want you to aim for, what’s the minimum
I can buy to get the most application out of it. Same thing with interior, there’s leather
cleaner, leather conditioner, cloth and fabric specific cleaners, you have glass cleaners,
dashboard cleaners, plastic cleaners, so on and so forth. For me, ninety percent of the time I will
use an all purpose cleaner to do mostly do- like I said, ninety percent of the cleaning
in the interior. I will dilute it ten to one and four to one
and that will cover ninety percent of all the work that I do within the interior, a
full interior deep cleaning that I clean from the headliner to the floor, from front to
back, ninety percent of the job will be from an a p c cleaner. Of course, the rest will be from glass and
mirrors, would be from the O N R, which is what I use for window cleaner. For the most
part, I use to have a specific cleaner for each one and now I only use an all purpose
cleaner. I really want you to simplify what you’re
going to buy for your detailing business and see do you really need one product, one tool,
one x for one y. Try to get one tool to do as many applications as you can As that will save you in the beginning time,
that’s going to save you money, of course you don’t want to start your business, buy
all these products, and three, six months, or a couple weeks you have most of them sitting
on your shelve for no reason, not doing anything but collecting dust and taking up space in
your garage. Keep that in mind, don’t buy as many products
and tools as you possibly can. Even if you have the budget, always start with a few amount
of products, a few amount of tools, get the most out of them, and if need be, after a
while, after you get more experience, branch out to more other items as you see fit for
your business. So, that’s mistake number one, I have many
other videos, so if you want to check them out go ahead and do that. Leave a comment
down below like this video, subscribe to this channel. You can click the link below and
there’s a PDF download just going over the same points that I went over in this video
just incase you want to reference them instead of watching this whole video again. Go ahead and download that if you want to
and I’ll see you in the next video- take care.

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5 thoughts on “Auto Detailing Business Mistake #1: Buying Too Many Products

  1. hey bro keeo bringing these videos. these are priceless videos. This info is awesome. I am guilty of doing these mistakes.. question, do you use the vx5000 and if you for what applications?

  2. Good tips….I started out the same way. I'm finally getting through some of the products that I wont be using anymore and going with the same kind of thought process.

  3. I almost went there! but I have found my line and figured what I really need. Great advice here! I keep telling myself DONT FALL FOR THE HYPE. LATA for sooo many things! Stoners for glass. ONR FTW! research is the key!

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