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Auto Dealer Software – Scanning Deal Jackets (SHORT)

Auto Dealer Software – Scanning Deal Jackets (SHORT)

alright thanks for joining everybody in
this video we’re going to show you how to eliminate your paper deal jackets
regardless of what dealer management system you’re using we’re not suggesting
you switch we’re not trying to change the system you’re using we don’t care
whether you’re using CDK or Reynolds or DealerTrack or any of the others what
we’re gonna show you today is how you can eliminate those paper deal jackets
and link those to any DMS screen so our task for today is to show you how do we get
you from today’s scenario where you’re using paper and digitize that and get
that on to an electronic version on your computer but not just filing our
software can also you see here a diagram of electronic routing flow for your
approval process of your deals where we can scan them identify the document
types in the deal jacket make sure none of them are missing and then wrote them
through your approval process electronically and finally store then in
an electronic filing cabinet but for today’s session we’re going to focus on
once their scanned and stored electronically how you can
electronically search for those from any DMS screen then in today’s demonstration
will show you specifically from the Reynolds and Reynolds 3010 screen and
key off of this serial number and automatically bring up the deal jacket
associated with that serial number but it could be any screen any different
number customer name last name whatever so to
review we’re going to show how scanning software gets rid of your paper deal
jackets how this works with any dealer management system and then specifically
scanning storing deal jackets electronically routing those
electronically from sales to finance to accounting and third how you can search
and find those deal documents from your favorite
screen and we’ll finish up with what you can do next if you’re interested so with
that i’m gonna turn things over to my partner in crime Chad Epperson with
Filbound software alright again just as John had mentioned what we’re going
to do today is take all of the documents associated to deal put those into a scanner and then have the FileBound system break all of those documents up accordingly into
the document types name them and then be able to pull information directly off of
documents for indexing purposes so here’s the deal packet as I scan those
into the system then you’re going to automatically to see that those were
broken up and named all the different documents within
that packet so you can see here I’m working with Ben Deil’s file here and it
broke up and named each document type accordingly so there’s the bill of sale, the buyer’s guide here’s his credit score and so on. What you also see is it was able to automatically extract information off the documents for
indexing purposes so we can later search and retrieve off of any of those fields now all of these fields that we were able to automatically populate that’s information that you can name so any
of those index fields you can name however you would like What we want to show then is how we can then
automatically take and be inside of a Reynolds and Reynolds screen in this
case be able to simply highlight the piece of
information that we wanted to go to search for in FileBound and have it
automatically then pull up that file inside of the filebound system so you can
then view the documents associated with that particular deal So with me just simply
pressing a hotkey it automatically pulled that agreement number serial number directly into the system and then pulled up the
file so you can then view all the documents associated to that particular file
that’s great so everybody want to summarize what you just saw Chad sitting
in that Reynolds screen and if you can imagine that your folks out your stores
or in the accounting department or wherever while sitting in that screen
you just hit that hot key control-L for look up or a function key and it’ll grab
that serial number and lookup the deal jacket associated with that serial
number so this is great for for all your store personnel because it allows them
to find documents very quickly related to a deal without having to
learn a new way to search for it they can live in their favorite DMS screen
and still have access to all these scanned and digitized documents so it we
found in our business that that really accelerates the learning process and the
adoption process of scanning system and to to summarize if you’re interested in
going paperless with your deal jackets regardless of what dealer management
system you’re using there’s a couple things you can do next you can go to my website binary office
dot com there is what the website looks like the top of the page there’s a get a
demonstration button if you click on that it’ll bring up a form you can fill
that out and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule your own demonstration and
even if you’d like we can use a sample of your deal jacket files and show you the
software reading and storing electronically using your deal jackets
also we do the same thing for Accounts Payable invoices if you go to the top of
my website there under industry solutions automotive dealership software click on
that it will bring you to a page that deals specifically with invoice scanning
AP invoices click on the links there and you can watch a free webinar recording
dealing with invoice scanning so that’s it for today that’s all we had we
appreciate you joining Chad from FileBound thanks for helping appreciate it

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