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Auto Buy Authors! [CC]

Auto Buy Authors! [CC]

Hey everyone, it’s Maddie and Bee and today we’re going to be doing an updated auto-buy authors video. We did this video two
years ago, so it doesn’t really reflect our reading tastes now. So, we have eight
new authors to show you. My first pick is Marie Lu. I own the Legend trilogy and the Young Elites trilogy and I absolutely love both of them. I’m super
excited for Warcross which comes out at the end of this year and I want to
get my hands on it as soon as possible but at the same time I really loved binge
reading her series because the books are normally short and very pacey.
Next is Juno Dawson. Our collection includes her debut all the way up to her
most recent release, Margot and me and I’m also really excited for Clean which is
her 2018 release. She’s such a brilliant author because
she manages to handle so many different genres like you can just tell from these
covers that Hollow Pike is more of a horror thriller and Margot and Me is a
contemporary about family ties and the war. I’m just never bored and
always excited with what new things she’s coming out with next. I feel like
she’s one of the authors where her influences have changed with the times which means her books are always the perfect book to read in that year. Just in
general I think the Juno Dawson writes what YA needs. Our next pick is Sarah
Crossan. We previously have raved about her dystopian duology Breathe and Resist
and of course we loved her verse novel One about conjoined twins. But we’ve read her books from the library or bought them ourselves. Sarah Crossan’s voice is
always one were interested in listening to. Her latest novel Moonrise was
available at YALC but we were too late to get one, which I’m kind of gutted about.
Her novels are always really powerful and intriguing so Sarah Crossan’s books go from strength to strength, so I can’t even imagine what
she’s gonna be publishing in five years time. Next, we have Non Pratt and again we have everything she’s written from her debut, Trouble which deals with teenage
pregnancy and her latest release Truth or Dare, which is all about Claire
and Sef who make a YouTube channel in order to raise money for Sef’s brother
who’s in intensive care. What’s so great about Non Pratt’s books is that she
takes on these really kind of risque topics and gives the teenagers in them a
really authentic voice. Most of her books have a dual perspective in them so
there’s more characters to relate to. I also like that as her books have
gone on, she’s tried increasingly hard to diversify her characters which has
definitely encapsulated in Truth or Dare. Next, we have Ryan Graudin, author of the
Wolf by Wolf duology and Invictus. She never fails to surprise me with just how
perfectly crafted her stories are. She’s literally been gifted the best brain for
plots ever! Both of these books pack the same punch but they are very different and I’m so surprised that she’s got, like, two
award-worthy ideas from one career and they came out one after the other, it’s
insane! Her books just keep getting better and
better. The stories are so complex and yet she writes them in a way that’s really
easy to follow. Her use of the third person in Invictus was particularly
impressive because she juggles the voices of them so well in a close third
and yet you never get mixed up. That might not be something that everyone
picks up on or can appreciate but trust me, it’s masterful. Next is Lauren Oliver
and she was one of the authors that I read when I first joined booktube and
absolutely fell in love with the Delirium series. It’s my favorite
dystopian trilogy from that era and then we also have Vanishing Girls by her and
Panic and Before I Fall, we also own, and they’re really exciting stories because
I feel like she’s an author that’s definitely changed with the times. I feel
like she’s an author that tackles tropes really well, like the love triangle in
this is really unexpected ,and also with some of her latest releases like Replica
and Ringer she’s doing really interesting things with narrative style.
The books always intrigued me and their concepts are so interesting. I’m really
looking forward to catch up with all the books I haven’t read by her yet. We’ve
supported Lauren James since her debut of The Next Together. This is about a
reincarnation romance over four periods of time, and then her most recent release
is The Loneliest Girl in the Universe and the best thing about Lauren’s
writing is you can tell it’s getting better. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
follows one main character, Romy, and it’s mostly just her and you’d think that
would be annoying because you want the hustle and bustle of loads of characters
and different situations but it’s insane how deep you get into her mind and feel
you’re close to her. It’s probably the most accurate and precise thriller in
the best possible way, and I was blown away by how perfectly crafted this was
in only like 300 pages. And finally we have Sara Barnard, author of Beautiful
Broken Things and A Quiet Kind of Thunder. These both topped my favorite
books lists of the years they were published or actually the years before
they were published because I was lucky enough to get arcs and absolutely fell
in love with both of these stories. Beautiful Broken Things presents a
really complex friendship between three girls and the toxic nature that can
surround that, but also sensitively dealing with abuse, and A Quiet Kind of
Thunder deals with anxiety and romance and two people who fit perfectly
together in a world that doesn’t really understand them. I absolutely love the way she builds characters and tells stories and I’m so
excited for Goodbye Perfect which is her third release, so she’s one to definitely
look out for as her books keep getting better and better.
So those are updated auto-buy authors for 2017. We hope you’ve got some good
recommendations for what to look out for on your next trip to the bookstore. Thank you so much for watching and make sure to let us know some of you auto-buy
authors and if they’ve changed over the years. We’ll see you next time guys, bye!

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11 thoughts on “Auto Buy Authors! [CC]

  1. This is so cool! I like the idea of having a video of authors that you automatically buy no matter what. That would have to be Elizabeth Lynn Casey, Cleo Coyle, and Sofie Kelly!

  2. Marie Lu is now an auto buy author for me too! I think I'll wait out until the whole Warcross series comes out before I start it 🙂

  3. I don't have very many auto buy authors, but the ones I will read or but anything by are Dan Wells, Liane Moriarty, Robert Kirkman and Jeff Lemire

  4. Hi I like your blog. Would you consider checking out the new author called Leo? He has his first fantasy novel out called Kandor The Warrior. The industry is a better place because of people like you, thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

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