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AUTEL AUTOLINK AL319 🚗 OBD II & CAN SCAN TOOL 👀Review Car Code Reader 👈

AUTEL AUTOLINK AL319  🚗 OBD II & CAN SCAN TOOL 👀Review Car Code Reader 👈

well boys and girls my OBD II & CANcode
reader came in the mail today it’s an AutoLink AL 319 it does 96 and up
newer vehicles OB 2s and cans as you can see the 2 inch screen it’s kind of
bright colors they retreat generic P 2 P 2 P ones PG s uo manufacture codes
easily terminus ecause the check engine lights got two vehicles will show you
the day on it you can retrieve your vehicle information then number CIN
number CV and numbers let this unit law to your cheaper units you cannot deal
with it’s extremely easy to use will open up the package will show you how to
use it it does come with you know use your manual for your beginners that
don’t know how to use it that’s pretty easy self-explanatory so we’ll see what
it does we’re working on a 2000 every 50 won’t see if we have any engine issues
with it you look for your data Ford underneath the dashboard it’s usually
right underneath your feet just plug it in and how’s your OB DS your emissions test
about the Machine signup features but it’s gonna use the OBD right now so
we’re gonna check the check engine light look the machine you’ll push it under
it’s gonna run through its testing as you can tell I have no codes on this
vehicle says codes found zero let me just scroll down to run a live data on
the vehicle those are all your fuel systems your
catalyst your loads engine temperature my vehicle has not been running today so
its own zero there’s a bunch of other tests you can run along the unit so
we’re going to check the IM features out on this auto link its four-year
compliant vehicles for obd2 s its to check the emissions ratings on your
vehicles if you’re in Mission counties there’s the mission counties and
different states you got a pious test so this exactly
will let you read what it is so showing you your features as you can see all
minor pads with green checks red marks are you just your OBS and your HR T’s
which my vehicle is not equipped with those HR T’s for mostly your diesel
trucks and your cos s your diesel injector heaters your catalyst systems
are not available as you can tell you my heats not on that’ll have a heat block
there’s a lot of different features this machine has so we see this one we’ll go
through and do the other ones it’s an opera ground check and see if this
vehicle has any check engine light codes or saved codes in the computer you will
go do beat your obd check engine light as you can tell I have no coats found
the modern monitors testing alright it switches screens instantly so it’s kind
of hard to see so you gotta kind of catch it very quickly if you do have
check-ins you cousin if you fixed your problem you can actually race your cubs
I showed you the live data you can freeze it you get all your vehicle
information alright guys I’m in a 2015 Nissan NV 2500 I know this vehicle has
two check engine light on as you can see when I start it up I do have a check
engine light on so we’re gonna try out this new machine and see what is wrong
with it plug it in down here we’re gonna check the check engine light I got two coats found on this vehicle someone read the codes they got to store
codes now it’s going to read the codes it says Cal s system he fishes
efficiency below threshold bank one more likely that is a oxygen sensor and I got
a bank to another oxygen sensor code we got pending codes we can look at same
codes as before we can check out permanent codes a lot of your vehicles
from 96 into we’re actually store codes and then once they’re fixed they’ll
still be in the computer this machine will actually read those codes to same
code so my check engine lights probably been on for six or seven months now
I just never previously fixed them so what we’re gonna do I’m gonna go down and I’m gonna actually show you how how
to erase the codes you’ll go to your race codes and we’ll push enter and
it’ll ask you to confirm t race that goes will push yes so now does he race
in the codes from the computer it says press any key race now I’ll turn
my key off and we’ll turn it started back up my check engine light should be
off which it which it is check engine light is off so it does delete the codes
as y’all can remember I had two codes for oxygen sensors so we’re actually
gonna check the catalyst catalyst system with this so we’ll push the IM button as
you can see my fuel system is not working my catalyst system did fail so I
had two codes my check engine lights back on because I have ran the vehicle
again so once the issues are fixed we should
be good to go through emissions as you can see I do have a fail mark which in
some states will pass Virginia it will not the red mark it means your systems
are completely how you got misfires you know major issues that need to be
addressed but as I know I have auction sensors bad that was our look at the
auto link al 319 pretty self-explanatory machine I personally like it some people
may not it does a lot of stuff that other machines don’t which I like the
features especially I live in a missions County so you can watch your catalyst
with it does your check engine lights pretty nice machine I recommend it
thanks for watching

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35 thoughts on “AUTEL AUTOLINK AL319 🚗 OBD II & CAN SCAN TOOL 👀Review Car Code Reader 👈

  1. KONNWEI KW820 Auto Scanner EOBD OBD2 OBDII Diagnostic Tool Code Reader, buy on wish.

  2. I just got mine. Still a little lost 😬 Hard to navegante and interpret it. Have a Audi TT and the engine light and top roof (convertible) lights on …

  3. I got mine 4 days ago. The disc won't install properly, usb for the device the computer doesn't recognize because the software that they sent with it won't download. I have called and left messages with their technical support got no calls back, sent them several emails and have not heard nothing back in this is over for day. I have went on to there site and there are no downloadable software's on there and there are no updates available on there. So I don't know what to do next other than throw it away and go out and buy something made in America. If you could help please let me know

  4. Dose it read trans for temp wanna change my fluid on my charger Daytona but I need to know the temp so I can make sure it's filled right Dodge and there no f in trans dip stick

  5. I highly recommended obd2 code reader. Very useful and good but not expensive!

    Highly recommended this one! Here is code: 50GU72I1 50% off! only during this month. This is my share. I think when you see it, you must be lucky.

  6. A po430 is not a o2 sensor code it’s a cat code. “Catalyst efficiency below threshold” means exactly what it says. A o2 sensor code would says somthing like “02 heater circuit b1 s1”

  7. You get what you pay for, they're only 20 bucks, all that reader will do is turn the engine light off,

  8. I found this for $20 my questions are how important is the live data feature and for the price can you look on eBay and see if that's what you think is the best one for $25

  9. 2002 renault laguna – not working
    2009 skoda yeti – OK
    2002 subaru forester SF – OK
    2006 toyota prius – OK
    2002 opel astra – not working

  10. Golf mk4 – Not working 🙁 …. Better get the ancel vd500. The obd2 connector on the autel has fewer pins than required for VWs. Tried several times – badluck. Checked on a Toyota, works well

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