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Asking Luxury Car Owners to Buy A Poor Car (Poor vs Rich)- Social Experiment | TamashaBera

Asking Luxury Car Owners to Buy A Poor Car (Poor vs Rich)- Social Experiment | TamashaBera

hey guys my name is TamashaBera
and welcome to this new video so today we will be asking luxury car owners
why they buy luxury car instead of cheap car thank you for stopping sir
you are the owner of this Mercedes yes i am
Its a beautiful car you have here today i am asking luxury car owners
what is the difference between a normal car and a luxury car
why not prefer a smaller car ? would love to hear anything that comes in
your mind i know its a weird question
probably i like an SUV thats why hey guys my name is TamashaBera
there are other cheaper companies providing SUV’s so why not prefer them? the luxury and the cheap
car would do the same job right? it has got the four wheels, airbags and air
conditioning why prefer a big car like this?
its a beautiful car honestly saying it is a beautiful car
but it can carry much more people bigger and better engine than others
thats what money can buy right it would definitely let many people travel
that is very true anything you want
to say to the youth that seek for success and luxury in life
i think you all should work hard and will definitely pay off someday
thank you so much for your time the name of our channel is TamashaBera
sir you have this amazing car is it possible for a normal Indian to buy
this car? no no it is not possible
why does the rich guy always gets a luxury car instead of a cheaper car ?
the maintainence also gets lowered and you save a lot of money and it has the same 4
wheels your friend is also laughing
its nothing like that there is always something someone likes for
themselves to achieve something in life you need to lose
something aswell you need to work day and night to succeed
well i am in this nice car everyone prefers nice things that they like
if you have the capacity then its better to get a Luxury Car
increasing capacity of a person makes his hunger bigger
would you like to say something to my audience who is
watching this video inspire them? at first you need to get educated fast
then you need to work on yourself and get yourself a good job
you will definitely succeed when you have a good job and good education
well not all educated people can afford Luxury cars then what kind of jobs are we talking
about here? well education is important
everyone goes to school and everyone gets their education there
if you want to succeed then it definitely depends on how much effort you put
a person has to work harder if he is trying to succeed coming from a poor background
a rich person also has to work hard to maintain and boost his standards
even if i am getting this car i should have sufficient left for any situation in my life
to own this car i need to have funds which is 10 times more than this car
what is your name sir? my name is
thank you so much for your time instead of buying a cheap car people prefer
buying a Luxury car both the cars have AC,Airbags and 4 wheels
the world is like ” More you Show the more you earn”
everyone wants to show off their lives everyone wants the Luxury lifestyle that�s
the main reason why everyone is attracted to luxury
its about the comfort zone for the car a person’ liking is the most important thing
honestly tell me if you have lots would you consider getting
a Luxury or a Cheap car? obviously a Luxury car

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100 thoughts on “Asking Luxury Car Owners to Buy A Poor Car (Poor vs Rich)- Social Experiment | TamashaBera

  1. Nice video! Big fan.
    I would choose the luxury car. As I would put hard work into it. Anyone can get anything they desire in life. Just hard work it needed. 😊 Thanks for inspiring the world with your videos.

  2. Ask these people what business they r doing and how they did it. They will happily tell u their story.

  3. Hamay business karna chahiya yea job karna chahiya….humay konsa propeasion per jana chahiyay

  4. Nice job bhai 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽working hard in hot weather, sweating, conversations tamasha bera love your job… I am willing to work with you as soon as possible

  5. bhai sab se car, bike ke bare me hi puchega ya koi prank banayega …ye sab ki kismat he nahi hota ..koi rich hota he to koi garib ..fir kyo ye dekh ke apna khoon jalana …jis ki kismat me jitana likha hota he use utana hi milata he …so please ab prank bana or ye sab jane de …..

  6. I ain't rich but even driving small new cars compared to 4 wheel drive bigger cars suv land rover types there is a huge difference in the feel of them, I always felt safer driving a bigger car, your higher up too. Not everyone has them to show off but practical reasons like if they live on a farm or live somewhere with a lot of bad roads, mountain area, bad weather like floods, they're better in crashes, you can pull heavier things, more space to pick things up like you can fit a sofa etc and if people have lots of children or family it's logical and safer, all the doors open etc
    The only downside is the costs. The only upside of a small car is…the costs and environmental impact but if your house ran on wind turbines and you had a Tesla then nope.

  7. Dude!! What the hell don't you think that's obvious..if you have enough money you'll of course buy a luxury car instead of a normal car..and also isn't is obvious you have to work hard to buy a car like this!! This isn't the type of video you should make!AND STOP FAKING YOUR ACCENT!

  8. Luxury cars , it is on the name , they are more luxurious than the others , more safety features than the others , if you would compare a SWIFT and BMW 320D , swift has got only air bags and ABS which doesn't even works properly but BMW has got branded air bags , ABS which properly works as well as their is a lot of difference in building quality , pilot mod , EBD , sensible brakes , sensible head lights (sensible head lights brights up the whole road upto more than 500 metres of distance and reduces the amount of brightness on the upcoming cars) , Lane assist (it makes the car to stick on the same lane , doesn't allows the car to move to the other lane) BMW has got a BED like seats but SWIFT has got a seat like thing on which you can't even sit more than 3-4 hrs comfortably.

    BMW gives you the quality but not that SWIFT or not any other car

    I chose swift because it is the most selling car in India as well as the most unsafe also (not only swift but all the Maruti cars , NCAP says) , you can get the better quality air bags , ABS and especially the building quality in other cheap cars as compared to that on SWIFT , baat kadwi hai but sachi hai

    Some people will say that if swift or the other Maruti cars are the most unsafe cars then why the hell they are the most selling car , the answer is that it has an economical engine which INDIANS like.

  9. bhai hindi mai video banaya karo english ki kitni saari vdeos banai hai hindi me bhi banao na please

  10. people buy luxury cars because it provides more safety …Its materials are tougher than the normal cars

  11. None of the people u've interviewed so far seem to be first generation car owners. (Courtesy – Their vague/generic explanation) Looking forward to see some 1st generation people in the future…

    Good going though. All the best 🙂

  12. Luxury can will give such a comfort and ensure more safety I hope. Or else why they want to spent such a hug money….

  13. only YouTuber in India who make this kind of inspiring videos… Love ur videos Keep Making!!!! I am the oldest subscriber of ur channel.

  14. When you can only afford to buy ONE pack of PEANUTS, you buy PEANUTS and not ALMONDS. But, when you start earning enough money to be able to buy TEN packs of PEANUTS, you won't buy PEANUTS anymore and instead, you spend your money to buy ONE pack of ALMONDS.

  15. Bro, use your common sense please. Don't you think only 4 wheels and ac matters for a car. Lol 😂, grow up man 🤣 there are many features like airbags and many other.
    And your accent 🤣🤣stop faking it

  16. Impressive video recording! Here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to uncover these kind of contents. We create Travel & Food shows as well, around the world, and we are habitually seeking for inspirations and techniques. Thank You.

  17. Some rich person's buy an expensive car just to show off…world richest person Jeff Bezos still driving Honda Accord that cost 3000 $

  18. Every one is the vedio is just nuts they themselves don't know why they bought a merc over some random car it's not about traveling it's a status symbol, imagine how you would looking getting out of a swift on a meeting to clear 500cr deal now you know y you need a nice car over just some random car

  19. You need to be a businessman to own luxury cars and have 30-50 employees working for you. No job in India would give you 5-10 lacs a month. Most important it's your style statement and prestige in society and mostly the car is company owned so that maintenance expenses fall under company account.

  20. bacche ney kaan may bluetooth toh aiyse lagaya hia jaise pura company wahi samhaal raha hai XD XD XD

  21. None of them told
    That a luxury car is a sign of achievement
    Its makes you feel that you have reached a standard and is able to afford it…

  22. First rich guy in the video "I have the Mercedes because it can carry more people"..should have bought a Force then!

  23. The main aim for people why they buy these cars is for Attraction Of People , yes for them attraction of people is more important than their self comfort , they want themselves look odd and unique , in other words they just like to show off.

  24. I would choose cheap car..and buy a lot of properties..But if u have a lot of money why not buy a luxury car..its a man's toy tbh

  25. It's so normal here in America. I'm 16 and I working in my education and currently working and I own a bmw and a Toyota fortuner all brand new 2018 and fully loaded and now I'm in the process of buying a Mercedes. So it's like so funny seeing all these people in the video

  26. The question need to be like, a businessman and entrepreneurs spend more on assets then why these people are buying luxury .

  27. Meanwhile benz,Audi,BMW after five years price of that model in second hand is 60% of the original price
    Honda civic is the best option

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