29 thoughts on “Arguing about money, again || Our 2020 budget

  1. You'll be able to pay off those loans faster. You'll make more. You'll find other was to save. Good luck and God bless.

  2. I'm in the process of watching the video. I will say that a lack of transparency around money generally benefits folks in positions of power and privilege. If we aren't open and honest about wealth, then we aren't being open about how so many people struggle to make ends meet. Also, a lack of transparency contributes to salary inequality, i.e. people of color, women, people with disabilities, etc. getting paid LESS money than their white/male/non-disabled, etc. folks for the same job when they often do MORE physical and emotional labor.

  3. We just got a new car. I didn’t want a car b/c my 2004 Chevy avo ran great. But my husband didn’t feel comfortable about me driving to the city due to the age of the car. We argue for a long time about the subject. We decided once we bought the house we would get a car under 10,000 and try to pay it off in 2 years.

  4. #teamwarren she is all about student loan forgiveness but you need to put money into saving tho not all for paying down debt

  5. I extremely enjoyed watching the both of you, this is my 1st time watching the both of u. Okay so dont take this the wrong way…but u know how ppl say always use the term " black love" . U guy scream gental LOVE.. & I love it. (I understand black love) but this is LOVE & it's a beautiful thang.

  6. Hallease dropping bars!! "what does them making more money have to do with me and my life?"… I think we often equate our salaries with our self-worth…. We all have an inherent value that is not determined by dollars and cents…. But socially we stigmatize people with less money, we question their work ethic, intelligence, we assume that there has to be some personal deficit/defect that has caused them to have less. It essentially becomes a sentiment of "you are what you make". In 2020 I want to get beyond coveting the typical earmarks of success (salary, degrees) so that I can focus on becoming a better person; exercising a deeper commitment to existing with more compassion and care to the world around me.

  7. Thanks so much for your transparency hallease and chris. I'm just curious, do you also have some money allocated to savings? For me, that's my main financial goal. To save as much as I can, live on as little as possible and retire as early as I can.

  8. Digging your Stumblewell rebrand and your conversation. In a world of noise y’all offer relaxing, thoughtful perspectives. This year is all about health for me. I’m waiting to hear if I got a day shift position so I can get back to a stable sleep schedule. Night shift for 8 yrs has greatly contributed to my unhealthy descent. Labs were done yesterday so preparing myself to work so any red indicators can get back to the green WNL range.

  9. What is the benefit of paying off student loans? I ask because I’ve heard some say to pay the minimums and save and invest more. They don’t hurt your credit. I don’t have them, but I’m interested in your perspective.

  10. I make monthly goals and turn them into a lifestyle. Once accomplished, I move to the next month's goal while still maintaining the previous month's goal. This month's goal is not to purchase any more clothes or shoes as I am running out of room to store things that are not a need. I refuse to pay for storage.

  11. Great topic! Please more. I think people are funny about finances and others knowing their tax bracket. Some would say how much money a person makes somehow determines their worth in the world. Me personally, I dont subscribe to this ideology. For me, because I work for the Federal government, its assumed by some how much I make. My close friends and I know each others finances to an extent. However, it's not something we sit around and compare. I will say that I am financially comfortable. However, I to bargain shop. There's a YouTube, ninabook girl and she did dave Ramsey's money makeover for 6 months but tweaked it a little which I appreciate because I think there should be balance. My personal goals are to lose 10 pounds and more self care, whether that be spa days once a month, weekend getaways or solo dates. My financial goals are to start and maintain an emergency fund, pay off bills and put that money into savings.

  12. Maybe you are Everyone's Favourite Stumblers? Like hey, you might stumble( not flailing) but ya both do it with panache 🙂
    I was an aunt at 16, am now 41 and beyond factually being an "Auntie" I don't feel nearly grown enough to accept such an authoritarian title from the general populace. BTW: You guys a are doing great paying off the student loans!

  13. I don't know if y'all have watched the Glamour magazine – Monthly Income of a Doctor video. She makes $75000 a month but has $80000 in student debt. She says her financial advisor said she shoidnt pay her student loans and rather place that money in investments (since the interest on the loan is 1,25% – hence she is better off investing that money and letting it grow). Made me think of you guys and how you seem to have placed paying your student loans so highly on your hierarchy of financial priorities. Perhaps start investing in yourselves??

  14. I see the point Mr. Hallease is making about safety. We have a 2003 CR-V and it's still going but yes, it starting to die,bit by bit, and it's not all that safe. We started a car fund which we contribute to every month into a special account. We have our emergency fund as well. We are waiting until we have a good amount so we can buy in cash and not have a payment, so we breathe life into that vehicle when we have to. Also, used Nissan Leafs are pretty cheap if you can find them.

  15. It saddens me I don't watch all your videos because you're great. This video especially I loved. Right from the beginning. Having the two of you together was great.

  16. 🤣😂🤣Mr. Hallease's cheesy grin at his dissolve joke was great! You two are definitely one of my favorite couples.

  17. I love your videos and always look forward to an upload from you, Hallease. It's also a pleasure to hear vicarious life, maybe unintended, life advice from stumblewell. I also appreciate you being transparent about letting ads play and why they're necessary. Thanks for the content; stumble well!

  18. Hey Hey Mr. & Mrs. Hallease!! You two are so cute arguing and understanding each other vat the same time. My goals are to start my business. I love to bake!! I will start with pop up shops first, and then I will see if I can afford a food truck! Next, I would like to loose weight. I am over 300 and so I would like to get down to at least 200. I'm pretty tall, so 200 won't look entirely bad on me. I am also looking to sort out my finances. Given the opportunity and the help from God, I would like to start saving and begin dealing with my student loan debt as well! I would also like to travel more. Not just for the sake of travelling, but to find a home. A place where I could build and be welcomed!! An in between a busy city and the quiet suburban streets. What do you think?

  19. My goal is to change my mindset and constantly see every obstacle, every bit of friction and pain as an opportunity to become the person I want to be. Building up grit and resilience. Once I train my mind I can apply this to all areas of my life. I started this a few weeks ago and its already changing my life.

  20. Congrats on the new place! I love your channel. I have an older car (200,000 miles) that I would like to keep for another three years (approximately 36, 000 miles). I could buy a new one but if I follow my budget, I could put away THOUSANDS over the next three years by driving the current one a while longer. I love not having a car loan and also care very little about what others think about my ride 😁😁. Regarding student loans, I too owe quite a bit (i.e. home loan numbers) and I will have them paid off in five years. I think of my student loans in the same way that I imagine responsible divorced parents think about child support payments. I just dutifully pay them each month and I don't ponder their existence. I focus on other things I can control and rest in the comfort that it will eventually be over.

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