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Are expensive car parts worth it? | Bumper 2 Bumper

Are expensive car parts worth it? | Bumper 2 Bumper

(car wheels squealing) – What happens when you
take two of the same car and modify them with completely
different aftermarket parts? – One with top-of-the-line parts and one with cheap budget parts. – Do more expensive
parts make a better car? – Yes. – Hold on. We don’t wanna jump into
conclusions in the intro. – But they do. This is a way better car. – I’m not so sure. (upbeat music) This is the battle of the budgets baby. It’s time to go turbos to taillights, – [Both] Bumper 2 Bumper. – On these Nissan 350Zs. – That are our very own. – We built them. – We did it. – He’s the new guy. – Hi. (upbeat music) – Big thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring this episode. Check out Curiosity Stream for
1000s of cool documentaries, exclusive originals
and non-fiction titles. A subscription is only $2.99
a month or $19.99 a year for unlimited access, which means I can watch
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basically every platform. Something so cool for that cheap would make a great present. Just saying. But the best part is for
our loyal donut subscribers if you sign up right now
for Curiosity Stream, you can get the first 30 days for free. Just head over to and use the promo code bumper 2 bumper. Go watch your documentary and support the companies that support donut. Bite those bumpers. (upbeat music) – We have a new family
member here at donut my friend Zach Jobe is here with us. He’s really good with cars,
amazing at skateboarding and handsome man as well. And he’s gonna be hosting this
episode of bumper 2 bumper along with me today. Welcome Zach don’t (beep) up. – Thank You Nolan. No promises. Hey everybody, I’m Zach nice to meet you. (upbeat music) – A few months ago we shot a
special series called HiLow. We bought two nearly
identical Nissan 350Zs. We modified one of them with budget parts and one of them with high end parts. (upbeat music) We wanted to find out which mods are worth spending your
hard-earned money on and where you could save a few bucks and just to be clear,
none of this was sponsored by any other parts companies. We here at Donut did
this out of the kindness of our hearts for you our loyalty D-Hole. – The point of it all was to make the best daily driver that you
could also take to the track. We learned a lot, not
just about working on cars but also about just how far you can push a man before he snaps. (chuckles) (upbeat music) – You might have already
heard of this show by now but starting tomorrow,
it’s dropping on YouTube. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it coz it’s the most fun I’ve
ever had working at Donut. – So, much fun. – But right now we’re going
to give you an exclusive look at the culmination of all that hard work. The builds took two weeks to complete, which is an absolutely insane turnaround. – And they’re certainly not perfect but we couldn’t have got it done without the help of some
of our best friends. (hand drill screeching) (laughs) – This (beep) don’t fit right. – James made me take the car that was gonna go all the cheap parts because ,you know, he’s the boss but I got to pick my teammate, slash veteran mechanic Aaron Parker. You might have seen him on that Netflix show, Hyperdrive
racing his wolf RX-7 or on a previous episode
of Bumper 2 Bumper, where you got to check out the RX-7 in this very shop actually. (soft music) – And team-high was me and the sauce boss
himself, James Humphrey. Very similar starting
points between the two teams but that’s sorta where
the similarities end. (upbeat music) We started these little builds where many people start their
builds with some coil overs. We chose a set of KW V3 coil overs which are some of the most wicked, yet gentlemanly coil overs
you can get your hands on. You get to keep a pretty comfortable ride while turning your cornering
ability up many notches. They’re great but they
do kind of cost a lot. (upbeat music) – On low car we spent
literally like a tenth of what they spent on high car. We bought and managed to install a set of $200 coil overs made by a company called maxpeedingrods. They were listed as coilovers struts fit Nissan
Fairlady Z 350 Z, Z33 2003 to 2008 shock absorbers green. And to be honest I was very concerned. I thought we’re gonna die. (both laughing) As you can see the highest setting was still super slim. I can’t even fit freaking finger in here. (upbeat music) – After suspension was all figured out, it was time to get Zs
some new shoes and socks. Over here, we went with a set of wheels that I’ve wanted since I knew
what it was to want wheels. Advan RGIII baby. These are 18 by 10 all the way around and each wheel only
weighs about 20 pounds. And since money is no object to team high, we wrapped our Advans in a set
of Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R for about as much streetable
grip as money could buy. (car engine roars) – Over here on team low
where the object is no money, we went with a set of XXR 527 wheels in 18 by 9 and 3/4 all around. They weigh a little more than the Advans, about 24 pounds per
wheel but they look great and they were like a 1/4 of the price. We also went with a set
of Federal RS-RR tires for some of the best bang for your buck budget grip available. The car is so low and I think these wheels fit the mood perfectly and it’s crazy how much
grippy these tires were than the ones that came on the car. It was a night and day difference. Look how much sick camber there is. I’m a closed dog. (upbeat music) For our breaks we went
with a pretty basic upgrade which came with more
aggressive brake pads, steel braided brake lines, new rotors and some high temp brake fluid. All told, we spent less than $500 on these but they made a big, big difference. (upbeat music) – Yeah, okay. So, these ones did cost
quite a bit more than theirs, but they’re huge. 14 inches up front, 13 inches out back, six piston calipers up front, four piston calipers in the
back, stainless steel lines and just look at this. (upbeat music) – We torture tested these
brakes against each other to see which really were better and the results might shock you. – I don’t wanna spoil any
results but one of the cars didn’t catch on fire. (car engine roars) – Oh! – Up next was maybe the
single cheapest thing that we did to low car. We welded the differential. This car had an open diff from the factory and that’s not really good
for doing hood rat things with your hood rat friends, but limited slip diff are expensive. No it isn’t expensive? Having your buddy with a
welder over to the house and weld that sucker up for you. (car wheels squealing) – In high car, we had a
viscous limited-slip diff from the factory as part
of the Touring package but we wanted to get rid of that in favor of a clutch type limited slip. We ended up buying a Kaaz 2-way LSD. It does burnouts, skids and
slides really frigging well. So, well in fact that
our bodies were flopping all over the cabin, so it was time to turn our attention to the interior. Max. (upbeat music) We put a set of Sparco
QRT-R seats in high car. They’re super supportive and light while still being pretty comfortable. We also installed this sick, gritty boost brigade steering wheel. It’s suede. There’s some Japanese
writing that I can’t read and this cool little demon guy down here. (upbeat music) – We didn’t have money for
extras like a steering wheel or shift knobs but seats are
pretty much a necessary mod if you want to start
hitting the track days or just wanna feel a little
more planted in the twisties. We bought these Corbeau FX1. They were cheap compared to the Sparcos but they weren’t the
cheapest stuff out there. When it comes to seats, you gotta save up and get a seat that will at least, a, not break in the event of a crash and b, be comfortable enough
that you enjoy being in them. And that’s what we’ve got right here. These things are actually really
comfortable and supportive. (car engine roars) (chuckles) (laughs) – Woo! (car engine roars) That’s good. (car engine roars) – I love this car. (upbeat music) – We decided to go with a professional
vinyl wrap on high car. We wanted a nice midnight
blue with some metallic flake and that’s exactly what we got. (upbeat music) – My experience was a little different. To change the color of
your car on the cheap, you’re gonna pretty much do it yourself and rather than try wrapping a car or so, we went the Plasti Dip route. It did not go well. (torn music) – Since the cars have both gotten mods and improved handling, gripping, stopping and looking hard as (beep), it was time for just one thing. – [Both] More power baby. (upbeat music) (shouts) (upbeat music) – Power plant in the 350Z is the VQ35DE which is a 3.5 liter V6 making
287 horsepower at the crank. It also sings a pretty unique song that you probably know and
probably either love or hate. (engine car roaring) High car got the creme dela creme. A Jim Wolf twin turbo kit which came with obviously two turbos, a couple of Garrett GT25s that are completely hidden down there. (upbeat music) An intercooler, a fuel pump,
all the piping we needed and a tune cooked up
by our Duda SQC tuning, out of NM imports in Albuquerque. They helped us (beep)
horsepower out of this thing, which is pretty good. We also threw a tomei
exprim titanium exhaust on at the same time and you guys between the turbo kit and the
exhaust this is absolutely the best sounding VQ I
have ever, ever heard. (car engine roars) – On low car, we got a
Rev9 single turbo kit on Amazon of all places. It came with this big
honking, turbonetic 60-1 turbo that gets mounted all the
way up here by the headlight. (upbeat music) Kit came with pipes to
route the turbo up here. It came with an intercooler
and piping and that’s about it. The kit definitely didn’t
come with any instructions which caused a lot of headaches. Not everything fit right
but with some elbow grease and perseverance we got it installed. We’re also running up Rev
software and a tune from SQC. We squeezed out (beep) little buff horsies and for like a 1/3 of the
price of the Jim Wolf kit. (screams) – As you can see the cars
ended up pretty dang different. To find out just how different and to see how much fun we
had installing all this stuff, you got to watch HiLow dropping
on YouTube, every Wednesday for the next eight
weeks starting tomorrow. (car engine roaring) Are you team-low or team-high? Pick a side and% join
us for the ride baby. (upbeat music) – [Eddie] Good now? – No Eddie not good. What the (beep) do you think dude! (crowd laughing) – Like this isn’t a bit,
I’m legitimately angry. I mean, what were we thinking? What were we thinking?

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100 thoughts on “Are expensive car parts worth it? | Bumper 2 Bumper

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  2. I like how the Low Car used realistic budget parts – the parts that someone who actually wanted to build a car, but couldn't afford top-end brands, would use. Most other channels would have just bought all the cheapest crap from Ebay/Amazon, slapped it on without care, then laughed when the badly fitted stuff inevitably didn't work.

  3. Shiny plastic body, crash test dummies approved.The material used of the body is sensitive to touch to scratch. That is why people buy additional cover to shield, front and back grills on frame of the car , it hyper sensitive and vulnerable. Please don't scratch my car , I was parking.

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  5. If you have a rollover in those racing seats and dont have a rollcage then you have a pretty high risk of crushing your head. The factory seats are designed to fold over in the event of a rollover so that your body has somewhere to go when the roof collapses. Just something to keep in mind

  6. If you have a rollover in those racing seats and dont have a rollcage then you have a pretty high risk of crushing your head. The factory seats are designed to fold over in the event of a rollover so that your body has somewhere to go when the roof collapses. Just something to keep in mind

  7. Alright, I'm in. Been watching without a sub for a while now. I'm all about this series, though. So you just gained a sub. Well done, guys.

  8. Team low all the way. I plumbed my cheap AF turbo kit onto my Subaru using old parts that people literally threw away and radiator hoses that were the right shape. And the best part? No tuning or supporting mods whatsoever and it managed to nearly shred the 5MT that was equally rigged had it not been for the clutch failing due to the excess power and inability to fully disengage. Best car ever!

  9. I have a stock 350z and I’m so
    Excited for this series, I really wanna mod my car but I just recently had a baby. I’m riding for team low cuz that’s all I can afford lol

  10. Not gonna lie I have mad respect for low car. Those wheels are nice and if that color was done as a wrap or pro paint it'd look so nice

  11. 10:12 – Hi car made 334hp, started with 212hp stock. 11:03 – Low car made 302hp, started with 244hp stock. It's been on Facebook for a while now.

  12. I'm Team Low. I've built a lot of low budget fast cars using junkyard parts beating cars that spent a lot of money on aftermarket performance parts. So I Bought some Coilovers for my 1991 W201 2.6 MB 190E (Mercedes-Benz) that didn't have any name on them with no soft/hard adjustment 😭 for $300
    They make the Benz feal like it's turning on Rails A 🌙Night and ☀️Day difference 😊 I'm Happy… So when is Donut media going to do a Everything you need to know | Up to Speed and a Bumper to Bumper and Evolution of MB 190E and a Miracle whips Show on W201 2.3-16 Cosworth 190E / 2.5-16 Cosworth Evo2 DTM ?
    I was thinking, maybe it's on its way, And Donut media staff is working hard on getting all the information they can get on this Dope ass Car that has won Races and also has done Rally So it's being editing right now right? 😊 And please let My man James do it. His Delivery on every show he has done are well worth watching, you guys inform the masses on Vehicles we all love to Drive…. Thank you in advance for doing a show on the 190e 😉
    Love you 🤓

  13. I remember watching the plasti dip episode but I can’t find it on the channel anywhere. Did they delete it? Or did I have a dream where they tried to plastidip a Z themselves and royally fuck it up?

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