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Archaeological work at Holywell Cross (Donut) car park

Archaeological work at Holywell Cross (Donut) car park

We are now into the stage where we’re doing the archaeological mitigation We’re excavating prior to the construction. This follows on from previous work where we did some trial trenching; four small trenches to see what was present and those identified extensive post medieval and industrial archaeology relating to Chesterfield history but also remains of pottery dating back to the 16th century which dates obviously to the medieval history of Chesterfield. We haven’t had many chances to look at the medieval archaeology of Chesterfield in the past So this is an opportunity to look and understand a bit more about the development this part of Chesterfield through the medieval period. because we’re right next to Saltergate, one of the main medieval roads coming into chesterfield from across the Pennines so this would have been a main entry point into the town through the medieval period Well as you can see with the weather
today it’s been a bit difficult to see things but we’ve been stripping a large area and we’ve seen we have modern housing, post medieval 18th and 19th
century housing on the Saltergate frontage but to the rear at the back, we’re finding some large stone walls which we don’t know the date of yet but
could be earlier and may date back to an earlier period of the history of the
site and I think there’s a reasonable chance of
getting something medieval We’re certainly getting medieval pottery there’s a reasonable chance of getting medieval structures maybe the remains of
boundary walls or little buildings or something like that We don’t know if there’s any evidence yet of any Roman activity in this area Chesterfield is – Roman town in origin but we haven’t found any evidence of Roman remains yet but we’ll keep going down until we’re certain whether there are any present or not. We should be here for about a month we
think and that for the enough We’re just about a week in with but we have been somewhat delayed the last couple of days with the weather I’m afraid.

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