1 million subs Boys the 1 mil J. It’s a good time, it’s a great day Isn’t it big milestone, and you got when you get to 1? Mil, you’re gonna do something you got to do something go celebrate and boy. We’re done. We’ve got something good It’s a Mitsubishi 380 something something turbo I’ll tell you what there’s more spiders in this thing then you can poke a stick at should we let the Horde on the thing Probably more spiders we literally know so little about cars That’s good, how good is the artillery? We’ve also taken that time To kick us off. We got javelins and darts imagine that coming down a lot of darts. Yep round two golf balls times 300 Round three everyone seven watermelons how can you go without the watermelon you can’t you can we won’t we’re on for giant ice block and without fail round five Everything heavy and wonderful anvils and bowling balls Just gonna cause mass carnage when you get a million subs mate you go all out stand for contest this week’s a ripper It’s gonna be a little bit of work so get ready for this how many trick shots have we uploaded to YouTube We’ve hammered out 160 of the vids yeah of the videos oh God oh god I’ll tell you what you need to do you need to factor in a bowling ball landing on an ax it counts at an anvil on something it counts and to help your chance of getting pin cuz we Defend the best comment. Yeah, tell us. What was your favorite trick shot what yeah, I love YouTube Videos in your life. It’s not often you get a car that you can do whatever you want weird, so we’re just We’re gonna paint stuff on it. Yeah. We’ve got the gold II and the silver I seriously reckon we just sort of go for it Wow as dodgy as painting Our stand but I can just get enough Don’t you ruin it what are you doing? Okay my one could have been better you won. You’re stopping it the one could have been better looks like a caterpillar ten thousand Hundred thousand million, what are you doing up here Johnson’s done some coloring in over here, and I don’t know if I’ve helped when guns and gets That’s my hollow. Oh yeah, that’s good. Oh, yeah, let’s come up at rate. Oh No, and I’m here to tell you that’s not coming off either oh Let me how have we not put 44 club on it That looks dead set shopping All right, we’re always ready to go everything’s up the top. Oh boy. We’ve got a lot of wins, but a lot of expectation I’m bearing sauna it looks hilarious from up here so funny. Oh, no how good is the big one? Yeah, give me the javelins you go the dots all right here. We go three There’s a lot of dots in the car javelins are flipping piercing everywhere – in oh wow What’s going on We do have a dot in the car. It’s come through the back Sticking straight through it this guy’s the only one that’s made it through the joy of my face at seeing those Javelins go right on the bot on the top was just great a glass is like cracking I feel like I should get out in case it just finishes off But Stamford Nick enough down to the bottom. I’ve got the joy dropping two hundred old golf balls If you don’t mind oh man oh, man Oh, man, all right wrap a couple levels, so it is a joy to be on this YouTube channel I mean really the things we get up to all right wait good Scot a Lot of dents. I really middled that now when people say golf ball-sized hail. That’s is that what they mean? Oh look at the windscreen The roof is saying better days We’ve been my summary or maybe it’s never seen a better day depends on how you look at it There’s a few balls in here tell you what don’t see on that scent? Oh yes? Hanging on hanging on by a thread What the heck is next Yeah like literally the edges of this thing are gone one times watermelon hit Windscreen Gonski so we crammed in like sardines here. We got five guys seven watermelons. It’s all going down It’s gonna be crazy. I don’t know let’s just give it a go. That is a lot of melons. Oh boy. Oh boy Oh boy three two one Oh Jay I missed One, I think northern one is muted oh Wow half the smell so sweet, Melanie Well it was amazing whoa that’s some good hitting there, let’s investigate which ones didn’t hit threes done this one Yeah, that was me Gone soon, you Bella therefore my levitating down here. I put him up Oh look at it dripping. Gross lights and sunglass harness go Oh Something just pulling snakes Link what is disgusting? Oh? Get stuffed aren’t you wrong get out my room get that bit of a shiny look at that go to yes? So the next one is the hospital huh? Yeah brace yourself for this it’s gonna be big all right boys there we go Let’s get into position Shapers. There’s a chance this one hit. Oh, and three two one We’re up slowly come up keep coming higher higher better water coming boys oh It’s coming I Gotta be honest there’s not much to say really it missed and that you just got to move on The car lives on he’s dodged a bullet there, and it was a massive bullet look We’ve been at this thing for about eight years million subs there’s one thing We’ve learned you don’t want to die wondering just have a crack at it If it doesn’t work out throw it all you know shake it off and go again, and that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna dust off that massive ice block and we’re gonna load up with some am bills and Some bowling balls and finish this sucker off. It’s gonna be great. So it’s gonna happen We’re going to just decorate it and just put heaps of spray paint cans and silly string on the top hopefully some will get here and just Alright last round plenty of guys up here plenty of things up here. It’s all going in three two It’s like always a convertible Look the whole top is silver oh Gods like the silver can has got middled look. There’s literally silver ever It’s like although that can over the front this anvil was Made its way through the engines alright, so one am feel there. Oh She opens that’s good and bill. Oh yeah, that’s definitely. Oh cheap pongs like Yeah, mom I’m all ready to go let’s go not one but That’s gone deep surprise that hasn’t gone to the floor, okay This sides relatively intact if you’re gonna sit anywhere in this car to survive right here is your friend so Missing Oh yeah, then there’s another one Oh Harriet on the floor here is Wow and that my friends is how you celebrate getting 1 million subs Oh So that’s it. Thanks for watching Amazing a little episode this one was a little massive, but yeah I just wanted to say look if you’re a subscriber if you’re in the 44 club if you get behind us Thank you very much. We’ve loved the journey over the years We’re going to keep making videos you guys keep watching them Everyone’s a winner if you haven’t given the video a thumbs up Please do so get your contest entry and you never know you might have a win oh And if you haven’t subscribed if you’re still watching you’re like geez I think I might want to get behind these guys make sure you do that because It would really appreciate the support, and I look I think weekly bids. You’ll be pretty happy alright signing off here. Thanks very much

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