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Amplifier Tips : Car Amplifier Wire Sizes

Amplifier Tips : Car Amplifier Wire Sizes

What makes a car run? Gas. What lets you be
able to move around? Water. All, everything needs something, some kind of fuel to run
on and amplifiers need power to run on. But what transports power? Wire. Yes, that big
string of metal. And a fuse holder. RCA’s, etc. etc. But let’s go into power wire. What
is significant about power wire? Well, like I said, it’s the highway that runs the fuel
to your amplifier. If you go too big actually that’s okay as long as you can fit it in the
hole. But if you go too small there may be dire consequences. We’ve all been young and
we’ve all tried to hook up stereo at one time or another I guess, probably, if we’re into
that kind of a hobby. Where you have seen people run, I don’t know, telephone cable
for a power wire, speaker wire for power wire, on a mono block? Suicide. You’re going to
set the wire on fire. It’s like trying to push a fire hydrant through a straw. When
you have a piece of speaker wire that you’re supposed to use for signal to a main power
lead on an amplifier you’re going to maybe shut the amp down. At least set the wire on
fire. So no, we’re not going to do that. The average amp wiring size that you’re going
to see is going to be between 8 gauge and ought gauge. This is ought gauge. This is
huge. This is the big Daddy beast of wire size. This is for amplifiers that are 800
watts and up. But for than likely you’ll see this on a 2000, a multi amp setup or the average
big, big boss type of setup. This kit is a 4 gauge kit. And this 4 gauge is usually good
for almost every application for 500 to 2000 watts for a single amplifier definitely. But
a lot of people like to step up to ought gauge once they get past that 1500 RMS mark. This
kit has ANL fuse holders because the amplifiers that are in excess of 1500 watts are usually
carrying more than 80 amps of current to make that power. Sometimes they put in excess of
120, 130 amps of current. You might see 4 30 amp fuses that equal 120 amps. So you’re
going to need a fuse holder that can handle that. This one has a 200 amp on there. And
that 200 amp fuse allows you to have 200 amps of impedance or 200 amps of power I mean,
excuse me. That will allow you to have the 120 to fuel for your amplifier and it’ll give
you a few more amps so you don’t blow everything up for the rest of your charging system. This
kit right here has 150 amp. So if you had 150 amp of amplifier you’d get 150 amps of
power through this fuse. And what fuses are used for is it keeps your amps safe. So if
you have an overload or a surge you blow, you pop the fuse before you pop your amp or
set something on fire. So there you go. The roller skates or the training wheels for your
amplifier right here. Wire, fuse holders and then for signal RCA’s. But that’s a boring
topic. We can get into that topic another time.

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100 thoughts on “Amplifier Tips : Car Amplifier Wire Sizes

  1. Dude your wrong on the amp size selection. You fuse to protect the WIRE NOT THE AMP. All amps have fuses or internal circuit breakers to protect themselves. You got the rest right though. Edit your video if you want to help people not confuse them.

  2. YOU are an idiot it is to protect the amplifier you idiot. most high powered amplifiers do NOT have internal fuses.

  3. No dude… Sorry your wrong. Send me a link to an amp that has no fuses or internal circiut breakers. You fuse THE WIRE to prevent fire and burning of your ride where the cable lays, in the event of an accident or short, NOT to protect the amp. The amps made today as well as for the last fifteen years or more all have fuses or breakers. If they don't they are designed to burn up some trace inside before catching on fire due to an internal problem. Go read on the subject "smart guy". LOL!!!

  4. @ JulianXMassacre

    You fuse the wire at the battery to protect the wire from running so much power that the insulation melts and creates a fire or electrical hazard. But you also need to know how much current can be carried in the wire dependent on it's size and the length. ALL amps have some kind of protection. Most Rockford amps don't have any kind of fusing for protection, but they do have internal breakers. Amps will either have an external fuse, internal fuse, or internal breaker.

  5. Thank you… I wanted to add the wire length into my post, but I was lazy.

    I swear though, these stupid ass kids. They don't know jack shit, right? It amazes me the stupidity these YouTube retards have sometimes….

  6. what gauge choud i use 15" Olympus Series Dual 2 ohm Subwoofer
    Peak: 4800 watts
    RMS: 2400 wat
    Gothic Series Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier ts
    ohms: 1200 watts x 1 chan.
    2 ohms: 1700 watts x 1 chan.
    1 ohm: 2200 watts x 1 chan.
    x 2
    2 subs
    2 amps
    Complete 0 Gauge Amplifier Kit
    and JVC Arsenal do i need car batries and im i missing sumthing plz help me

  7. BAD VIDEO, this guy keeps fumbeling his words and doesn't think about what he is saying before he says it. only maybe 6% of what he said is true. What makes you be able to move around? LOL!

  8. @DragonWagon6 4 gage is perfect for that u just need a beter fuse holder cheap ass weak 80 ahahah or 100 shit is minor u need to upgrade too 150a or 200a im running 1600 rms off 4 gage and running 15000 rms off 0 gage u just need beter fuse holder and do tha big 3 wire swap if u havent done it already

  9. who here is wondering how to setup a amplifier for a car to your home stereo speakers without a powersupply that you have to go out and buy..and without all the chords that you wld use with the back of a car head unit. well message me and if i get more then 5ppl ill make the video its very simple and easy

  10. it wouldn't hurt if you rehearsed the video a bit, shit! i have a feeling this expert village guys ask you to do the video and if you accept, it's filmed when you least expect it thus resulting in a shitty video

  11. "What makes a car run…? Gas."
    "What makes you be able to move around…? Water."

    WTF? Water doesn't make you move. Your muscles… OH NEVER MIND this is useless.

  12. "If you go too big… actually that's usually ok once you fit it in the hole."
    "But if you go too small, there may be dire consequences."

    Is this a comedy show or a tutorial? Just wondering.

  13. 200amps of power? hmm power=watts amps is current dont mix them up
    P=V x I so how many volts do these speakers run? 12v ? if thats the case ur talking 2400watts? into a stereo seems a lil over kill …..ur car is meant for drive from point a to point b but yeah 2400 watts is too much

  14. @YoungGunzBass01 thats true, but i know a lot of people that will run o gauage and just use adapters cause you never know when you might want or get the chance to go up in power, doesnt hurt a bit

  15. @sampacto try to use 2 gauge wire, expensive tho. but will bring out the max potential the lower the gauge the thicker the wire, the thicker the wire the better

  16. Would a hifonics Brutus 2100 be fine with 4 gauge wire?? I'm tied between getting the 2100 and keeping my 4 gauge… or getting a busker that has the Brutus 1700 with a capacitor and a 0 gauge wire kit.. help!!!

  17. @gottadosumtinstupid 1/0 gauge for the 2100, 1/0 for the 1700. Even if the 1700 has 4 ga power and ground inputs, trim it down. The bigger the wire the more efficient it will be in getting your amplifier its power. Ditch the capacitor, they are basically useless. You should get a small battery and wire it in parallel with your battery under the hood. You will maintain better voltage, period. Look up kinetik hc800 or XS power D680.

  18. they say bigger is better for Amplifier Wire, so if i pull a power pole down from my neighbors and used the wire from that to run my amp is that possible???

  19. so i got a 600 rms amp hooked to a 200 rms sub, when set @ 4 ohm the amp is only 200 rms. I will need about 20ft of wires but cant figure out what wire size i need for my amp?

  20. this guy put 8 gauge in my car when i got a system put in my car and it melted the wire and fuse block. and then i see this you fucked me stupid fucking asian

  21. Its not really based on watts. Thats just wat people always say because its easier to understand and to throw around. you really need to base it off amp draw of you amplifier. add up the fuses on your amp. 8awg is up to ~70amps. 4awg is ~135amps. and 1/0 is ~300amps. Becuase you could have a 1000watt peak amp, and sure it probably does ~500rms at 1ohm and thats about 35amps of current so yeah your alright.

  22. Then that's not a 6,500watt amp it might say 6500watts on the box but most likely its a 1000 or 2000watt amp maybe, you can't get a new 6000watt amp for 150 bucks and run 8gauge powerwire.

  23. fuses protect the wire, that's why they go at the battery. most amps are already fused on the amp, if not then you can use the power line fuse to protect the amp as long as its rated to open under the max handling of the wire AND amp but its purpose in line there is still to prevent the wire from burning.

  24. shouldnt the question be….. what holds the gas in car? what do use to hold water that help u move around? lol

  25. thanks for the video. i have a quick question: my amp is 3500rms mono at 1 ohm. it has 1 input of 0gauge for + and one input for ground. i have a power block that can feed the amp with double 0gauge for plus and double 0gauge for ground. my amp required a 300amp anl fuse for protection. now do i fuse both runs of 0gauge for the + with 300amp fuse or does it halve because im using two runs… so 2x 150amp fuses?

    i have heard some ppl say fuse the double run of 0 gauge + with 300amp fuse.

    and some say fuse both + runs with 150amp…..


  26. I have a question. If you buy bigger wire for the application you need, the wiring kit usually comes with a bigger amp fuse. This would allow more current to surge down your power cable before the fuse by the battery is blown right? Is this not dangerous for your electronics? I would always like to match the amp fuse by the battery with the total amp fuse rating of the amps, this way, you do not gamble that the fuses in your amplifier will protect it

  27. I'm a novice, but soon discovered the wire gauge needed has nothing to do with watts. It's only about amp draw (ampage of the fuse in the amp) and length of the wire (5m). I went 4 gauge and the 4 gauge connectors are 2x too big for my 600w (read: 40a) #BBXF1200! I only needed 8 gauge. Google for "wire gauge chart".

  28. Some people will cut the cords off of lamps or take telephone wire and use it to wire up a car amplifier which is the poor mans method of hooking up a car amplifier really dangerous and can start a fire and destroy your car amplifier don't be cheap don't do the poor mans method and buy a really good car amplifier wiring kit also people who are lazy and wire up their car amplifiers half ass tend to not use the wiring terminals that come with the wiring kit and tend to not use a fuse and use electrical tape in their car

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