26 thoughts on “American Pickers: A Crazy Expensive Collection of Nash Healey Cars (Season 13) | History

  1. If I knew where they lived I would buy an AMX or an SST if I can get it at the right price…..Had a 1969 SST I got from my doctor, then I got married, she says we don't need that. Sold it a worse mistake I ever made. Oh got rid of her three years later.

  2. these guys  don't want to sell  anything.             30000   for a pile of rust      you got  to be kidding

  3. That tow truck guy is like "this was not the deal there's no way im coming back tomorrow yall are nuts, also you owe me 4-5 hours worth of pay." Lol

  4. A request to american pickers team please show us all the cars and bikes restoration process please it's a humble request to the team

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