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American Graffiti (7/10) Movie CLIP – Must Be Your Mama’s Car (1973) HD

American Graffiti (7/10) Movie CLIP – Must Be Your Mama’s Car (1973) HD

I was just gonna keep it
for a little while. You’re an ogre, like my father. He won’t let me stay out late,
or play records, or anything. Your fatherwon’t let you
stay out late? No, he’s terrible. Once I was out late at a party.
He called the cops. Can you imagine?
He had the whole police force there. By the way,
where is it that you live, Carol? Over on Ramona. Why? Oh, no! You thought I’d tell you
where I live? Not me. Not old Carol.
The night is young. And I’m not hittin’ the rack
till I get a little action. What do you keep lookin’ at? Who’s that? You know him? – He’s followin’ awful close.
– Grab on to something. Hey, man, I’m sorry
if I scared ya. You’d have to do a hell of a lot
more than that to scare me. I been lookin’ all over for ya.
Didn’t nobody tell you? I can’t keep track of all you punks
runnin’ around here backwards. You’re supposed to be
the fastest thing in the valley. But that can’t be your car.
It must be your mama’s car. I’m sort of embarrassed
to be this close to you. I’m not surprised,
drivin’ a field car. Field car?
What’s a field car? A field car runs through the fields,
drops cow shit all over the place. That’s pretty good. I like the color of your car, man.
What’s that supposed to be? A cross between piss yellow
and puke green, ain’t it? You call that a paint job,
but it’s pretty ugly. I’ll bet you gotta sneak up on the pumps
just to get a little air in your tires. At least I don’t have to pull over
to the side just to let a funeral go by. Funny. You know what? Your car’s uglier than I am! That didn’t come out right. Come on, boy.
Let’s go. Prove it. Why don’t you go out and try
to win yourself a few races? Then you come on back
and I’ll show you a few things. Race him. You can beat him. That’s a tough-lookin’ girl
you got with you, man. Tryin’ to pick up
a few extra bucks baby-sittin’? Doll, come and ride with me–
in about ten years! Leave her out of this.
This is between you and me. He’s really fast, isn’t he? Yeah, but he’s stupid.

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100 thoughts on “American Graffiti (7/10) Movie CLIP – Must Be Your Mama’s Car (1973) HD

  1. Notice the tire sparks on the Chevy at take off? Notice how John took his car in his shop prior to the main race? , He checked his tires, removed his caps and probably advanced his timing., ….Falfas fast, but he's STUPID!

  2. Those radiused wheel wells on that 55 completely change the attitude of it. Chevy should have made that the design to begin with.

  3. reminds me of my time in the early 2000s. had a mustang gt conv. we used to park in town and have people in other towns come to race. good times…

  4. you can throw StarWars in the dumpster , I think this is the Lucas master piece , You can tell his heart was in this work ….the perfect casting , the cinematography , the Wolfman , its got it all

  5. Watch this film and after that watch grease and streets of fire and you will have a weird experience

  6. I seen a street race gone bad where one of the racers t bone a 4dr civic killing a girl and a guy in their 20's that were engage to get married and the guy younger brother was in the back seat he live but was cripple. I seen the bodies lying in the street it was very sad and the racer survived the accident, just not worth it, keep it on the track.

  7. A great Star Wars blooper scene would've been Han quietly singing "Some enchanted evening…..". while in the cockpit. Chewie growls.. Han says "What? Nothing! I didn't say anything! I wasn't singing."

  8. This scene got me into cars. Grant it I'm 28, but I love seeing johns elbow hanging out as he races real quick. I've worked on 32 fords but need one of my own. Maybe a model A pick up from brookville roadster

  9. Everytime I watch this movie I remember I use to do the same thing when I was in high school, Friday and Saturday nights I spent cursing and street racing, now at 56 sitting in my garage drinking a beer I look at my 2 Shelby mustangs and think if I only had these two mustangs back then.

  10. Harry Curtis had a 55 Chevy called Classical Gas. This car looks exactly like his. Harry ran NHRA Div.1,  F/MP, back in the late 60's early 70's. Harry sold his 55 about 6 months before this movie came out. He built a Camaro. RIP Harry.

  11. Man this is a great scene in this classic…I saw this movie in the Army on base in Germany…..That could be my mother's car but hey no one beats JOHN…

  12. In real life Mackenzie Phillips had probably already become sexualized well before the filming of American Graffiti. A more likely response to Ford's retort at 2:14 making fun of her age would be if she offered to give him a helluva hummer in exchange fer some Peruvian Coke the he probably has stashed on his rig.

    Hey, I'm just sayin. Not endorsing the concept. She never had a normal life.

  13. Ever wonder who these people are who are riding around with intentionally loud exhausts attempting to get attention? Here they are:
    — High school kids who just got their driver's license.
    — Male menopause sufferers, often on Harley's, giving it one last shot to attract young girls.
    — Guys between high school and menopause, living lives of meaningless anonymity, and don't know what else to do.

  14. You know what's so eerie. Bobby Freeman's Version of Do You Wanna Dance, is being played, later Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys do their version on Shindig, and The Beach Boys Music is also featured on this Soundtrack.

  15. This show was so funny. One of the only fun movies about the times that wasn’t corny. Look at all the stars in the movie. Harrison Ford in the 55 Chevy.

  16. few cars come out harder than a double nickel,but a 32 5window with a highwinding 327 in a 2200 lb car,you're gone,nothing topped the 60's,17cent gas and cruise all nite,nothing tops the 60's

  17. I used to say its impossible to pick just one best film of all time. That was before I saw American Graffiti. Never could another movie capture the essence of an era like this movie

  18. To bad Modesto is boring as hell in real life
    My family live up there
    But Lord I had to come back down to New Orleans
    I would go insane in Modesto

  19. This is one of my favourite Harrison Ford characters.
    It’s a completely authentic. Loved the grin on his face.

  20. I started Cruising on 10th st in Modesto in 1955 , I was 13 years old , My brother had a 46 ford we cruised in , This movie is nothing like the real thing , Friday & Saturday nights there were hundreds of cruisers Bumper to bumper !! then the city fathers decided to make 10th st one way south and 11th one way north , They thought it would stop us but we liked it better that way , Then they moved it out on Mc Henry , I cruised till they stopped it

  21. Still my favorite scene of the entire movie after all these years! I could watch this movie over and over again and still never tire of it. It just worked.

  22. Milner & Falva…2 of my all time favourite movie characters.."C'mon boy..!..prove it ! "….classic street talk from that time !!

  23. This is how the Mandela Effect works. I could have sworn that Harrison Ford drove a chopped pickup in the movie. Wished I knew how our memories give us such false impressions.

  24. A pre-teen girl called Carrol? Not common anymore. A girl these days would complain about her name the whole night rather than her life in general.

  25. Was just at Woodward Dream Cruise and ran into the Model A Ford. Super cool car, awesome to see it still in use!

  26. I was born just a little late, in 64 , but I rode in many of the old cars as a child. There are pictures of me standing next to a 55 chevy my dad owned at the time. what a ride

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