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AMD, Apple, Micron, Tesla, Carmax | September Stock Market News | Stocks Sept 18-22

AMD, Apple, Micron, Tesla, Carmax | September Stock Market News  | Stocks Sept 18-22

(upbeat music) – Hello everyone welcome to the Financial Information Channel. In this video I’m going to
review the stock market news and I’m going to mention
some of the things that are gonna happen next week. Now let’s start with the BDO. The first thing we’re gonna check is how the stock market did for the week. And as you see on the screen, the DOW went up .36%
during the last five days. The NASDAQ actually went
down .33% during the week. The S&P 500 went up during the week .08%. One of the news that
you see on the screen, is that Apple actually lost about 50 billions in market cap since they announced the new iPhones. And as you see on the screen, Apple actually had one of the worst weeks since they announced their iPhone. The company has moved down around negative 5.6% and that may present an opportunity to start
getting more shares or getting more positions, depending on your risk tolerance. Now let’s take a look at the stock chart so we can get an idea if
the stock is oversold. And as you see on the screen, the Apple stock has an RSI of 33 and that means that the stock is very close to being oversold. As you see in the volume section, there have been a lot of
selling during September. Right now the stock is
actually in a key area. If the stock continues to sell off, the next support area is around the price of 141 dollars. Looking during the next
few days the company might trade sideways and that is important so the
stock can create more support around the 151 dollar area. The next story is about AMD. There was a rumor about Tesla
and AMD having a partnership so they can create more chips. Those chips are basically to
create artificial intelligence for the self-driving cars. If that becomes a reality
the stock is gonna move quite a bit during the next few months. AMD actually moved around
10% I believe however, during the last two days the
share price has moved down. It is a good catalyst
for the next few months. Now let’s take a look at the stock chart and now you can see that
the RSI is around 56. That is actually a really good level. The volume has decided to pick
up during the last few days. The good thing is that the share price is above the moving average
of 20 50 and 200 days. They’re at two supporting lines. The first one is around
12 dollars with 50 cents and the second one is around
11 dollars with 50 cents. In case if the stock
it starts to move down those are gonna be the key areas. The stock as you can see on the
chart is all over the place. Based on this little rumor
I think AMD has a lot of potential during the next few months. That was one of their’s
where the company was lacking in artificial intelligence We’re gonna go to the next
company that moved quite a bit and that is CarMax and I (mumbles) CarMax right before they reported earnings in June. As you can see from June
20th to around this date, the company has gone up around 25%. I’d like and mention
the weekly videos here. I thought that the company was
going back since June 20th. Let’s take a quick look at the stock chart to see if the company has been overbooked. As you can see the RSI is over 79. Just a little bit over. There are two support areas. One around the 67 dollar price
and the other one around 63. Prior to earnings, the volume had been mostly negative which kinda surprised me. As you saw in the stock chart the stock is a little bit a stretch so a good idea would be
for the company share price to move down a bit before
investing into the company if that is what you really want. The next company that I’m
going to mention is Micron. Micron is gonna report earnings next week and I wanna demonstrate the
last stock chart for Micron before they report earnings. As you can see the RSI is around 77. Because I got support around
the 31 dollar price however, the share price at this
moment is around 36 dollar. Now let’s take a look at the volume. As you can see during
the volume in September, it has been mostly positive. I don’t think that the share price are gonna beat the stretch. It is above the moving
average of 20 50 and 200 days. I hold position in Micron Technology, but I plan to sell
around 75% of my position before they report earnings on Tuesday. If the stock continues to
move up after the earnings I’m gonna wait for the
company to pull back. If the company pulls back
around the 31 dollar range I’m gonna start buying back
around 25% of that position. It will depend when I see
the earnings next Tuesday. For the remainder of the news, Tesla actually claimed
to have the Model 3 car consider becoming one of
the 2018 car of the years. (mumbles) change the price
known to cover the car mentioning the 2018 North
American Car of the Year. I think Tesla just wants to have that car and we hear it from the news. And to other news, if there wasn’t an interest
rate hike in September but the Fed’s actually
plan to have another one including this year
and three more in 2018. We may have the new tax
plan announced on Wednesday. We’re gonna see how the
stocks are gonna react to it. I think most of the stocks
are gonna react positive. One of the main ideas is
to have the corporate tax cut from 35% to 20%. We will see how it goes. We will see if Congress
passes a new tax plan this year or next year. That is gonna be everything for the video. Please leave in the comment section below if you’d like to see
some technical analysis. If you do let me know what
company do you want me to go over next week. And remember you can subscribe to the Financial Information Channel. I’m gonna continue bringing
videos about the stock market, personal finance and how
to make money online. Have an excellent day
and take car my friends. (upbeat music)

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  1. Nice review, Apple has been getting slapped after their product releases! Possible buying opportunity? We'll have to see I suppose.

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