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Allstate Car Buying Service

Allstate Car Buying Service

You’re in the market for a car… how exciting! But how do you know you’re getting a good price? Where can you start? You already know we can help you get affordable
protection for your car, home and much more, but here is another way you can save with
Allstate. With the Allstate Car Buying Service, a national
car buying service for new and used vehicles, you can see what others paid for the same
car and lock in your Guaranteed Savings… ensuring an even easier car-buying experience! You can save an average of $3,221 off the
MSRP on your next new car. And, with our buyer’s bonus, you could get
additional benefits worth up to $2,000 during the first year including auto repair
reimbursement, auto deductible reimbursement and expert opinion. Here’s how it works: Visit,
find the car you want, see what others paid, and lock in your guaranteed savings from a
TrueCar Certified Dealer. It’s that easy! And, the best part is that you can save an
average of $3,221 off MSRP on a new car. With the Allstate Car Buying Service, you
can access guaranteed savings and a TrueCar certified dealer network, compliments
of your local Allstate agent.

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