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Allstate Auto Dealer Program Video

Allstate Auto Dealer Program Video

The Allstate Auto Dealer Program for his unique offering in the industry Allstate brings the power of its brand
to the individual dealerships and offers them the opportunity to own an
agency within their dealership. The Allstate Dealer Agency capitalize on
something that the dealership already does well. Selling and servicing vehicles. It enables
the dealership to create a new revenue stream a new source of profit without really
going outside at what they do day to day. We join the Allstate Auto Dealer Program in January 2012 in its its working out wonderfully. We’ve been able to incorporate an
Allstate agency right inside our dealerships. We found it to be extremely good Win-Win
for us and for the customers. Why partner with Allstate? Allstate was
the first to market with this opportunity and we are the unquestioned leader in this field. You won’t have to sell your customers on
a name they already trust. The acceptance rate at Allstate brand is
a lot higher than an off name brand. Customers recognize it, the promotion is incredible and its helped us to sell more policies. In my opinion, Allstate is as reputable a brand is there is out there. They’ve been around as long as the dealership, 80 years, it’s got a great name, it’s got a great brand, it’s got a great following. Allstate provides a tremendous amount marketing support for these dealerships. Together with our training and our support
with their staff and their agency, it enables them to be successful. The agency is is successful, it’s been successful, we
want to continue to grow it and build it just like we have the dealership and build the clientele. Our plan with our Allstate agency is to use to grow as large as we possibly can to optimize our profitability. With the
Allstate Exclusive agency you are the owner, but we will be with you
every step of the way as you build develop and sustain that agency. The
Allstate Auto Dealer Program is growing rapidly and we are looking to add more
reputable dealer agencies this year. It is win all around. You get the power
of the Allstate brand to complement your own brand driving profitability in your business.

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3 thoughts on “Allstate Auto Dealer Program Video

  1. Very interesting. Does Allstate offer benefits to the dealerships employees also? What if there are other vendors in place will coverage be replaced with Allstate benefits?

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