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ACV Auctions Employee Bio – Steve Sirko

ACV Auctions Employee Bio – Steve Sirko

My name is Steve Sirko. I’m the Territory manager for New
Jersey South. I started with a back in November of 2016. Basically what I do is I help franchised dealerships sell their wholesale inventory to independent dealerships and we basically do all the heavy
lifting for and we take all the pictures list
the cars. At this point, I have sixty five
dealers that are part of my client base. The best thing I like about ACV is the company itself, the culture
that’s here. We’re all very cooperative. We communicate and we work together
as a team to truly be the best in the
business. I highly recommend working for ACV. It’s a great company. I have every day, every day is a little bit different and we are truly revolutionizing the wholesale business. This is definitely a great company
to work for. Good people, great product and great great team.

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