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ABC Business Sales – Hunterville Service Centre & BP2Go

ABC Business Sales – Hunterville Service Centre & BP2Go

Buy this business at asking price and you
can purchase the considerable land and buildings for $1. Yes, $1. If you’re looking for a service station opportunity,
Hunterville Service Centre is hard to go past. Situated on State Highway 1 almost exactly
halfway between Wellington and Taupo, the business is practically brand new but comes
with over 35 years of trading behind it. Based in Hunterville, it has just been fully
refreshed with new concrete, pumps, and store, meaning a new owner does not need to spend
more money. This business’s multiple income streams give
a buyer plenty of comfort. These include petrol sales, the truck stop,
the workshop, the BP2GO store, as well as a Husqvarna dealership, roadside rescue, and
a small machinery sales and service. Some, like the truck stop, provide a considerable
return for little effort. It is situated within a fantastic, close-knit,
rural community and found in a location with cheap house prices. The sale includes the business plus considerable
land and buildings at a crazy low price. They would be worth over a million alone in
the big smoke. An experienced team is in place, making it
easy to run as you don’t have to have any specialised skills to enjoy the benefits of
this highly profitable business. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity,
get in touch with Steve Davey today. ABC Business Sales, we’ll take you there.

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