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Abandoned Cars and How You Could Buy Them

Abandoned Cars and How You Could Buy Them

Newscaster – “Homeowners are frustrated with abandoned cars left around town. But, Springs police are doing all they can right now; because
their impound lot is overflowing. Here are the facts of this story
point-by-point: CSPD’s lot is overs it’s capacity of twelve hundred cars. As of
last Friday they already had thirteen hundred forty-eight cars. They say more
then 670 of those are evidence in crimes that cannot be moved until an
investigation is complete. Fox21’s Sarah Ferguson tells us why one
homeowner is fed up with her neighborhood situation and what plans
Colorado Springs police have for the future.” Ferguson – “Rachel Beisel moved to West Colorado Springs in June with her husband. Ever since they’ve noticed several
abandoned cars in their area.” Beisel – “They can’t park on this two-way street because you can’t get a an emergency vehicle through you couldn’t get snow vehicles through
or snowplows to be able to remove any of the snow there.” Lt. Black – “This isn’t new this has been going on for years, will ebb and flow the amount of cars that are coming in
and at some points we get to full capacity.” Ferguson – “Because the impound lot is over capacity they’ve actually had to add on five acres into city property right
behind me to make more space for abandoned vehicles.” Beisel – “What can we do about
it because if they aren’t going to do anything or if it’s over capacity why
aren’t they looking at other solutions?” Ferguson – “Which police are trying to come up with especially with cars that are evidence in crimes.” Lt. Black – “We currently have some of our civilian investigators that are looking at each and every one of the 670 cars
that are in this lot to see if potentially we can move some of those
cars out.” Ferguson – “And Rachel hopes it’s a quick process saying her neighborhood has
already seen suspicious activity.” Beisel – “There are several other studies and data that
we could potentially look at to see that this actually could increase the crime
rate.” (Music Jingle) (From Informational video) “How to buy abandoned cars follow this advice to find the legal owner of an abandoned car and make the ride your own. You will need a vehicle identification number, a license plate number, a receipt
or sales tax exemptions, certificate transfer affidavit, a signed title and a
motor vehicle office. Step 1: Locate the vehicle identification number call the
VIN and the license plate number. The Vin will be located at the top of the
dashboard near the windshield or on the inside of the driver’s door. Step 2: Obtain a title record from your County’s motor vehicle office to determine who
the title owner is. If the license plate is from another state you will have to
contact that state for the information. If you cannot find the owner the vehicle
is most likely the property of the local government where the vehicle was
abandoned or the towing company that removed it most of these cars will be
available for purchase at auction. Step 3: contact the title owner and ask them to
transfer the title to you. Step 4: Ask the seller for a signed receipt or a sales
tax exemption certificate transfer affidavit, if the owner doesn’t make you
pay for the vehicle. Step 5: take the sign title the receipt on your
driver’s license to a motor vehicle office and apply for a title in your
name then drive away and enjoy your new ride. Did you know; it has been estimated
that in the United States half a million or more cars are stolen and exported
each year?” (End Theme)

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13 thoughts on “Abandoned Cars and How You Could Buy Them

  1. The old cars are NOT abandoned, they belong to the land owner, and you will get your ass shot fucking there. l know, l live here.

  2. I see this as an opportunity to help the less fortunate with transportation, specifically those who can't otherwise get a car

    What authorities really need to do is see how many of those cars actually work and give them to people who most need them, people who are disabled but have a drivers license but no family. If someone is getting around on a wheelchair or mobility scooter, You may want to see if that person actually has a drivers license. If they do, see if they have any help getting around. If not, that's too obvious that they need one of those cars.

    Disability is on the rise and it's ridiculous how many people can't get transportation, especially those who have no families or anyone helping them get around. There are areas where the sidewalks are not wheelchair friendly and people must use their wheelchairs to get around everywhere, wearing out the tires. If you don't want to see our wheelchairs on the street, then do something to improve the situation by giving cars to those who most need them. If you're not going to do that then you're going to have to put up with our wheelchairs in the street!

    Some of those cars can be shipped to other areas without charity car programs

  3. Well I saw a car theift going on and guess how many cars they stole around my town the number is 20 cars including 5 police vehicles the police are still searching for the suspects and the stolen vehicles so big crime in my town

  4. Those cars have to have an order there is a name on those cars you guys are so smart you to have that figured out

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