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A Van Rental Company Making Group Travel Fun and Affordable

A Van Rental Company Making Group Travel Fun and Affordable

So do you like traveling as a group? I
married into a huge Irish extended
family, there’s so many of us and we
often get together and we like to take a
trip. Olga’s here with a great
solution on how to make the journey just as
fun as the ultimate destination, check
this out! [Music]
Heading out on a road trip or field trip,
family trip? Every year
thousands of travelers are hitting the open
road for locations both near and far so
why not make the journey there just as
fun? Here
to talk more about your next group
outing is Cameron Bethmann from Carl’s
Van Rentals, good morning. Good
morning. Thanks for being here. Thanks
for having me. You know the idea of taking a
large group with you, you know
consolidated travel, right? Yes, yes, yes it
is. Get
a lot of people all together for the
entire trip. And that’s
something you did as a child right? It is, it is
my father was a baseball coach for my
traveling baseball team but we always had
problems trying to find a big enough
vehicle to get the whole team to
destinations to our, to our games– he was, he
had a used car lot
and had a few vans on the lot and decided to
“hey then we’ll all take this’ well
that’s where our business Carl’s Van
Rentals was born. And it’s
family owned and operated. Family owner and
operated, yep. So a nice
mom-and-pop shop if you will? Oh yeah. I love
those because there’s a lot of personalized attention and
service. It
sure is, you know we try to be a little
bit different than all the big major
guys. We focus on the hard to
get vehicles; the 15-passenger
Sprinter vans, minibuses, Jeep Wranglers– we
guarantee all our reservations there so
that if you need that size of vehicle
you’re going to get that vehicle unlike
some of the bigger companies. And what
about like for example, a dance team, like
my daughters where it’s a lot of
girls, a lot of costumes, a lot of
luggage and sometimes you just can’t fit
anymore. That is correct, we definitely,
we try to accommodate everybody so
say you have a big group and you have a
lot of luggage and you can’t fit it in
there we will take out seats of the
vehicles to make sure all your people and
all your luggage fit to go on the trip
with you. And there’s so many benefits to
this that I’m thinking of because
when we go to Orlando for example, or Tampa
to compete you know, we kind of
caravan right? And the girls are always
you know, they wave and they’re smiling
and we’re not together. Companionship is
so great in these situation. It is, it is
fun. That is
you know half the fun to the trip, a lot
of times especially for the teams and in
families you know it’s a family time
that people are trying to get. Are there benefits as well? Oh
yeah—yeah, you definitely, you save money in
fuel costs because you have one vehicle to
put it in, your tolls, parking– trying
to find parking spaces when you’re going
to these events, a lot of times you
know there’s
not a lot so versus having four or five
cars you have one vehicle for that. And a
lot of people can use this, I mean not
just dance teams or sports teams, church
groups. Church groups, yeah,
youth groups– We work with over 200 college
and universities every year that
come down for tournaments, you name it, if
you’ve got a bunch of people that need
to get there we’re the people that you need
to call. So the next time my
girls say “Mommy can we Caravan behind
so-and-so” I’ll be like are you kidding?! Yeah that’s
right, give us a call we’ll take care of
it. Where do our viewers call,
or where do they go? You can go to Carls Van
Rentals dot com and all the information
is on there and if you give us a call
we have agents standing by to take care
of you. Thank you so much, and I thank
you for sharing your story with your
dad. Thanks
for having me. And if you’d like
more information on a road trip and
you want to rent one of their vehicles
check out the website, our website we’ve got the
information there for you.

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