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A Guy Bought $850K Worth of Shoes to Decorate His Cars | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

A Guy Bought $850K Worth of Shoes to Decorate His Cars | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

[R&B MUSIC] Yo! Yo! Some of the world’s
rarest sneakers were auctioned off this week. Stray heat, yo. Sotheby’s and
Stadium Goods planning to hold an auction of the
rarest sneakers in the world, 100 pairs of Nike’s and Adidas. That was running online
until next Tuesday, but one buyer bought all of
them this morning, just about an hour ago, for $850,000. Oh. Wow. Must be nice. That’s kind of– that
was just such a heavy flex, you know this guy has no drip. – None.
– You know it. He’s going to wear them with,
like, Kohl’s jeans and shit, like– He’s going to
pull up at a fucking Applebee’s like, what’s up? Hey, guys. ‘Sup, ma? You want two-for-one apps? Fire kicks, right? OK.
Yeah. Yeah. I only come out in heat. ROBERT FRANK: That buyer
is Miles Nadal, the Canadian marketing executive. Oh, wow! He’s pulling up in that same
suit with the Travis Scott 1s and shit, like, yo. What’s up?
What’s up? Peep the drip. Who, uh– you ever heard
of this Michael Jordan guy? Yeah, he’s, uh– I heard he’s pretty good
at golf and gambling. I’d like to see him
in a pair of Off-Whites. – Yo!
– How tight are you going to be? Yo! He’s like, what is
this zip tie thing? Let’s take that right off! They’re a collectible,
because I think they’re a representation of art. And if you look at the
athletes, the fashion designers, the music moguls– That’s what happens
when you smoke weed with your kid one time. So it’s called Apex Legends? MERO: Oh, yeah.
– Yeah, right. MERO: Oh, all right.
– Check it out. And other people who are
now involved in the creation of these sneakers, I think
they’re really a representation of pop culture. It sounds like he just read
the Wikipedia for hip hop. Yeah. He was like, uh. He’s like, yes,
it’s predominantly with urban people, and
they have five pillars. – Yeah.
– So, uh. So, you know, I was just, uh– Watch this backspin. Let me show you a
couple here, Carl. This is the Derek Jeter
Nike Air Jordan 11s. Nike only made five of
these to commemorate Derek Jeter’s retirement. I thought Derek
Jeter was, like– yeah, he was not
the fifth nigga that was supposed to get a pair. I don’t know him. Yo. You going to pull
up like, yeah, Jeet. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Yeah. Captain, my captain, huh? Said he’s not a
big sneaker wearer, but he will display them at
his car museum in Toronto. DESUS: OK. Wow. Wow, just shit
on our whole life. He’s like, yeah,
no, I just bought these to decorate my cars. Yeah. I might throw those around
the Maseratis, whatever. Later that day,
the dude then paid $437,500 for the most expensive
pair in the collection. What? The 1972 Nike Waffle
Racing Flat Moon Shoe. DESUS: Ah, wow! MERO: Oh, shit! Damn, they went to the moon! And back. DESUS: This shit looks like
dope fiend Air Force 1s. MERO: Yo!
DESUS: Get out of here. MERO: Damn! Yo, Bobby, are you
going to use those cans? Can I recycle them?
– No, no, what? No. Come on. The most you ever have to
spend on a pair of sneakers is $90 for a pair of
black Air Force 1 Lows. Because after that, you
can rob anything you want. MERO: It’s true. Guys in black Air
Force 1s rob people. Women in black Air Force
1s beat up other girls. Until a– They usually wear pajamas. Yeah. They get home. Them and their home girl
will be on the 2 train like, yo, I’mma fuck her up. Oh.
Wait. – And it’s like–
– Wait. Wait ’till I’m back. It’s like, are
you going to jump your man for cheating on her? Naw, fuck that. Nah, fuck that bitch. Yo, come downstairs, bitch! [R&B MUSIC]

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51 thoughts on “A Guy Bought $850K Worth of Shoes to Decorate His Cars | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

  1. This show is not funny anymore, way too polished. I loved it on vice. Now I can't even watch it anymore mad corney

  2. It's not pop culture that made sneakers hot, it's African American hip hop culture that made them art and hot. Most pop artists and their fans couldn't tell you anything about these sneakers only whether or not they look cool.

  3. Maaaaaaan they are so HILARIOUS 😂….. “what’s this zip tie, take this right off” wooooooooooooow oh shiiiiiit son…. guys in black forces rob people 🤔?????

  4. These bums are trash. Hope to see you LOS, putas. Why you still wear a baseball hat at 40 yrs old? LMAO Because you hairline is center mass on your skull. LMAO You thought you were to tuff and cannot produce any views. Defiantly no new subs to Showtime. That fat nigga AK, kills you bums. LMAO The fucked up thing is I was supporting y'all but WTF is this bum sauce. LMAO

  5. This clip hits different when you’re from Toronto. The dude’s a famous businessman with bare property throughout the city. Museums, parks, community centres, stadiums, aquatic sports facilities, anything you could think of. Someone from the ends prolly gonna roll up to his car museum and be an almost millionaire

  6. they are called Waffle shoe because they were infact made with a waffle iron. it was revolutionary in racing.

  7. all of you who wear off white look crazy walking around with a zip lock on your shoes off white is trash an the price you pay to look crazy 😂😂😂😂

  8. There should be a supercut mix of Mero saying "WOOOOOOOOOW" & Owen Wilson saying "wow" MAKE IT HAPPEN INTERNETS!

  9. Desus & Mero were much funnier on Viceland. I don't know if it's Showtime, or the format but they're just generally not as funny now. They're like a week or few days late to topics that had already blown up on the internet. Their jokes are more tame. The live audience kills it imo, as well as the lady who constantly interjects to espouse her opinion or ask them questions. It's called Desus & Mero, not Desus, Mero, and occasionally Susan. They're like Jimmy Fallon with Timbs now. Which might be more marketable to white dollars, but it's at the expense of their comedy.

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