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A Day In The Life At Grind Hard Plumbing Co (Buying Our Next Project)

A Day In The Life At Grind Hard Plumbing Co (Buying Our Next Project)

[Music] hey guys Edwin here we’re gonna do something a little different today so we are gonna get really detailed on what we actually do in an average day but I will admit today is very above-average because we have new parts in the mail we’re going to start on the Jeep we’re gonna work on the Odyssey and if you stick around till the end of the video we are actually gonna go by our next project we found the coolest thing on Craigslist I can’t wait to show you guys so Ethan and I are doing this full-time now so basically what I do is drive here the drives beautiful and I come in to Ethan’s house and we’re basically ready to start working I mean that’s responding to comments this morning first off we’ve got part for the Odyssey got an aluminum gas tank volume thing gas cap that’s stuff for restoring wheels oh yeah wow you guys are getting a lot of sneak peeks on videos and come a lot of this isn’t gonna be out for like a month probably when we finish things so first shipment of parts with no power sports we’ve got a lot of stuff here for the Jeep so that we can convert it to the quarter rear axle new brake rotor wow that was nice so much better than what we have this is already going well are the aluminum pumps which are again so much better than what we had well first off they’re aluminum so they weight a lot less and they have the clamp mechanism so we don’t have to have that stupid little set screw that I had to drill into the other ones so then the next thing we do is go to the garage look at stuff and try to figure out what the next video is gonna be which I think the closest one we are to finishing is the Odyssey now that we have the parts for it yep so that’s probably what we’ll work on first huh yeah super exciting parts for Cinderella well just show you that real quick and then you guys can talk about it in the comments that’s super duper exciting I can’t wait to check that out this is the garage we’ve got all three projects going on at the same time so it’s this trashed as always and those are the only ones we also have this going on out there well it’s not easy to do with one hand those vlog channels make everything look easy with one hand [Music] all right we got the garage tidied up we got the GoPro rollin and a spot where we’ll see most of the action for the next few hours got the gas cap anyway so I’m thinking I’ll go kind of right here so next if we’re working on a bigger project I can normally find something to work on but a lot of times also there isn’t like this is you just have to be ending yeah exactly like for the gas tank I can’t really help here this is a one-man job yeah nobody could yeah and we can’t do much until that’s done so I’m gonna go in and edit and I’ll show you guys how I do that so I’m normally way too excited about what we’re building to actually sit down and edit which is a problem because if we’re posting once or twice a week it’s a lot of editing so I put the drone case on the bar put my laptop on top of the drone case and I have a standing desk which makes editing just not much easier [Music] for now the quick and dirty is dragging my foot in the final cut and then I try to find a good clip that goes with the thumbnail so it’s not quick because all the videos we do whatever it says in the title actually happen and we want that to be obvious so this is gonna be the Mustang runs again and it does right off the bat I choose my two favorite clips and then I’ll kind of tease you guys for the title shot I’ll just be like here’s something really good that’s gonna happen at the end of the video but you don’t get to see all of it and you need a better title and then I try to go in show like what day it is talk about what we’re gonna do and then from there it’s basically all yes this is what we’re doing doing it pretty shots pretty music I’ve also made a new song you guys need new music I understand we need new music – yeah we need and then I run back out and get more footage when I need it and that’s how we’ve been making a video every week but I get too excited and I need to stand up because on days like today where we have new parts and like some days I’d definitely rather be in the garage of editing but it’s like you know you just gotta sit here off of the music yeah and sometimes I come here and just and stand here and watch per few minutes cuz I got to see all the clips of the really light all of these ones and it’s pretty inspiring so it’s how it goes down put the GoPro on like an aluminum rod sticking out just got this video game shot that’s really fun so now we need to unload the truck because it’s full of steel and we need to hopefully move a thing that we’re buying today yeah so we got a hook up a trailer up and get ready to go yeah good question so Ethan’s neighbor is moving away and he had a bunch of Steel on his property and he said come take whatever you want so he got a bunch of crazy steel that we need to unload before we go pick up our new toy [Music] well we got her all cleared out so I guess I’ll give you guys a tour of the scrapyard here’s like the longer things the shorter things and these bad boys are super solid then all the pretty big sheets little pieces of snowmobile that we haven’t used yet just the leftovers really and then over here we got some really big things and more destroyed snowmobiles yeah we’re getting pretty good at destroying snowmobiles our only been at it for years clocked what three or four of them already yeah but if you didn’t do that then you wouldn’t have things like that and that would be sad time to get the trailer you’ll spoiler alert it’s a big toy [Music] judging by the size of your ramps another spoiler alert it’s not super heavy especially on the kind of how we have to jack up the end of the trailer so it doesn’t Bend when the taco gets on it yeah another attempt making the gas tank watertight and then we’re off to grab our new toy you out here watering one of my fruit trees so I actually remembered my camera stabilizer today I’m trying to be less of a lazy moviemaker and use it more exactly it takes a lot of work to set up but once it’s set up the shots are way better so I’ve been trying to use it whenever it’s like a special thing assuming it’s as special as we think it is oh yeah it could turn out to be a piece of junk yeah it might suck it we might not even find that’s a no but I mean last time we did this we went bought the Odyssey which was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen and we still bought that yeah and it’s great and you guys like it too so this is a lot prettier I think though I think so yeah [Music] so we’re like 15 minutes two reasons house and this is where the thing is which is why we’ve both been searching the internet far and wide is this right here we’re looking at ones all the way in Portland yeah and the super crazy thing is is my wife is the one who found it on Facebook oh that’s pretty crazy Oh white truck you know that’s about to be him awesome it’s bull stuff great what if you had some other swag he’s trying to get rid of never no I think I was talking to your son and he said it was okay if we took a few little videos is that true awesome well we’re here and it’s so beautiful or actually has put a lot of time on it and make it fantastic so I don’t really want to show you guys yet at all but Ethan said that we should give you a little tease so we’ll go ahead and do that the front doesn’t look as as rusted as it did online yeah we’re blown away we seriously can’t believe we got this thing we paid 2,000 for it I guess I can tell you guys that but we think it’s a really good deal judging off the other ones we saw on what condition they were in yeah and we got the hardtop and it’s off top the soft top isn’t ripped I mean and it’s what we can tell you is it was made in 1962 that guy was awesome yeah it was a project that his son came home with in high school and never finished and it seems like he’s moving out of the garage and getting rid of everything so we were at the right place at the right time on the way home there’s a moose just running down the road no big deal there we go moose have been known to just like Ram people’s stuff and if they rammed our trailer right now I would cry also I almost hit a moose right here before fun story actually hit a moose with a Volkswagen Beetle not hard enough to do anything but really yeah I got hit by a Volkswagen Beetle and the Switzer parking lot oh yeah yeah my mom got run over by momma on better foot run over by one once oh geez folks so I could be a little pretty harmless it didn’t hurt the moose either I was driving along in my 76 Beetle and I came around the corner those at moose I slammed on the brakes and just slid to his stop here’s the Moose tap just like barely tapped his legs he kind of like stumbled and ran off I was like oh I didn’t get pissed and stomped me oh yeah for real he would have just could be like crushing a tin can the beetle would have just been like [Music]

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100 thoughts on “A Day In The Life At Grind Hard Plumbing Co (Buying Our Next Project)

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    he never finished his project while you guys have a bunch of finished projects just laying around at your garage

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