100 thoughts on “A Car Crashes Into the Emerald City Bar – Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Ok last episode was so good. But holy crap this was horrible. Link and Amelia’s relationship is the only one that seems like it is drama free. I was really hoping it was his baby. I’m so upset. Maggie quits. Bailey and her husband lose that baby. They didn’t deserve that. And that car crashes into the bar with all those main people in it ! WHY did they do this when we will have to wait til January to find out more ?!?!?!? The only good thing about this is that McWindow is hot and Jo gets a baby without Alex knowing 🤫

  2. I better accept the fact that it's Owens than Toms!!!! Urgh 😕 but I'd thought she was only with Ko round the time she had the brain tumor or I'm mistaken? I was so sad about the end of omelia that I did miss such a thing?? My mind told me somethings going on with Amy and Owen the last episode… And although I really really like link I would be okay if this is Owens kid and he and Amy can be endgame (because I personally don't think he is really in love with teddy, he just loves her because she's save territory 🙂 and that would mean that one of my favorites Tom and teddy can be endgame, too and well… Link can have Maggie 😜 Like the new one Doc just from the glimpses and that Christina send "McWidow" is a good sign 😂, come on, we needed a new Mcsomething doc desperately :))

  3. I feel like deluca only broke up with Meredith because he is jealous of Derek… and now that deluca and Meredith are broken up I think the Irish guy and her are going to date… cuz their gonna find out that they have a lot in common…

  4. I've thought about sending a correspondence to the new head writer and asking her to clean house. There's about five characters I wish were not on the show anymore.

  5. nothing can happen to nico and levi!!! I wont accept that if either one of them dies I'm officially done with the show

  6. Thats verry funny actually because exactly 10 yeara ago Owen bought Cristina a present, which turned out to be Teddy as a 'cardio god' in Episode 6×09 and now in 16×09, Cristina buys Mer a doc

  7. It's great Grey's keeps on having these Cristina moments, showing she and Meredith are still in contact, like how each other's persons should be.

  8. So is the baby Owens’ then? And let’s be real, so much shit has gone down at the hospital that the Emerald City bar had to have something happen by this point

  9. Noooooooo 😯 so it’s Owen kid ?!!!! My 💔 Amelia & Link are my new favorite couple …. that’s 💔 😭

  10. Okay, Amelia, don’t bang two different people within a similar timeframe if you don’t want that to happen. I have a feeling it’s Owen’s because Link had cancer as a kid. Radiation kills sperm cells, unless he froze them.

  11. If they make this baby Owens I’m gonna be so pissed. Just let Teddy and Owen be together, and Amelia and Link. Like damn just let people stay together 🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. Loved tonight’s episode! Thought it was a bit fishy that they kept showing who was all in the bar but now we gotta wait 😭 and holy fuck McWidow is 😍🤩🤤

  13. AND OFC IT WOULD BE OWEN’S KID! 🙄😭 why do they have to do this stupid love triangle!???? I don’t care what anybody’s said! Even if link isn’t the father he can still be a dad regardless! I don’t think link would just up and leave Amelia, because of that reason! As long as the writers keep them together! ❤️

  14. My favorite show are breaking my heart and im hating it. First the food doctor with the #limlendez breakup and now this #Amelink baby not theirs😭😭. I hope it theirs cause i love amelia and link.

  15. I’m a bit confused as to why some people think that Tom is the father of Amelia’s baby. I know they slept together but that was a really long time ago, it was right after Amelia had her tumor removed. I don’t think they recently slept together unless I missed something. Tom was still with Teddy when Amelia and Owen broke up unless Tom cheated on Teddy (I hope he didn’t) It would be a very good twist but I still hope it’s link’s, he is so pure he doesn’t deserve this

  16. This better be a case of "oh let's build up the drama to have it end up being Atticus's kid anyway" cause I REEEEALLY don't want it to be Owens. I mean does the timing even add up????

  17. Ehhh, why didn’t shonda write a male that looked identical to Derek with his luxurious hair. 😟 it’ll be cool if he had a brother… just saaaaayinnnn..

  18. Great more Owen and Amelia drama… also another possible love triangle for Meredith…. I’m beginning to think the writer have run out of ideas

  19. Lmao I haven’t seen this season yet why does jo have a baby and why is Amelia pregnant who’s this new mcwidow dude what happened to merluca I was just starting to accept it why is there so much drama is there even medicine anymore in grey’s?

  20. I am going to be a movie director in my near future… To make you peep’s in this fandom happy… I am actually going to make a Romantic Drama movie that takes place in the 1970’s with Caterina Scorsone/Chris Carmack being a couple (They will have a few children together) with up’s/down’s in their life and it’s going to be a moving/inspirational story about their characters. Keep an eye out! 😊

    My Mum literally said “If Amelia is pregnant with Owen’s baby… I will never watch Grey’s Anatomy ever again.” and was dead serious. I might join her! I think the writing of “Grey’s Anatomy” has gone “downhill” and been okay-ish since Cristina went bye-bye. But there has been really amazing/fantastic episodes and storylines throughout the years which I love! 💜

  21. I guess I'm the only one still routing for Owen and Amelia.
    don't get me wrong, I love Amelia and Link.. but I miss the little family thing that was going on w Owen and Amelia before Teddy came along.

  22. If Amelia’s baby ends up being Owens I HOPE she doesn’t get back together with him.Either let her and Link stay together and figure it out or single mom it.Her and Owen clearly DON’T WORK. Also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make Owen go to therapy again just saying.

  23. Bit annoyed that Grey's have fallen for the classic stroyline of widow needs another widow(er). Relationships that start based on loved ones dying isn't exactly healthy!

  24. if the baby isn't Link's I really hope it's Koracick's. Koracick lost a kid and Amelia and him are good friends and would be able to co-parent so well. Wouldn't know how Link would react but I have a feeling he would understand.

    if it's owen's… then…. well……………..

  25. God damnit , meredith has to start taking the stairs. All her relationships seem to begin the that same elevator 😂

  26. Is no one going to mention how the female doctor that Alex hired to work at pac north was hitting on owen and how Richard called him out on it and owen said no that he is with teddy BUT WE ALL KNOW HE OWEN CANT KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS

  27. oh come on. i fucking knew it. grey’s writers can’t let amelia be happy WITHOUT involving Owen every time. it’s getting boring now. and if nico dies, it’s homophobic

  28. I binged watch greys anatomy seasons 1-15 this summer. But I can't get into this season for whatever reason and its really disappointing . smh

  29. If that baby is Owen’s might as well give him the baby from the fire station too so he can build a daycare for all his kids.

  30. I like the new guy for Meredith. I always thought it was creepy her dating her sister's ex. Seems to be contract time. Who leaves and who stays. So they have a big accident in their hangout bar. I am still mad at the intern who told on Meredith. He can go!

  31. I'm not saying I don't like Grey's anatomy, but I would love to see a new medical drama that raises the bar for the genre. I think Netflix or Hulu could do that.

  32. Can we talk about how terrible the writing for this show is? Exercising the same old plot lines (someone dying, love triangles) we’ve seen this a million times before. Literally where is the creativity of the writers? Or have they just given it to watt pad fans to write now? They’ve literally destroyed every good character ergh

  33. Anyone know the song that played in the fall finale episode from Maggie trying to start Elliott's heart to Carina leaving Ben and Bailey to talk? Apparently it's "Plowed" by Holland but I can't seem to find anything to suggest that song even exists.

  34. I’m mad. WTH okay 1. Bailey miscarriages? And 2. Can’t they just be happy, like Amelia deserves it. 3 WHERE did that baby come from. Why do Jo have a baby, why? I need to watch this episode asap

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