100 thoughts on “9 Small Engines With Lots of Cylinders (Cars Episode)

  1. +VisioRacer Says small engines and begins with a 2,5 L .IDIOTS,lsmall means 1,2 or smaller,not 2,4.That's very big,and just because your americans are so CRETIN that you use 5 and 7L engines,doesn't mean they're normal,imbeciles.

    A n 18 wheeler has a 3-4L engines RETARDS,and that's small to you ?

  2. What might be the 'thermodynamically ideal' cylinder volume for a petrol engine? Seems that most stay on the two sides of half a litre but somebody must have calculated it. Any clues?

  3. I've gone right off F1. I reckon the way it's heading, the engines will be 4 cylinder soon. The whole thing has become too technical and boring. Plus, they keep changing the rules so you can't compare one year with another. Used to be a marshal but that was when Jim Clark was champion.

  4. Could the Smart Biturbo also drive? There are only videos where the engine is running and one where the guy is not really gas. I hate stuff like that

  5. That Tatra aircooled V8 sounds great! Of course, it's hard to beat the Colombo V12 in any Ferrari… That V16 BRM is just music to the ear!

  6. Heheheheh legit that damn f1 car sounds like flies are getting butraped in the combustion chamber😂

  7. Okay either that or a huge fart that is getttung compresses really quickly cause goddamn I can feel the breeze from the grandstands and it reeks of pure race fuel😂😂😂😂 like all that shit exploded and just went straight out the exhaust all in one straight shot. I can only imagine how the f1 drivers wars are holding up that is possibly the only reason for a full helmet😂😂😂😂😂

  8. The greatest straight pipe is an f2 car cause I have never heard a car so loud in my entire life to where the exhaust can be heard on the other side of the track which is 3 football fields from where I sit

  9. I wish F1 went with naturally aspirated 2.0L flat 8 engines, and 16" wheels with fat tires. With today's technolgy, they could get 700HP @25.000 rpm. Oh imagine the music!

  10. The absence of hearing protection is concerning and, on the part of the all-in-good-time sufferer, stupid and arrogant.

  11. It is down right embarrassing that the Europeans could get 300 hp out of 3.0 liter engines and we had 6.o liter in the 70s that struggled to make 160 hp.

  12. This channels is succesfully channels with the golden value moment in automotive history arond the world, 1 OF CLEAR FAILURE is skrining WIDGET multi popup info, not systematic by the roll, popup info Disturbing half the Value of streaming content,,Reorganize the console info , STATIC frame or progresive roll is better, Visual Keep free by any foreign pop. This is success channels , me is your suporters,TQ,

  13. Too bad they had to go to a V6 design for formula 1. Nothing screams like a v-10. LOVE THAT Czech TATRA air cooled V-8 !!!! Wish we could have ever bought an Alpha Romeo of any kind that would stay running for 6 weeks. The Brabus could have been fun ! A 100 hp Ferrari V-12? Like taking a Swiss watch for a ride. The v12 Honda actually did it right. Way to complicated and expensive to actually race. If only the BRM v-16 could have worked out. God it makes engine noise from heaven.

  14. That V16 revving at idle sounds like a Panther screaming. We've mostly tamed natural beasts so we had to make mechanical ones.

  15. Some beautiful sounds for the past. Such a shame that racing has such strict regulations now. I miss that lovely sound so much.

  16. That's why Ferrari motors don't last long. The owners just sit and rev the valves out of the poor thing.

  17. I Love your Madness with all these engines. The best i ever owned was my dear 1989 Toyota Carina2 1.6XLI 98HP

  18. VisioRacer You have posted video of mine and credited the wrong person, this person has since taken it down and admitted to uploading it to his account knowing it was mine. I advise you to do the same. I will be seeking legal counsel in this matter.

  19. Something about the BRM that sounds so much like Le Mans. I have a recording of Watkins Glen and it sounds like music to me…

  20. 286 hp per 1000cc is really impressive. Same efficency on a moped would be 14 hp for 50cc. Or 71 hp on a 250 dirtbike. 143 on a 500 cc.

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