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850hp Electric Racing Car: Driving the Drayson B12/69EV — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

850hp Electric Racing Car: Driving the Drayson B12/69EV — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

that car has 850 horsepower 4000 Newton meters of torque and it weighs 990 kilograms and it’s powered by electricity this car is the brainchild of Lord Grayson it’s called the b12 69 Evy and it started off as a low lap lmp1 car in fact this is the chassis that proration finished the morning it’s now the fastest sub 999 kilogram electric car to posting 205 point one three nine miles an hour over the measured mile I’m the least qualified person to talk around this incredible motorcar so full grace an owner of the whole project and the brains behind it let’s just have you talk us through the main points about this incredible car for a kind of car nerd audience we started out with a lola lmp1 car correct yes that raced in the live on 24 hours in 2010 and was pretty competitive we became certainly in the championship that year and that was our starting point take a current lamorne prototype car and convert it to 100% electric drive and then put on it all the different technologies which are now available to optimize the performance of the car really discover just how fast and how far an electric car can go when it’s using the latest technology look I really believe is that this technology is going to be transforming the cars that we drive in the future we’ve got to get more electric cars on the road things like recharging of cars with cables which are you know cluttering inconvenience people with developing wireless charging technology with this car that’s another technology which is coming the tires going to be developed looking at the way we can develop the tyre compounds to suit that very high torque amped electric drivetrain it’s it’s a fascinating area because there’s innovation and technology development going on here and there’s been I would say like 50 years within within the park and the beauty of doing it in a motorsport context is you don’t have to play with legislation do you can go out there and learn yeah in a sensible way in a more pioneering way because you’re not held back with legislation and testing all the others I would say overall the thing that’s I think I’m most proud of in this car is the performance we’ve been able to achieve with it within the weight limit we wanted to show that we could use light weighting technologies to bring in a car which was under the class weight limit of 999 kilos this car weighs 995 just over nine hundred eighty five kilos in this configuration and of course people worry about the weight of batteries electric cars how does that affect the handling what we’ve shown here is we’ve been able to produce a cart will do you know pretty considerable speeds $291 now of batteries in the car total and the car comes in at night so the the million dollar question or I suspect more than a million dollar question is how long until we’ve got a battery technology that allows this to do a stint at the mall well today in laboratories research approaches those batteries exist there are pretty hair we know in terms of how they perform when they’re at their limit and they do a slightly surprising thing so they’re not suitable yet to be put in a car which is going to be raced or used on the road but I actually think pace of battery technology that within five years that laboratory tech is going to be ready for use in cars a lot of testing do you have a safety testing understanding how the batteries perform when there are elevated temperature all those things would be taking places billions of pounds being invested in that right now and that’s an area where the UK does have a scientifically we’re real really good at that type of technology also the electric motors those are motors which are our company from Oxford University absolutely state-of-the-art motor so I think the the encouraging thing for me is that you know Britain’s the world leader in motorsport engineering you know we dominate Formula one we have for many years in terms about multiple engineering where we are based in big Linton is at the heart if you like with motorsport Valley we also have the technology to be at the front of electric motorsport engineering and with the Formula e championship coming in about a year’s time we believe that we’re really in a good position to exploit all that we’ve learned over the last three years and apply that to the racing tempo it doesn’t mind going 20 miles an hour five miles an hour and it’s very easy on the throttle as well and the calibrations very easy yeah so you so it’s very flexible so in terms of a car that you’d be able to drive around town very easily Park sit in traffic you know start stop start stop perfect and then and then when you need performance that that ability to deliver that instantaneous push and go faster than a Veyron quite something um I’m not bored with this conversation but I’ve got the opportunity to drive it again so I’m gonna go and drive it again getting in and starting the b12 isn’t matter of a moment in fact he takes time you have to really listen and you have to concentrate wow this is freakish I just press the button that said high voltage reminds me of that electric sixel Wow completely silent Wow it’s a spaceship pearl Lord well podracing just said he has no interested into the Nagas busted anything more after this thing so when what tears that are effectively cold when I’m on the runway this is freakish there’s a spaceship me that’s fast Jeepers Creepers it’s bad and it’s silent oh my lord moreover that’s fast there’s an honesty about this because it’s not trying to sort of have a hard read about it the performance dearie me but the brakes I mean that is mind-blowing absolutely homegrown traveling 40 of my vision here Wow this is something entirely new something it’s very new the truck I’m doing a hundred and thirty-five miles an area how does that work it’s the future it’s the future that is truly extraordinary now for those of us who don’t get the city in beautiful racing cars Lord I’m part of the joy of these things how cool the cabin is look at this steering wheel okay um it’s unlike anything I’ve used before but it’s all about ohms and isolation and voltage the way it works is if you have three positions what was your no ignition no nothing you just have p1 and p2 p1 is like a standby it’s the first key on the ignition and that lights everything up and it gives you some idea of the fact that we’ve got 13 volts and the other stuff that’s going on when you put it into p2 you then to wait and press this rather worrying looking red cow button called HP enable that’s high voltage so that gives us all the power these things then light up and at that point you just put your foot on the brake press the neutral button and then press the drive button to go come badge neutral and press reverse and it’s that simple we’ve got nine levels of traction control I was on about seven then after that it’s just the way you got a radio button get on video it’s actually quite simple and then you end up with a page like that that speed number tends to worry you because it’s quite high in the state of charge dance at 100 and depletes down to nought um that’s simple yeah that is mind blowing quite often the way that someone like me who’s a bit limited with descriptive phrases will describe a car at all cause it kind of picks you up and puts you a bit further down the road it’s instant this picks you up it puts you a mile further down the road that’s just extraordinary we’re Elving ttan as i said but we need some context don’t we you’ve seen how fast I think the car feels but you need some context to work out just how fast it really is I’m in a Jaguar xfr-s it’s a conventionally very very fast car just figure did well under 10 seconds to 100 miles an hour for in a bit 260 so let’s see what it’s like in a straight line versus that electric car which has wait for it 4000 Newton meters at the back wheels so I’ve got all my system II things off and yeah we’ll give it a go could be quite interesting well that’s ridiculous I mean it’s just I’m a hit so far ahead it’s nothing bad I’m gonna mmm yes that’s an electric car and it’s just done okay it was a bit sluggish off the line because its traction control hold it back a bit and it’s actually on wet but if I’m doing nought to 100 in ten seconds he’s doing not 200 in well let me show you the numbers now on the screen how that accelerates because they are mind-numbing hideous if this the future of motorsport and if so is it a future we should want the speed is truly extraordinary but the lack of noise and drama is a bit worrying for me but engineers are very very clever people and I suspect they’ll be able to make batteries that last a lot longer and also make noise that we will all enjoy

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100 thoughts on “850hp Electric Racing Car: Driving the Drayson B12/69EV — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

  1. who cares about the noise its clearly about the speed its not a decibel race. its point a to point b as fast and straight you can get it there. amen.

  2. Yes,
    The wave of the future to be sure !
    But as he said,
    the lack of noise and drama of Motorsports is a bit concerning !
    What's next,
    fake engine sounds too !
    No thanks !
    Can you just imagine the Indy 500 as the cars wissssh by at 250mph. !

  3. Okay folks,
    I hate to be a party pooper, but this is an ultimate trade off,
    the use of fossil fuels to power our vehicles, or the use of fossil fuels to recharge our batteries.
    Solar, wind, tidal power generation are all decades from practicality !

  4. If you could take the wind screen off. . . I predict the wind resistance would flatten your eyeballs out in under 3 seconds. . .

    and leave u with a sudden urge to see a psychiatrist for the next six months.

  5. It's like getting stuck between relaxing next to a seaside and racing at Le Mans 😀
    But it's cool, super super cool.

  6. As I understand it, noise is a byproduct of mechanical inefficiency… i.e., a truly efficient system would be be nearly silent.
    Am I wrong? I freely admit to not fully understanding the maths involved but it makes sense on a gut level for me.

  7. It's interesting that 3.5 years later, Tesla comes out with the P100D ludicrous which does 0-60 in 2.38 seconds (.52 seconds faster than this racing car) – quickest car to 60 in the world. And the fastest car around the nurburgring is now electric as well. What's the car landscape gonna look like in another 5 years?

  8. The only time we can take electric power seriously is when you can convert all the 1000's of buses and lorries from diesel to electric. You need a lot of power and battery life to run a lorry all day!!!

  9. It will be a sad day when motor sport switches to electric, as a spectator sport it would loose allot of its interest. Like when rally limited the cars that were admitted death traps. But the risk and skill involved to drive such powerful cars in those conditions made it a joy to watch. They have already said that it's the way things are heading years ago, the lack of large engines but now smaller with turbos, which isn't a bad thing but to a car nut big engines and sounds feeds that almost primal need like man smash rock. Damn watch this video then watch the Aston Martin Vulcan top gear vid and try to disagree that the internal combustion engine is the thing of the past

  10. i was racing with RC cars back in 2003 i was 12-13 yo, my first ever 2 wheels was a electric scooter in the same year ( the engine dies quicly, china quality at time ) but i never forget that smoothness and easiness. DOn'tneed to be a pro mecanic. This is the future of racing even to it's simplicity. i can't stand there is not affordable electric light cars user friendly, maybe for 2020-2030 , and it will mean more track beacause there is no problem with the noise. ( witch was a condition bck in 2003 with a track just front a neighbourhood ! i can't wait for that

  11. Did you know 20nm "newton meters" of torque, is approximately equivalent to a human giving you a forearm twist/Indian burn, lmmfao

  12. I really couldn't care either way about having loud engine noise. Yes the old v10 F1 cars were superb, however the first year they went back to the turbos the cars mechanical noises were able to be heard and that was fucking sweet 👌👌👌

  13. The 0-60 isn't that impressive. Most sportcars nowadays that cost over $200k can do 0-60 in less than 2.9 seconds. Other than that, the 0-100 is insane.

  14. I hate when they say its silent, its quiet but its not silent. Road and wind noise take over, at least on normal cars, when going over 40kph. This car is not as loud as a standard "race"-car but it is far from silent when moving at speed.

  15. We don't need more electric cars on the road, we need only a few. Why trash this planet with awful waste from the batteries? We all know Electric cars have no emissions and race cars have a pretty solid amount of emissions but the battery trash will accumulate far quicker and have a much much worse influence on this Earth. Those batteries must be changed,(not recharged) every few thousand miles or at least 10k miles correct?) Which creates tons of acidic trash yearly. Love the idea of these cars though. Thanks instant torque is something every race fan dreams of.

  16. Can't say I'll get over the gas engine, but just listening to Chris' struggling breath, helps me realize the potential of electric motors

  17. We are going to need an awfull lot of people at every road bend to pick these things up and put them back on the track lol

  18. i love how the brits always say they are the best when it comes to motor racing. you get shit on in all avenues yet you still want to call yourself the best..

  19. one of his comments about being silent it dawned on my electric cars could bring back local race tracks as they all seem to get shut down from too much sound pollution.

  20. I think that… all this power delivered silently is something romantic. It's a nice metaphore for life: all the drama and deep rumbling do have their addictive tendencies yet, it is the silent force that drives us further.

  21. Too fast for me and they should drag race against a Tesla car with its amount of torque.  The Tesla car could beat a 1960s Cobra car.  Peace, Flood!


  23. I see something artificial and dangerous the sensation that it provokes. You have no idea how fast you are going, until you see the velocimeter With the sound it is easy to know how much speed you are going but I see very demanding for the pilot in classifications or races where you run at limit.

  24. Please don't engineer nostalgic car noise. That's like cosmetic augmentation for no reason on an otherwise beautiful human. I will miss the noise too, but understand it's a totally different locomotive perience…. like being on a nasa shuttle mission. Enjoy the new frontier and beyond. Otherwise remain in a flat earth mentality.

  25. I race off road 1/8 4wd electric buggy, as well as nitro buggy .. I haveta say that the nitros draw a bigger crowd, both drivers and spectators. The ebuggies are insanely overpowered and require major throttle control via finger mostly and esc programming. Whereas the nitros buggies are as powerful as they need to be and are so much fun with the noise and smell.

  26. TBH for racing, sound is important (Does not even have to be a motor sound) but at least put on some speakers with different sounds for every car so that when you corner, you know if someone is directly behind, left or right of you.

  27. SORRY FAM HERE IS THE TRUTH Gas engine will go the way of horses did to gas engines. Nobody will use petrol engines for transport anymore and petrol will likely be banned from roads just like horses were in favour of electric cars.

  28. Mind blowing.

    You could get the same thrills on a special go-kart fitted with a turbo 1,000cc motorcycle engine. And it would cost a fortune less and carry way less useless pieces of carbon and metal and rubber. Ultimately it is about moving a human body through space and this is laughable. "It's the future." Whatever.

  29. it's sad that some racing fans don't realize that this will be faster than any combustion engine joule per joule of energy. what saddens me is that they care more about drama and theater rather than innovation and achievement that makes the world of racing and road cars progress.

  30. I think having a Tesla P100Ds saloon in "Ludicrous" mode is pritty much the same in figures as 0-65 is 2.5 sec's and 0-100 is 6.0sec's conservative.

  31. No ugly pipes or loads of different parts that can go wrong at any time, no smell, no noise, instant torque and a very clean look – brilliant .

  32. The future is electric cars that use next-gen internal combustion engines as batteries. You get the best of both worlds- electric speed and ICE sound.

  33. Electric cars have a noise of their own. Its not super loud but it makes kinda like a laser noise which so fucking cool. Idk why people dont like it.

  34. Loud ain't the word it was said electric cars no matter is so quite they fear more people would get struck crossing the street it they didn't look both ways first. So there is a flaw to hybrids and it's called no sound. Just be lucky if you can here the tires of the car coming at you.

  35. okay…..I think  there is another cool part to these things racing that no one is thinking about here….. now…. im not for anyone getting hurt or anything , but can you imagine what the  flaming wreckage of a car might look like with those electric motors and batteries?!?!?! im picturing like green and purple flames and lots of smoke! lol

  36. The first electric car I've been convinced by, up until this point they've just been too heavy, but this is a big step in the right direction, very impressed

  37. It’s not the lack of noise, for God’s sake, as everyone seems to want to say over over again, that makes this thing slightly more than a parlor trick, it’s the fact that as he said “it’s prone to do some dodgy things at max power and can’t reliably be run in an actual race or on the road”. I hope they can make a horse race out of it at some point, which is most likely be catalyzed by REAL competition aside from hyper-regulated formula e.

  38. horse power came from ever thing that was horse power so your telling me that car has the same power as a 850 horse

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