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  1. Passed my G test today on the first try! Thank you for all your hard work. Your videos really helped. Keep up the good work.

  2. 5:56 I was told you will fail for looking out the back window instead of using mirrors. Is this new that you can look out the back?

  3. I really don't like the fact that you spoke for over 14 minutes. It is like sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher. What would have been far more useful would have been if you actually drove around while demonstrating these points. Teenagers do not want listen to anybody for any length of time and neither do adults.

  4. @Smart Test Drive thanks for answering my last question so quickly! And your video helped a lot! I have one more question, at the end of the test after I am pulled back into the DMV parking lot when I got to park can I pull to the other side of the “street” (opposing side in the parking lot behind the other parked cars…) (a wide turn) to park in my spot? Or will that fail me? I hope you understand what I’m trying to ask….Thank you for all your information!

  5. Thank you for your videos, my daughter just passed her G2 & I shared to her all of your road tips! God bless!

  6. This video is not useful. Does anyone has the same feeling? He just give you some theories, but road text is not paper test in school. You won’t pass the road test, if you only know theories.

  7. Hi Rick!! I can't thank you enough for these awesome videos. I PASSED my driver's test yesterday. I was anxious, nervous, scared and all of the above but with your tips and guidance..I succeeded! Thank you so much!

  8. passed my road test today at first try in Calgary….thank you so much Rick! i wouldn't have passed if not because of your videos! i have learned and remembered many things…but what is stuck in my head is "Mirror, Signal, Shoulder Check" lol. God bless you!

  9. Hi Mr.Rick I failed on my driving test because of left turn . When I want to turn left it became yellow and I confused what to do and who has the right of way. So the examiner intrued and I knew at that point that I failed.

  10. I feel confedent love all your advice 💙💚I am old school i turn my body and don't like the new Technology! So i will be taking my test real soon✌🏼I just pray i pass! When i do i'll be back here to tell you… Thank you☝🏼

  11. I’m taking mine today at 3:45, I’m not nervous but that’s making me more nervous because i don’t want to feel way too comfortable while taking the test. That might cause me to fail 😭

  12. I’ve learned so much from your videos. I live in Victoria BC and is going have my test tomorrow. Im nervous, but prepared. Thank you Rick! 😀

  13. I have my drivers test on Tuesday (November 6th) and I’m soooo nervous. I’ve been watching these videos for the last month though and I feel like they’ve helped. I’m so worried that my anxiety is gonna cause me to fail and I’m going to forget everything during the test…. 😣

  14. Thank you so much Rick for all of your time and help to all of us new drivers. I did my drivers test today and I PASSED!! I have never smiled so big before. Thanks again!!

  15. Failed my first driving test and after that I stared watching your videos and I passed this morning 🙌🏾 thanks so much, your videos really gave me confidence

  16. I've just passed my drive test after watching your videos. Thank you very much, keep making these useful videos. Cheers

  17. Thanks for those nice tips, I wish I can pass my road test I have mine January 9 and unfortunately that it will be my 4th try in the state of CT Connecticut.👍👍

  18. I failed my very first road test and I didn't even get to leave the curb :(. I checked my mirrors buckled my seatbelt and I signaled left to get out of the line, but I became so nervous and rushed to get started and a car was behind me passing. The examiner used the brake for me and told me I failed. Worse way to fail without a doubt…. I felt so embarrassed and disappointed…. I watched your video twice now and I really hope I pass coming Wed.

  19. My test is Monday in Vernon, BC, I’m studying up best I can, I have to come up from Kelowna and only have driven there once is the only thing, I hope I pass! Great video

  20. In Oregon, driving schools will not do mock driving tests without you being a student of theirs. I just got my license through a driving school

  21. Seems dumb to only claim 1 thing as why a person failed! If it was many things or a total lack of ability a person should be told so they know what they need to do without the guessing.

  22. Hello I want to ask can I practice in another car instead of that my Trainer car on which I will give test please answer. tomorrow is my test

  23. Will i still be able to use a vehicle that has a back up camera? As long as i dont look at it? My test is in 11 days, super nervous.

  24. just took my road test today was binge watching this YouTube channel the night before and i i passed!!! 😄🤗😄 thank u very much for the tips and pointers keep up the good work! 😊

  25. I’m taking my test in a couple days and I have a question about the technology part. In my car I am taking the test in it has a digital speedometer. Will I be able to look of that or will I have to turn that off for the road test?

  26. I watched a lot of your videos and the help a lot , i passed my test on April/ 2 / 2019. Thank you so much.

  27. I passed my first advance road test today April 17, 2019, I’m now Class 5 full non-GDL Canada, I’m so happy I can now teach my wife to drive thank u so much Cheers!

  28. First of all thank you Rick for posting wonderful lessons on YouTube. My question is around danger action.

    Can you please provide the list of action that falls in group of danger action? How to avoid them? What is the possible course of action?

  29. Wish me luck !!! My exam is tomorrow! Thank you so much for your informative videos!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    It’s actually my second time and I am very nervous, because I am doing it the day before I buy my first car and my birthday ! 👍🏽

    Guys is there anything I should know ? Or should absolutely avoid doing ?

  30. Lmfao this guy seems like the biggest hardass loool, he’s literally saying they’ll fail you for anything and everything, which is not true…

  31. I failed 3 times in my road test here in Winnipeg Canada.iwill be going for my 4th test tomorrow I hope I won’t fail again.though examiners here are ruthless

  32. I've been driving for 15 years in India and have picked up driving in a specific way that is tough to get rid of after so long. I love Rick's videos and hope to clear my class 5 test tomorrow wafter just 1 week of clearing the knowledge test.I am from a non reciprocal country in BC.

  33. Hi! These videos were extremely helpful and I’m happy to say I passed my test yesterday!!

    My personal tip would be to focus on what you’re doing in each moment. Don’t focus on what the instructor is doing, or what might happen if you mess up, just focus on the task at hand. It was really helpful for me to not get overly nervous or anxious 😊

  34. Last week I passed my CDL class A pre Trip. in cab air brake check , and the skill maneuvers, and failed my driving test because one fault, I went over the side of the curb, you are right space management is important. thanks for the tips.

  35. thinks to self: mmhm yep ok no backup camera, i have to remember not to use mine
    me a minute later: hh i dont even have a backup camera

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