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$70,000.00 PROFIT in $7000.00 STORAGE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

$70,000.00 PROFIT in $7000.00 STORAGE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

ooh ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages we are back with number like something or other in this
sequence of what did we find in this $7000 storage unit it is amazing the
things that we have found so watch the videos coming this is just a load of
amazing tool this is just tools and fishing stuff and I haven’t even put a
dent in this storage unit right here if you look right here
we’re only this far into it I got the really cool stuff right here you have to
check out the other videos and we are just gonna continue on unboxing
there’s the halfway mark or that board there we’re not even there yet this
marker right here marks the halfway spot but we’re not halfway because we still
have to do all this whole wall – so much stuff in this unit it’s unbelievable
well worth the seven grand I paid at the end of this there will be a reveal of
everything I thought was cool so when we get done with all the unboxings I have
one big recap can’t wait anyway let’s get busy oh yeah I don’t forget to the
like button the share button and say something pretty like pirate I’m glad
you had the nerve to go all in on seven grand and bring us these great videos
because this unit was the best I’ve ever seen
on YouTube this is something we have not seen yet in this unit and that is
artwork for the most part so let’s see what we have in here I’m interested to
see some great artwork I saw Vargas book to be some Vargas’s what we have here is
this mir right here rat poop everywhere that’s discussed the understanding with
touch that’s like rat poop and pee all inside of that then we have this artwork
here I think this is a copy that says a Sebring but if you look at it it’s kind
of like a painting with glaze to make it look real and then there’s another one
in here that’s a mirror nothing special not as exciting as I was hoping to be Wow that’s primitive I gotta get that looked at once again a
million million million things to get looked at and this one another one we
knew about these I don’t know nothing that’s too there’s three of them those Native
American I not understanding something survival year see beyond that is nice
right there this is what Japanese or Chinese or something seems really
expensive right they’re carrying on Rosenthal Rosenthal Hart signed there’s
one there’s two two hearts are better than one
she only knew that’s what she does to mine she smashes it if she only knew two
hearts how better than one nice Oh cake decorative pan no real marking on the
bottom cracked see if we can get it in your horn thing wonderful I’m seeing working nice Bowl
right there playboy and it’s not place a ball no
marking really well made really nice clock right here it’s missing a screw I
didn’t see it in the box anywhere but I can easily fix they’re made in Germany order really well me looks like a
jaeger-lecoultre the movements messed up from being home very nice clock though I
have to have that looked at for sure don’t you know I just know it’s really
nice good edge to glass we have several of these coloured glass wine glasses
here flowers of shooting trophy some
miscellaneous stuff and to me what I think is possibly the coolest thing in
here is this right here because this looks handmade looks Native American
possibly and we have so much Native American stuff we have to have something
like that looked at because that is nice oh yeah and this one too look at this okay they don’t even I’m so bewildered
look we just got all this to go I don’t even know what’s in here it’s just nuts
absurd what could be in here three boxes like the most clear like this is Native
American have no idea it’s crazy old we got here Jim Bowie Allisyn court Baker’s Jean W Palestine
it’s a big print of all the fishes in the world right there look at these guys this is some form of an original photo
here that’s been framed you could see I don’t know nothing about this but this
right here intrigues me very weird you just see the crack in the
black and white you come over here and you see that that is taken off it’s a
black and white that’s an original photo a little bit of damage but who are all
these guys is there anybody special that is a big team well I’m since I’m so
speechless clap Brooks out Paul w Hitchcock call Debbie Hitchcock have to take a
look at that one I’m here let’s start going through the art now finish up I
pulled it all out some type of photography print Steve Johnson oh four
pretty nice I would love my house to be right here and then that’s my whole view
that will be the open I would be really happy of that I thought this is pretty
cool it’s a print but look at these guys trying to catch a great white or
whatever this is their catch and there’s got all the fishes right there there
doesn’t go into town catching fish this is something needs to be looked up walk
Jackie Moore 1985 maybe not maybe I’m tripping kind of cool you know CoA or
nothing this looks inexpensive Thompson just your standard a little card print
and yeah that’s it for the art this saw right here what is that 150 maybe maybe
150 I don’t know it’s gonna be hard to tell the stuff is just crazy up in here tools have been really good bless my
buttons this thing right here is about Randy an electric chainsaw home like 12
amp fishing supplies well I’m getting a
little running out of speed I don’t to do so I said I’m gonna cut into a box
right I’m like right here how’s Ella cut into a box cuz I just don’t want to take
one off the top it’s just like too dark spiders everywhere what comes out of
this let’s see here oh my god that’s brand new nice right angle drill I’m
sorry for slamming it that’s gotta be some money right there what’s that like
150 bucks right there oh we’re a sec another 150 right there I think I think
I can sell this for 150 not positive heavy portable table saw blade that is a
nice piece right there right new hmm this has been used a little bit
I could still seeing that being 80 bucks though right there you don’t want to
underestimate because it is a great great tool but you could see the oil
being used whatever he did what is this okay DX a 41 this I haven’t seen before can imagine that’s money to Hill T
stands for at least $100 bill and my starts of an H maybe 200 bucks right
here I don’t know if I’ll look it up but a DX a 41 no this is just mean – oh my
God all fishing all tools all tools tools tools tools expensive fishing
equipment nothing but tools and fishing equipment just this what’s in here right
now and I’m still like literally a fraction
into the unit this is all the amazing stuff crazy stuff I got a whale’s tooth
this is crazy look there’s a whale’s tooth there’s a polar bear skull all
sorts of like antique this Herald says it’s like $1000 ninth everything you can
think of I still have there’s the halfway mark er of the unit that’s
halfway there but none of this has been gone through from here behind this
cabinet everything nothing’s been touched yet a bag a bag Camelback bag a
slingshot an American flag just kind of wrestled in there there’s a rap hoop you
see jumping around seeing from the beach it’s gonna weed doesn’t look like silver
but we definitely want to get a check down interesting he’s a parent nope
possible silver mirror there too much stuff to get looked at I
shouldn’t say too much but there’s a lot suspenders dual Indiana Trading Indiana
traded company this is something just like every box guys will entice
them seems like it’s an expensive one it’s still cool some type of gore-tex
love okay I like this flag cuz I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one look at
that 76 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 stars it’s a nice flag right here I NEA
Valley Forge flag company I like that this one’s marked master-bedroom an
expensive travel kit hence it’s a nice wallet come back to
that out there you look through everything else I just don’t even know
where to begin with all this stuff guys i just keep stacking it up over here
that’s all I keep doing everything good I just keep stacking up that’s empty
nothing nothing minute pouch my first piece of joy a thing I thought these hats were cool Cavanagh
hats New York and Yale be Lange Rock those are nice hats right there not to
mention we found this really cool perfume bottle in that box not marked by
like it it feels like a heart and then we got these two sterling silver
candlestick holders made by sterling reinforced those are nice too like it
just keeps adding up everything is adding up adding up adding up I feel
like we’re getting close to 7 grand if not possibly 7 grand because I have no
idea it half the stuff that I have look it’s just stacking up I don’t want to do
it there right now Marco Polo one hundred thousand dollars in there either some cheap tools yeah great
good stuff filthy our actuated tool a DX 451 I don’t even know is another in my
eyes hundred-dollar bill this must be as lower lower and right here is becoming a
dream I don’t even know what to say like if you guys make sure you watch all the
videos and the sequence starting from when it says the first one so now and
then more there’s so much more to go I don’t even know how many videos are
gonna have total this one but this unit is going to be a dream come true miss
teen it’s nuts I’m not even halfway through I think double my money is gonna
be a walk in the park salt present even see nothing and I
think she’s scared cuz the Black Widow that I told her about she ain’t been
back in there Cindy no there’s there’s other black widows but don’t trip those
rafters all I touched a dead rat or bird or something was like less cold the
whole thing but don’t forget to uh keep checking out these videos like share
subscribe to everybody you love them girl I’ll tell you why we were celebrating
this young lady two Dame’s got accepted by YouTube to be monetized and we’re
just all-around proud we’ll have you wear matching shirts
doing the father-daughter thing and chocolate shakes and out to our favorite
burgers but record celebrating this young lady she’s still cameras right
even though she’s a YouTube star

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100 thoughts on “$70,000.00 PROFIT in $7000.00 STORAGE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. it just keeps on giving, all quality stuff, all worth bucks… its like he watched the Antiques Roadshow and went shopping

  2. Pirate, both of those hearts have to be made of crystal. Especially since the next item you took out of the box is Waterford and all they make is crystal items. I would wonder about the age of all 3 items? As for the baseball team photo, I have one of the NY Giants from 1905 (a reproduction of course). I bring this up because the team is standing the same way, in a straight line. Maybe that’s how they took team photos back then. My suggestion would be to take a magnifying glass and look at the emblems on the uniforms. If you can’t find out any information on the team I would contact the Baseball Hall of Fame. It could be a picture of a minor league team that included one or more players who went on to the majors and became Hall of Famers. You never know. Another great video, I can’t wait to see the next one. ❤️❤️❤️⚾️😀😀😀

  3. Hey there pirate!! I see that the faith of a mustard seed has done you well. I hope it's not just a spell, for we all want to see you do well. Hope the best ro your familly, and hunting as well.

  4. Congratulations !!!! Salt princess and pepper 🤗♥️ Another great video stuff keeps coming very eclectic 🌀🦄🏴‍☠️👍

  5. The American Flag was for the Bicenntinal Celbration the country had in 1976. If my oldest son had waited one month to be born he would have been a Bicenntial baby.

  6. I bought a unit back in April for 4000. I had most of it looked at and valued. it was valued around 9000 . I have sold most of my unit to date for 14,200 an still selling stuff from it. good luck brother. you got yourself a dream locker.

  7. I had to laugh. You picked up that Thompson art repro print. I looked up and just looked at ones that were kind of like your picture. 50.00 to 100.00. I guess you can't discount anything in this unit. Lol

  8. I posted a comment in first or second video of this locker I said $500,000 . I would now say an easy @750,000 and you are only half way in ! You have crushed Storage Wars 300,000 record with this unit already !

  9. What individual has all that fishing gear and all those tools? I’m beginning to suspect the former owner may have been a thief. Congrats to the Salt Princess!

  10. I enjoy yous video's thanks. I hope you get you money back. Love the video's where you find jewelry yes jewelry love love jewelry.

  11. the axes are for throwing,they are blacksmith made by hand,they throw them at big old trees that have been cut down,don't look like they have ever been used,gotta be $50 of anyones money.

  12. the hilti nail gun is minimum $200,best nail gun you can buy,$60 for the hole drill is fair,the other two $150 each if you are in a hurry to sell.

  13. second hilti will be $250 minimum,i would put the two hiltis on ebay as a auction,contractors will go nuts for them all hilti tools are the best,way better than dewalt and all the other brands,contractors number one brand,they are very pricey to buy but last forever.

  14. This person had everything wow …Mike at 15:53 there were feet in the box you need to send those to George to go with her fist 😆

  15. Wow I don’t know what to say! This locker is like every mans dream it has so many tools and fishing stuff. Not to mention all the other hunting things. WTG Mike you are going to go way over 7k. Those tools look like they are brand new. GL🍀🍀
    Where will you be selling these items at here are some I’m interested in?

  16. From the looks of the axes the former owner of the storage unit is probably a champion woodman or participate in traditional axe throwing tournaments since small head axes are the basic equipment used

  17. Pirate
    I've been watching your channel, and You've got some valuable belongs, from Vintage Crystals and cameras. Just that decanter alone is 1200.00, and that Germany Clock is vintage, don't low-ball yourself take your time and research it Please… That person had access to world travel and that in itself afford them to collect things that would be worth alot later. You got it now. You want your dream house, research your stuff then sell it. Your looking at your major shipment has come in. Don't allow anyone to low-ball you. Categorize it and sell it slowly online. this is the unit that will make up for a year worth of bidding. The commercial tools, are 300.00 and up. I just looked up that HITI DX451, and it retiled for 330.00. Dude, this unit could buy your house and college tuition for your daughter… Please research your stuff.

  18. All really cool expensive items for the most part. One gets the feeling the really really expensive items like watches, jewelry, guns, and pictures were kept elsewhere.

  19. If you are selling all those Hilti tools for $100 each I will drive from Vancouver and pay you that. Baaahaaa those tools are minimum $500 each

  20. Congrats to the Salt Princess, and great job Pirate Mike! Love your videos….Taco Stacks can tell you what those axes are worth,he collects them.

  21. so much cool stuff, tools, dude, you got tools for days. I am loving it all. and congratulations salt princess on building up some dollar signs ssssss

  22. A lot of antique glassware is not marked, because designers had a certain style, finish, coloring, details, etc. so someone that is educated about it can tell you in a second what they are. Same with pottery, not always marked but is in fact collectible.

  23. Look up Dr. Lori on YouTube or FB, she is the best of the best of antiques…utterly brilliant woman!

  24. I got hooked on ep 01 or 02 when you started this $7k venture but wanted to mention this treasure trove is eerily familiar. I'm now 59 and own a lot of these tools pictured as well as similar art etc..Looks like something that could happen to me 30 years from now… I'm just imagining that you found an ex-military gentleman's, possibly husband & wife's estate that the family decided to put into storage. Unfortunately someone dropped the ball here big time and you're reaping the reward.

  25. Your killing it with this series of videos, I love watching them, got my 6yr old nephew hooked lol that aside what a risk you took and hopefully an amazing payoff your getting,thanks for taking us along on this The oldest Englishman in the world and you have awesome comments thanks again pirate missed So much these past 3 weeks but we're catching up now

  26. The portable table saw 200 if it's the small one 300 to 350 if it's the bigger one all the Milwaukee Tools 80 to a 100 Also you found the Holy Grail The Chalice in which Jesus drank from at the Last Supper

  27. Those axes you pulled out that were three alike with the round fitting handles are often sought after by preppers and bushcraft folks because the handles are so easy to replace in the wild if you break them. I am new to watching you but you got me hooked on this storage unit lol.

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