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7 Worst New Trucks

7 Worst New Trucks

rev up your engines today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about the seven worst trucks of 2019
now trucks are supposed to be built to take a beating haul stuff in the bag
they’re supposed to be really well-made originally most of them work in many
cases the trucks were built better than the same manufacturers cars take Ford
for an example their f-150 sold them for a long time they actually as far as I’m
concerned we’re better built than most of their cars which is kind of proved
today because everything after 2020 is trucks and SUVs that are based
on truck platforms the only car they’re making is the Mustang everything else is
a truck or SUV so they’re chosen they knew about trucks they built good trucks
and actually they’re giving up with their cars now the first truck I advise you not to buy from 2019 is the Chevy Colorado or
the GMC Canyon basically the same vehicle found the Chevy Colorado
reappeared in 2015 they started making them again and as far as I’m concerned
they should have disappeared and not reappeared don’t do that magic trick
please the lack of quality that GM and GMC same company of Shawn chose up in these tanks they don’t hold up over time they have engine problems drivetrain
problems I even had a customer driving down the road the wheel collapsed in cuz the control arm broke uncalled for problems in a vehicle that’s supposed to be a pickup truck
that can handle things fuel pumps breaking down early where you gonna drop the whole gas tank to replace it I mean just the overall design of these things
it’s not all that well-thought-out and certainly not well put together
now these Colorados can go from $22k all the way up to 42,000 dollars I could
think of a lot better use of the money if you want a truck that’s gonna last
and you don’t expect it to fall apart before its time especially in that price
range now the next pickup truck of 2019 I wouldn’t really advise you not to buy it’s a
2019 Nissan Titan there’s various configurations that you can get with
them the one that I’m telling you not to is one with the gasoline engine they
have started to put Cummings diesel engines in these Titans and their
Cummings diesel engines have a pretty good history all those hey the jury’s
still out on those but here I’m talking about the one that has the v8 gasoline
engine their histories of problems electrical problems leak problems for
the money that you’re paying you could do much better than a nissan titan
between 32 and $50,000 for Titan depending on what you put on it if it’s
two-wheel drive four-wheel drive gasoline diesel that’s a lot of money
you’re gonna spend that kind of money you want to make a wise decision my own customers had bought them they weren’t totally satisfied ever since Nissan was
taken over by Renault a long time ago the quality has been declining just what
happened to them and in this respect and Nissan Titan let’s say you want to
compare it to a Toyota pickup truck take the little Nissan the frontiers you can
compare them to the Toyota Tacoma and you can compare the Titan to the Toyota
Tundra with the Nissan Frontier and Titan you’re not getting as much for the
same amount of money and this is reflected by the market if you look at
use versions of the Toyota versus used versions of the Nissan’s
you can get the Nissan’s much cheaper than the Toyotas Toyota used trucks are expensive cuz people know they’re good and they get a lot for them when they sell
them and since here I’m talking about buying a brand new pickup truck you want
something that’s gonna be able to haul stuff that’s gonna hold up and not break
down you don’t want to get a lower quality thing if anything when you buy
a brand new pickup you want to get the best quality you can right from the
start and don’t skimp for a few thousand dollars here or there when you realize
you’re spending a lot of money to begin with and don’t try to save pennies and
ended up losing dollars in a long run now the last pickup truck I would advise
you to buy is the 2019 Chevy 2500 Silverado they’re already having fuel
system body integrity problems transmission and drivetrain problems and
that’s no you know the things are less than a year old the Silverado 2500
land among the lowest vehicles of all the vehicles
in reliability and here again you want a pickup truck it’s gonna pull stuff
that’s gonna have a bed that can hold a lot reliability is your number-one
concern when you’re looking at a vehicle that has one of the lowest ratings and
reliability Hey run away don’t even think about buying one of these things
now the next pickup I wouldn’t advise you not to buy is the ram 3500 pickup now this
isn’t just my belief Consumer Reports rated the ram 3500 as
the worst vehicle of all cars and trucks sold in the United States and that’s
saying something the fuel system the transmission system and the fit and
finish of the body and here’s to me the nail on the coffin just this morning I
got an email from one of my fans hey Scotty I should have listened to
you I bought a Ram 3500 and I had nothing but problems with it and I know
I’m gonna lose money but what do you think about me just getting rid of it
and getting a Ford f-150 or F250 and I responded yeah it’s probably a
good idea but I mean a better idea would’ve been you listened to me in the
first place I didn’t buy that Ram but liked the looks of it and thought all on
paper it can pull a lot and yadda-yadda but there’s a difference between on
paper and on the asphalt road driving down the road I mean that’s what I love
when you see reviews of new cars and people tell you how great the new car is
hardly know a great they’re they’re new cars you gotta wait a while till
they’ve been out there to see if they have any problems and in the cases of
2019 Ram hey those problems came out even during
the first year imagine what they’re gonna be like when they’re four or five
years old so don’t make a mistake like my fan didn’t buy one of these rams
listen to Scotty I’m trying to help you out yeah I gotta fix these things for a
living right so when I see problems I like passes it on I would rather see
people drive around a good vehicles that don’t have problems I hate getting
ripped off myself I need to see you getting ripped off too
and you might say scotty you must be nuts he’s a mechanic he fixes cars why
wouldn’t you want people to drive cars to break all the time so you can make more money well hey I’m like my grandfather good honest mechanic Oh
to help people out there’s plenty of things that are gonna break on our own
overtime to keep me busy I don’t need cars to keep breaking over
and over and over and over again I work by myself I don’t have 50 guys with me
that I can make money off their backs I only make money off my own labor and I
like helping people plus I’m getting old I already made enough money I could
retire anytime I wanted to I just do it cuz I like doing it and helping people
out and then that’s bad pickup not to buying
2019 it’s another ram the ram 1500 consumer reports rated them a 2 out of 5
for reliability now that’s pretty poor now I know Ram is bragging cuz for the
first time ever they sold more Ram pickups then she’ll be sold Silverado
pickups that’s like a race to the bottom GM’s quality’s been going down for a
long time just because Ram beat GM hey that doesn’t mean that much these
days if they would have done it in nineteen sixties or seventies when chevy
was still doing pretty good pickup trucks that would have meant something
but no this is 2019 the world’s changed since then now here I’m especially
talking about the Pentastar 3.6 v6 engine that has had a history of
problems since they made them they did the casting on the heads were wrong so some sand would get in clog up the radiators ruin the engine I mean these things that
had all kinds of problems Fiats taking over Chrysler and now the French company owns half of Fiat Chrysler I can’t see things getting any better in the
future either now if you don’t listen Scotty absolutely positively want to get
a ram 1500 unless you’re one that’s got the v8
classic engine the Hemi engine that chrysler has been making for a long time
those are relatively dependable engines now the rest of the vehicles they’re not
so much this ball joints break on the steering system mean they got a tons of
problem do not buy the one with a Pentastar v-6 if you have to buy one the
difference between what’s on paper or what’s in the real world you could get
impressive ratings from these v6 engines power and towing this stuff but see what
happens in the real world when they’re actually pulling a lot and towing a lot
they just don’t hold up like a v8 engine does now the last pickup is the Chevy
Silverado with that 4 cylinder engine that somebody came up with its a 2.7 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine now
here again we’ve got the difference between on paper and in a real world on
paper it gets better gas mileage because it’s a four-cylinder engine but those
who tests are done on dynamometer not in the real world not pulling stuff not
towing stuff my experience of working on vehicles for 52 years you take a small
engine put it in a big truck those gas mileage go right down the toilet when you
start pulling things hauling a lot of weight in it yeah when they’re emptying
on a dyno theoretically they get good gas mileage but not in the real world
when you’re actually pulling and hauling stuff with a small engine years ago I
saw the same thing they’re trying to get better gas mileage for the pickup truck
so they put in a bunch of v6 engines instead of v8 my customers have had the
v8 engines they actually got better gas mileage with the v8 when they were pulling heavy loads then the guys did with the v6 is because the v6 is were overwhelmed
by the weight and of course the v6 wore out a lot faster than the v8 did
and what is the point a buying a big truck with a small engine if that engine
wears out faster hey you just defeated the purpose of one
better gas mileage because you pull a lot of weight you’re not gonna get any
better gas mileage anyways and two it’s gonna have a shorter lifespan a
turbocharged four-cylinder engine pulling the big truck believe me it’s
just gonna wear out faster than a v8 engine that isn’t strained as much that
doesn’t have a turbocharger ramming all that air in which of course is going to
wear things out faster this four-cylinder engine is it all-new
engine that GM made never ever buy the first year of any new technology
especially an engine we have no idea how these things are gonna hold up five six
seven eight nine years from now this is the first year they came out with that
engine take my advice and don’t buy any of these trucks I was talking about that
were made in 2019 but certainly as time goes on don’t buy a used version of one
the price might be low but so is the quality, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. All video I'm praying, don't say Ridgeline….. don't say Ridgeline but then I remembered it's not a real truck, so it won't be included. (PS, I LOVE mine….)

  3. His right… I got a Ford f150 v8 and a Acura tl v6 and I can't believe I get same mpg… just because is a v8 doesn't mean it will be horrible on gas…

  4. I fix computers Scotty and I also don't want to see the same computer over and over. I fix it so I don't have to ever see it again.

  5. I guess a frame falling apart is not a big deal in your eyes. You are so biased for the Toyota brand that your opinion when discussing best vehicles has no credibility. All the auto companies have had various sorts of problems over the years. Seems funny to me that most of your customers drive their Toyota's for two or three hundred thousand miles. You must be starving waiting for those Toyota's to break down.

  6. My 2018 Colorado has been great. I enjoy it more than the Tacoma I had before. Some of the newer Colorados have the transmission shutter. I haven't had that problem. I heard new Tacomas have their problems as well. I have owned a Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, and a Colorado and I will say the Colorado has been the best truck of the three. I guess we will find out its reliability in the long run. Cross fingers.

  7. As top gear proved when racing a Toyota Prius and a BMW m3: "A small engine under load is not necessarily more efficient than a large engine not under load"

  8. Whaddya think about the new Ford bronco that's gonna come out? I quite like it. Let's hope it looks the same as the pictures present itself as

  9. The decades old saying of "There's no replacement for displacement" is still true today …back in the days when few bikes came with fuel injection everyone I knew spent money on exhaust systems & other bolt on mods .I just went out & bought next years increase in displacement from a wrecked bike ., Not only was it cheap, but if I needed parts they were all stock & well tested…Some 20yrs later guys asked me why I didn't by an engine kit, & my reply was ,"well where would i be now if I needed to replace something?..I'm still driving that bike from the 1970's with 115,000. miles !

  10. did you test drive these trucks,did you drive them loaded ,check there steering,brakes etc. if not SHUT THE HELL UP STUPID,YOU KNOW NOTHING

  11. For what it's worth. I've been lurking the Ram 1500 forums for a while now. The 5.7 Hemi is riddled with Cam failures due to seizing up of the cam followers. That Pentastar, had the problems in the past that Scotty was talking about, but that seems to be a problem that has been resolved a number of years ago. Most people are getting very good reliability out of that pentastar these days.

  12. 0:18, what’s that dog Scotty hauling in his truck……old school mechanic , where’s his wall calendar ? Seriously, guaranteed he’s got a few around in that nasty garage ha ha ha ….especially the tool calendars ha ha ha

  13. Cotontop3 (YouTube) bought a brand new Dodge 3500 several years ago transmission would just lock n release on the road turns out the wiring harness to transmission (maybe rear of truck) had been pinched the dealer he bought it at didn’t have technician to work on it and it took DODGE to get involved and fix it he had an older Dodge with MANY miles and few problems his truck was $$$$ 4WD dual can air ride Aisen (-1sp) 6 speed sweet tool boxes in side walls of bed
    My 05 Silverado K-2500 has 55,000 miles has had no problems and lots wanna but it I’ve added extra theft deterrent including a rubber “RATTLE” snake thankfully the leather seats make it easy to clean

  14. Nuff said! FORD is by far the best brand for your money! Don't get me wrong, most manufacturers today are making great vehicles than 20 years ago for sure!

  15. Scotty what do you think of the 2018 4 3.5 Eco boost fixed the timing chain problem as far as I know what are your thoughts

  16. Scotty, how come no fords ever make these lists, especially their diesels. I’ve seen more ford diesels and ford v8’s come in than I’ve seen any other truck. Their ecoboost is their best engines and you don’t like it 🤭😂

  17. Funny Scotty how your always bitching about German cars. That’s me every time I work on Fords like damn they got some moronic engineers but I gotta give them credit for making me good business.

  18. I’m sorry but (I’m bout to piss some people of) the Toyota tocoma is a complete joke

    In 2020 the Toyota “overhauled” the Toco
    They still have rear drum brakes witch when you think about it is a complete joke, to a manufacturer the two brakes have a negligible difference in price with the mass production of disc brakes

    I love the Toyota trucks there reliable, capable and simple but to simple

  19. I swear I remember seeing recently a scotty video on best trucks to buy and the Nissan Titan was on it. Now here it's on the worst list.
    That or it was best transmission.

  20. Anyone notice that Scotty always mentions that he is an honest mechanic like his Grandfather was? What about his Father? Was his Father not a mechanic or not honest?

  21. _,Scotty I'm a Lexus Sedan lover, never drove a truck, never wanted one, I hate bumpy rides!. I know Lex can be 2 depending on the roads!. Thanks for all the free awesome knowledge!. I like to rev up my engine!!. LOL, Thank you smart guy, luv you!, What I do without you!!. 01/15/20.Wex.q2:42AM.💋💟❤️🧡💜💙💚💛💖💝💓💯💯💯🌄🌴🇺🇸📌🛠️⛏️☑️😍😂🤗👍💪🙌🏽👌🙏

  22. The Titan's new gas engine is based on the old 5.6 which is a very solid engine. They put a new head on it which puts up big horsepower numbers but I guess they arent as good as the 1st gen. My 1st gen has 120k miles with only minor problems. I think it's been a better truck than my old Silverado was. We will see how long it lasts I drive it really hard and tow a heavy skid steer and a dump trailer. And it was about $12,000 less than the Fords I was looking at so I'm pretty happy.

  23. I test prototype vehicles, 2019 rams never broke down. They drive all the darn time with trailers and whatnot. Idk what u r saying about the new Rams, they are more reliable than the nissans and chevys that we also tested.

  24. Well toyota has a big recall on about most of their products on the fuel pumps shutting down going down the road. Hey, you want to report tha video on toyota?

  25. Scotty…Not sure if I agree with you about the Nissan Titan. I have had a 2004, 2012 Pro 4x and now I have a 2018 Pro 4x. Love the trucks and not one issue with any of them. Maybe I just have good luck with them.

  26. I purchased a 2004 F-150 pickup and it has the large V-8 engine in it and has held up real good for me over the years. I also have a Ford 2007 Escape with the V-6 engine in it, and a Ford 1999 Ford Explorer which is still working great and it has only had minimal maintenance done on it and still working like it did when I purchased it used many years ago. I learned a long time ago to buy Ford products as they are the best in my opinion and I had some GM vehicles and only one worked fine and it was new. I went back to Ford products and never left and glad of it.

  27. I recently bought a 2017 tacoma I love it on top of that it only have 35,000 miles with a no problems hard to find a truck like that

  28. My gas 17 Nissan Titan pro is the best truck I’ve had. I’ve had Chevy and Ford. They were kinda boring trucks. My Titan has balls! Yes it was expensive not any cheaper than the other trucks, but all these vehicles are overpriced nowadays.

  29. Scotty, Did someone complain that you expressed yourself Too much, I Think Not Sir I grew up around Italian Americans, They were Always expressing with there hands JUST LIKE YOU Well they can jump in the lake. You Are Great, And honest.

  30. Wrong Scotty. "SUVs" like the Edge, Escape, Explorer are built on unitized car frames. They are cars. Very few SUVs are on truck frames. Tahoe, Sequoia, Expedition and a few others…

  31. every time i watch scotty i go outside and kiss my camry …and to all chevy lovers like me i have three of em that 4 cylinder sissy truck wont last

  32. I've been driving for 37 years and I owned mostly pick up trucks. I've owned them all Ford Chevy, Dodge Nissan and a lot of Toyota's. My experience and my opinion and my opinion only and my life experience of owning trucks and I'm a retired Police Lieutenant Sorry but Nissan makes the best trucks. I own a 2017 Titan with 55K no leaks no nothing runs like a champ. Every truck not matter what make are going to have some small issues.

  33. Scotty, I have an inquiry. My sister's fellow employee at her school bought a new Silverado 3500 HD Duramax. She has already had problems with it stalling, overheating, with less than 7,000 miles on it. It started having a 'no start' problem. When she took it to the dealership they told her, "we checked your ECU log and you're idling too often." She asked what they meant, and they said, "These diesels are not meant to sit and idle." Now the most she idled was at extra long traffic lights and for 5-10 minutes when they had 10 minute breaks at work. So apparently idling for 10 minutes once a day and sitting with the engine on at long traffic lights was causing the engine to overheat, stall and eventually refuse to start. I feel like it's total bull crap, and they also said since it's her fault that it's not covered under warranty! Can you please explain to me how this is possible? The dealership is definitely scamming this woman right? I feel like she either got a lemon, or just happens to have a horribly designed new GM product. I always thought their diesels were exceptional in stock form. Modified most diesels will become much less reliable, not always but, most times.

  34. I been working at a diesel repair shop for the past year and a half. Over that time we gotten plenty of fords with the 6.0, duramax 6.6, and Cummins as well. We’ve only gotten 2 fords with the 7.3 for water pumps and both had over 300,000 miles. So guess what I own now? A 7.3 with a 6 speed transmission. Sure the 7.3 lacks power compared to modern day diesels, but they’re the best reliable power stroke you can get

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