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7 Car Features That No Longer Exist – #6 I BET You NEVER Knew Existed!

7 Car Features That No Longer Exist – #6 I BET You NEVER Knew Existed!

unfortunately there was a safety issue
with having the gas cap located in the back of the car because if you got
rear-ended well the filler neck could break which could
spill gas everywhere and that would spark a disaster no pun intended there’s just one thing that you learned
from the ideal cars YouTube channel it’s that extinction is the rule survival is
the exception this is definitely one of the most ideal videos that I’ve ever
made we’re going to dig into these seven features that are now distinct I’m gonna
give you a little background on each feature why it became popular and what
replaced it and if you’re new here my name is Brad danger and this is ideal
cars a place for next-generation car enthusiasts just like you and me to hang
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second video I’ve already made on seven more features that no longer exist in a
couple of netlist our features that very few people ever knew they even existed
so without further ado here’s the list of seven less-than-ideal features that
no longer exist number one pop-up headlights the pop-up
headlight kind of opens and closes like a drowsy eyelid this feature was first
introduced on the chord 810 in 1936 and it was a staple on many models
throughout the decades including every single Corvette from 1963 to 2004 the
Lamborghini mera Ferrari 308 corolla ae86 porsche 944 and a Miata and the
legendary Acura NSX not only did pop-up headlights give a sleek profile and
better aerodynamics when folded down into the fender they also remained
popular because in the 70s the headlight requirement was actually higher than
what was optimum for a low-slung sports car so by having a rectifying headlights
automakers could get around this rule however hidden headlights have become a
thing of the past with the 2004 c5 zo6 Corvette which is an ideal car by the
way being one of the last cars to feature a pop-up headlight up down
up down I could do that all day due to the new safety regulations specifically
regarding pedestrian safety manufacturers have moved on and hidden
headlamps are a thing of the past number two chrome bumpers check out any
classic and chrome bumpers have just as much visual expression as they do
function believe it or not back in the day you’ve wanted big chrome bumpers on
your car because it enhanced the overall style with shapes and contours that
integrated with the body in fact in 1973 there were no standards
governing how effective a bumper actually had to be imagine that and the
1973 model year bumpers were the first of the five mile an hour bumper meaning
it had to be strong enough to prevent damage to the headlights taillights and
fuel system components when impacted at or below five miles an hour
essentially bumpers became more than just a fashion statement
wow what a concept and by the 1990s almost all the cars were fitted with
smaller lighter bumper bars which are made of either aluminum or steel and sit
behind the bumper covers chrome was once all the rage a look at the new Mustang
Corvette or Eurus and there’s not a piece of chrome in sight then again if
there’s a Mustang around there might not be any crowds to see what I’m talking
about that’s so 2016 moving on number three
carburetor pump twice and crank once do you have any idea what I’m talking about
well if you don’t it’s the trick it’s the dance that you got to do with the go
pedal to fire up a full-blood incorporated engine twosome there is a
little bit of black magic sprinkled into this process because if the engine
doesn’t fire right away you could flood the engine by giving it too much gas and
believe me it’s easier to do than you’d expect ask me how I know and the biggest
problem is that once an engine is flooded you got to play the waiting game
before you can give starting the car another try carburetors were phased out and replaced
by fuel injection by the mid-1990s so for example that’s why the BMW 325i has
that eye next to it that I stands for fuel injection nowadays with fuel
injection the computer calculates the perfect fuel to air mixture ratio every
single time I love it also fuel injection just delivers better power
fuel economy and lower emissions that’s pretty much everything my ex-girlfriend
didn’t have and that’s everything the modern driver could ask for and why the
carburetor will forever live in yesteryear number four hittin gas
fillers all right this is kind of cool so some of you may know that in Oregon
you are not allowed to pump your own gas so take like a 1956 Chevy Bel Air to a
gas station there and without your help I’d bet money you’re not getting any gas
why because car designers have been pushing the envelope for decades trying
to streamline the exterior styling of cars and one of the only things that
throws off the perfect symmetry of a car aesthetically is the gas cap you can’t
put a gas cap on both sides of the car it would just look dumb personally I
can’t stand cars that don’t have dual exhaust either but I’m just weird so
instead what some thrifty designers decided to do was hide the gas cap
altogether and the most common place to hide it was to put it behind the license
plate but the 1956 Bel Air took hiding it to another level and put that gas cap
behind the driver’s side taillight but unfortunately there was a safety issue
with having the gas cap located in the back of the car because if you got
rear-ended well the filler neck could break which could spill gas everywhere
and that would spark a disaster no pun intended
so if you want to make some money and fill up your own tank next time you see
a 56 Bel Air at your local ideal car show tell your friends you’d bet him 20
bucks that they can’t find the gas cap once they give up ask the owner remove
the driver’s side taillight he’ll know what you’re talking about
number 5 vinyl roofs every single generation seems to have their own idea
of what luxury is nowadays luxury is heated and cooled seats with massagers
autopilot and self parallel parking cars but for a couple of decades before any
of these features I just mentioned were ever even an idea luxury was divined by
the vinyl you had on your roof yeah vinyl roofs go all the way back to the
1920s but we’re more of a necessity to keep the rain off the people inside the
car but they somehow morphed into a fashion
statement and in the 1950s Cadillac started offering the Eldorado coupe as
either a Seville which had the hard top or the Barrett’s which was a convertible
and to make people think that you were driving a more expensive convertible
version Cadillac would let buyers use vinyl material called vicodin on the
roof of the hardtop yeah just straight up trickery in fact some manufacturers
went as far as putting button snaps on the bottom to make it look like you were
just too lazy to put the top down and then they came out with different styles
of vinyl tops like the full top that covered essentially the whole top the
halo which is similar to the full but the vinyl stopped short of the windows
and windshield the canopy where vinyl was only applied to the front half or
two-thirds of the roof in the land out which is essentially opposite of the
canopy but lucky for us this fad phased out in the 1980s because although I
think it looked good on some cars in the 60s and 70s by the ease
they made the car resemble a balding middle-aged man and that does not exceed
luxury number six powered antenna up then down and round and round almost
every car nowadays has the radio receiver embedded in either the
windshield or into a small shark fin shaped enclosure that sits on the roof
but before all this technology cars received your favorite stations by a
fascinating feature to watch a power antenna yeah for some reason they are
extremely satisfying to watch aren’t they and they either add dash mounted
switches that you’d manually switch up and down or it would automatically
rectify when you turned on the radio and it seriously is an event when a power
antenna Zack probably because they have a high
probability of failing and so you’re always curious if it’s gonna get all the
way up or if it’s gonna get stuck halfway up so be happy engineers have
found better ways to play your favorite songs in your car because due to half
raised power antennas there used to be a lot more static on the radio
number 7 foot operated floor mounted dimmer switch yep so if I asked you how
to activate the high beams I bet you tell me that you pulled the signal stock
toward you well that wasn’t always the case because
with the introduction of the two filament head light bulb in 1925 yeah
believe it or not that wasn’t always around there was a need to access both
low and high beams so for two years that was accomplished using a switch on the
steering column but all of that changed on a cold winter’s night in 1927 when a
self-proclaimed genius moved the dimmer to the floorboard and for the next 50
years that’s where the low and high beam switch stayed until it moved back to you
guessed it the steering column keeping your hands on the wheel was just as
relevant a hundred years ago as it is today so by putting the dimmer switch on
the floorboard area it gave the driver just one less reason to take their hands
off the wheel and there were two main reasons why the floor board dimmer was
moved back to the stock in the 1970s one was American manufacturers were trying
to emulate the luxury European imports that had expensive multi-functioning
stocks that turned the high beams on and off and that’s what you’re used to today
secondly with the introduction of a lot more front wheel drive platforms the
floor board area was getting smaller and smaller and smaller and manufactured had
less real estate to put a dimmer switch down there now those were seven features
that no longer exist but I know there are a bunch more that I didn’t cover
which one do you wish they’d bring back even just for a day did I mention it or
is it something else like roll-up windows let me know down in the comments
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guys thank you for watching I really appreciate the support and if you liked
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37 thoughts on “7 Car Features That No Longer Exist – #6 I BET You NEVER Knew Existed!

  1. Be honest! Did you know all 7 of these features existed? Which one do you wish they would bring back? Or did I miss one? Let us know in the comments!
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  2. I missed having rear mounted gas caps when I was young and poor, use to be an apt building in town where if you backed into the parking space the rear of the car hungover a retaining wall 4 feet above a public path. also floor mounted dimmers sucked up here due to chemical deicers corroding them

  3. I like to know who's dumb idea it was, to put the horn button on the end of the turn signal stalk on 80's Ford Escorts etc? Does anyone remember this?

  4. Your channel logo is so just barely crooked that it makes me feel like it's not intentional, I feel like you thought it was straight. But it's not. Like 2005 Bruce Jenner.

  5. I believe that yellow Barracuda belongs to an Inland Mopars Car Club member. I believe the name of that car is Baby. She's had it since it was brand new.

  6. Manual choke for cold engine starts, dash mounted push-button engine primer, manual crank to start engine, 3 speed manual column shifter, lap only seat belts for driver's seat, Push button transmission shifter (old Chrysler) Manual gear box, air cooled engine (Volks Wagon), distrubutor with rotor button, accessible solenoid (Fords), 2 speed manual transmission (Firebird)…

  7. Interestingly, a few cars where the platforms are still in use had vinyl tops like the earlier mkz, Chrysler 300s and Buick lacrosses

  8. i don't understand if this was simply targeting all the newer idiot generations that just play on cell phones and never cared to actually learn anything. all these features that this thing says no longer exists are on all of the cars i own. i have a 84 corvette with pop up headlights, a 97 dodge truck with a carburetor. i have a older car with chrome bumpers on it. so it's kind of retarded that videos like this exist and you have to wonder, was this made because this guy came across this stuff and was so stunned he had to tell the world or was this simply click bait for the younger generations trying to accumulate views thinking this stuff was so prehistoric nobody had ever heard of it

  9. I think you are getting a little confused between the radio receiver and the radio antenna. Two completely different items.

  10. Mechanical fuel injection
    Manual choke
    Column or dashboard mounted gear sticks, both manual or automatic
    Electric tailgate windows
    Air conditioner units in the trunk/boot that were also refrigerators

  11. Dual slot CD/Cassette player, pop up door locks that looked like a chrome nail, distributor cap, diamond button tuck seats, gear stick on the steering column, 3rd row seat facing backwards, drum brakes on the front, T-tops, speakers built into the headrest (Fiero), giant hood ornament Jaguar may have been the last to do away with them. Giant model symbol or mascot sticker on hood like the Pontiac Firebird. 30 foot long family cars.

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