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7 Best Tips for Renting a Car [Budget Travel in Mexico and Beyond]

7 Best Tips for Renting a Car [Budget Travel in Mexico and Beyond]

are you planning a trip and you want to know the best way to go about renting a car in this video we’re gonna share with you our best 7 tips to rent a car while traveling we’ve rented cars over a dozen times in the States Puerto Rico and Mexico so be sure to stick around to the end because we’re gonna show you how we’ve gotten the best deals on car rentals it’s cheaper than you think wait cheaper so let’s get started [Music] tip number one check a few of the websites for rental companies in the area you’re visiting because there you can find coupons or promotions that they’re not gonna tell you over the phone if you call first that’s right and while you’re there you can get an estimate in writing from the website to make sure that you know your total tip number to make sure you get a credit card that has car rental insurance included this has saved us a bunch of money and there are tons of cards out there that have this option and a lot of them will cover you up to seventy-five thousand dollars which is gonna cover the cost of almost any car you’re gonna rent unless you’re getting a luxury vehicle number three now if you know that you’re gonna be renting a car more than once during your trip make sure you sign up for the newsletter of the car rental company here most car rental companies sent promos that they sent to people who are on their mailing list and that’s a great way to save money for future rentals and we know most of us hate spam but you can always unsubscribe afterwards tip number four decline the cheaper gas promo now if you’re not familiar with this promo a lot of car agencies will offer to top off your tank for a cheaper price than the price of gas you’ll find in the area now this might sound like a good deal but when you sign off on this promo before you rent the car you’re basically locking yourself in to having to pay for a full tank of gas when you return the car it’s a lot easier to fill your tank before returning the car to the agency than it is to try to burn off all the gas before you drop off the car and if you don’t use up all your gas you’re probably going to end up paying even more than you would have you just filled it up before dropping off the car so decline this promo in most cases it’s not really a promo that’s gonna help you at all team number five make sure you record the car inspection now this is something that some car agencies are doing now where the person who gives you the car also reports everything on an but or on a phone and it really doesn’t hurt that you record along with them because you want to have proof of any scratch or any bump that the car may have just to make sure that they’re not gonna try to charge you for something that you didn’t do so record everything tip number six in most cases it’s possible to decline the car rental agencies insurance now if you have a credit card like the one we talked about in tip number two then you might not have to take the car agency’s insurance that would be enough to cover you the only caveat here is if you don’t have the money to cover the car in case of an accident there might be some time between filing a report with your credit card company and having to pay the car rental agency for any sort of accident that you had so if you have the cash to cover the car in the mean time then your credit card company will usually be able to pay you later now we also know that there are some car rental companies that won’t rent you a car unless you buy their insurance so make sure you check around on the website so if you have the means to do so this can save you a bunch of money just by declining the car rental agencies insurance and tip number 7 our last one try to avoid renting cars at the airport so a lot of the times rental companies have to pay more to have their agency at the airport because it’s more convenient for people but it is also more expensive for you and if this company has another branch that is not in the airport just take an uber or a taxi to that other location and rent a car there sometimes it doesn’t cost you anything to return the car to the location at the airport but getting a car from the airport will be more expensive for you and one bonus tip make sure you pay for your car rental with a credit card that’s going to give you travel points for using it I don’t think we’ve even paid for a flight in the last year because of travel points let’s travel hacking trouble hacked well that’s it thank you for watching and if you enjoy this video don’t forget to subscribe for more travel and Spanish tips nos vemos pronto adios [Music]

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14 thoughts on “7 Best Tips for Renting a Car [Budget Travel in Mexico and Beyond]

  1. anytime i have rented in mexico they say the credit card insurance does not work in mexico and they charge a third party liability insurance that cost more then the car.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I rarely rent cars directly from companies because I do not know all the details of the lease face to face with company representatives. But I prefer to use services like this

  3. i am trying to rent a car so that we can go on a road trip here in mexico but i am quite new to renting cars and i had many questions i am so glad i stumbled in you guy's video. is there a specific agency you guys prefer when it comes to renting car ?

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