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$600 Boat Vs. $41 Million Boat

$600 Boat Vs. $41 Million Boat

– Selorm, it’s summer, and this is very tough for me, but I’m gonna be taking my talents to South Beach! – [Both] Miami. – South Beach ♪ Me and Steven in Miami
standing on rocks ♪ (bird chirps) – [Both] Ayyy! – Translation, worth it! – Worth it Lifestyle. – Boats! – Boats. – So today at Worth it Lifestyle, we’re gonna be trying three boats at three drastically
different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at it’s price. – Worth it! – I feel like this is going to be hotels, but on the water, you know? – Yes, luxury, service. – Toilets that flush really well. There’s a boat, look at that boat. – Look at that boat. First up, we’re going to a rental company, They’re called Boatsetter, They rent out boats for you know, day rates, hour rates. – I feel like that’s super useful for someone who doesn’t wanna buy a boat, and just wants to try them, like me. – Should we take our talents
down to the boat now? – Yes, let’s do it. Get on my back, it’s okay. – How strong, are you strong enough? – I’m not really that strong, I’m not strong. (grunts) Oh my God, oh my God! (light jazz music) – My name is Jackie Baumgarten, I am CEO of A lot of people don’t think about boating as just a fun activity, but it really is. Boatsetter makes boating affordable and available to anyone. And you don’t have to be
an experienced boater, that’s the best part. – Good, ’cause I don’t
know how to drive a boat. (laughs) It can’t be that hard, right? – I suggest renting it with a captain. (laughter) From your phone or your computer, you can decide what boat you want, where you wanna go, what captain you want, what experience you wanna have. – When I think about boats, I do think about, would I even buy one? ‘Cause that’s a lot of money. I grew up in Ohio. – Uh-huh. – So I almost don’t understand it. – It’s all about having
the time of your life. Today, you guys are going to get to go out on the water
on a 19 foot Yamaha, and experience what it’s like to race around on Intracoastal,
and out on the ocean. – [Steven] Woo! (laughter) – Thank you. – Here we go, and our boat journey begins. We have Captain Trent here, we also have Ashley here. From what I understand, you and Trent are a couple. – [Ashley] Yes, almost five years. This was our first boat. – [Steven] Aww.
– Oh nice. – Yep. – [Selorm] Can you tell
us a bit about this boat? – [Ashley] This is a 2017 Yamaha jet boat. It seats a total of eight people. It has about 200 horsepower, so it goes about 50-60
miles an hour on flat water. It’s equipped with a great sound system. We can bluetooth your phone, we have coolers on board. so you can bring your own
food, drinks, and alcohol. You can relax on the back for tanning, or you can add on wake boarding, water skiing, wake surfing, I mean there’s a lot of
different things you can do with an affordable budget. – This is so cool. Oh my god these houses are beautiful. – [Ashley] Yeah, this house
belongs to Hassan Whiteside. – [Steven] No way! – Oh snap! This is something that I could definitely see myself renting, but
if I lived by the water, I would definitely buy. – If you’re going to be in Miami, you’re going to want to
spend most of your time on the water. So like I said, boating and jet skiing is like a way of life. – [Steven] I get carsick really easily, but I’m on this boat, and
there’s a slight rock, it’s actually kind of
nice, like I’m a baby. – [Ashley] It’s a soothing type of rock, that I agree. – So, you said this boat
can go a little faster, can we see how fast it can go? – Of course, would you like to go to the front for that? – Yeah let’s do it! Come on Steven. – Always with the fun, Selorm. – You gotta live it up, Steven. – [Ashley] Alright, you guys ready? – Woo! – [Selorm] We are about to
go fast, Steven, you ready? – Oh yeah! – So much wind! (screams) (wind whipping) – Oh snap! – Alex, you good? How do you like my new hair style? (laughs) – Woo! – You know how I hate roller coasters? But this is one of the most amazing feelings
in the world right now. – Oh yeah, I was never really into boats, but this is a different kind of lifestyle being by the water. (laughs) – That was one of the first times I just forgot that we were filming. – Even though we were
moving around in the water, I didn’t feel seasick, which was great. – I love it, I love it! – Boat fact! – Boat fact. – First recorded boats in human history are from around 4000 BC. And they come from the ancient Egyptians. – They were on it man, they
knew what they were doing. They had their own thing going on, – They got pyramids, boats. – Eyeliner. They were on it! (laughs) – Selorm, I have a surprise for you. – What? – We are gonna check out an amazing boat in a different city. It’s called a shark boat. – Ooh. – So we are headed to Shasta Lake in beautiful, sunny California. – We’re here! – I thought it was gonna be sunny. – I thought so too, actually. But hey, it’s okay, the fun don’t stop. – Are you gonna do this? Are you gonna go all the way with this? – I’m committed to this show, Selorm, even if this is the most dangerous thing that we’ll ever do, let’s go. – Shark boat! (dramatic music) – Hey, how you doing, I’m Rob Innes, from Innespace, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Thanks for comin’. – Can you just tell us what we’ll be doing today? – So today, we’re gonna be taking you out in some of our Seabreacher watercraft, and these are basically submersible boats that can go underwater and do a bunch of freestyle tricks. – So would you consider
the Seabreacher a boat, or would you consider it,
what is the category of this? – We don’t fit into categories, we’re not interested, you know. It’s not like a production,
cookie-cutter boat. It’s kind of like hand-tailored to whatever the customer wants. We do sharks, dolphins, whales, sailfish, fighter jets, hot rods, we’ll match anything, you know, as long as you’ve got the
checkbook to back it up. (laughs) – So each of these boats are unique? – Yes. – And they’re one-of-a-kind. – [Rob] Yeah, we’ve been custom
building these watercraft for almost 20 years now. It started off as a hobby, just built it for our own entertainment, and then it’s just grown
into a business and a sport. The boat we’re taking you out in today is called our X Model, this one has a 260 horsepower
supercharge engine, which is actually our little engine. We’ll go about 50 miles an hour, 55 miles an hour, on the surface, about 25 miles an hour below the water. – Can you drown in these? – No, you will not drown. We have a fully enclosed cockpit, its got pneumatic seals
that keep it water-tight, half-inch thick aircraft
grade acrylic plastic canopy, so you’re gonna be just fine. – [Steven] Who’s driving us today? – One of our stunt pilots, Joe is going to be taking you for a ride. He’s gonna promise you a mild ride, and then he is gonna ignore everything that you say, and just basically go crazy. – So this stays above the water unless you want to go down, right? – Right, we can stay underwater as good as my footwork is
and then we want to jump it, I can get the tail about
six feet out of the water. – It looks cool from the outside, I’m just hoping it’s not
horrible from the inside. – Here we go. – Ooh, it’s so loud. – We can tilt like– – [Steven] Ooh, woo! (laughing) (screaming) – Ready for a dive? – Yes, let’s do it! – [Rob] Here we go. (engine revving) – Oh my God! – Whoa! Wow, you have ultimate
control of this machine, huh? – Absolutely. – It’s like a dirt bike. – Oh yeah, it’s a jet ski on steroids. – This is just getting started apparently. – Are you ready, are your
seat belts good and tight? – I don’t know! – Yeah, do it! (screaming) Oh my God. – Time to get real. – Woo! What in the world? (screaming) – I felt a little bit of my breakfast come up my throat. – I think I’ve gotten my
adrenaline out for the day. – We’re back in Florida. – We’re back! – Back in Florida. And, wanna check out something special. But before we do that, boat fact! Okay so, in olden days, it used to take around two months to get across the Atlantic via boat. Nowadays, how long do you think it takes to get across the Atlantic? – I don’t know, I’ve only gone by plane. Two days? Is that right? – Seven days. – Okay, well you know what? I don’t ride boats, so leave me alone. – But today, you get to
ride the best boat of all. There’s Seabreachers, there’s yachts, but there are also, mega yachts. Are you ready? – I think so, I’ve never
been on a yacht before. – Palm Beach baby! – Mega yacht, mega yacht, uh! (classical music) – My name is D.J. Kiernan, I’m the Director of Marketing for Merle Wood & Associates. – We’re here on a mega
yacht, if I get that correct. – That’s right. – It’s called the Quite Essential? – [D.J.] That’s right. – [Steven] What defines a yacht? – A yacht is anything that’s
approaching up to 130 feet. Motor yacht Quite Essential is 180 feet, so it certainly qualifies as a mega yacht, or a super yacht. Yachts are unlike anything
you will find on land, in terms of service, in
terms of the experience, and it can take you wherever you want. So we can’t afford to charter the yacht, but can you at least give us a tour? – I’d love to show you around. – Yes! – [Both] Ooh! (laughs) – [D.J.] Welcome onboard
motor yacht Quite Essential. – [Steven] Oh my God! (screams) – Oh my God! So what exactly makes this $41 million? – You’ve got a crew of
12-14 permanently onboard. – Whoa! – [Selorm] Even the glasses are nice! – Cheers? – Cheers! – [Steven] To the yacht life. – You’ll see a pool onboard.
– There it is! Woo! – Yachts are about details,
extravagance, luxury, and a waterfall feature on a pool, a 7,000 liter pool at
that, it’s quite special. In addition to the
jacuzzi on the sun deck. – [Steven] Now you’re just showing off. – Let’s go inside. – There’s a button for the door! – [Selorm] Oh my gosh! – [D.J.] This is the main
salon on Quite Essential. – Oh my god, it smells like flowers. – Each room has a custom scent. Literally every piece of furniture is custom built just for this yacht. – This reminds me of every evil villain. – [Selorm] You’d definitely
be stroking a cat if you were sitting on this. – You have these doors
that open on each side, Selorm, will you do the honors? – Oh I can push the button, okay. (angelic singing) – This room is bigger than probably both our apartments combined. – Really, oh yeah that’s sad. – [D.J.] You’ve got two V.I.P state rooms, one on the main deck, one on the lower deck. – [Selorm] See, I wish you
guys had your socks off, because this feels amazing. – [D.J.] Silk carpets are a nice feature, aren’t they? – [Steven] No, what, why? – Pure luxury. It is an in-suite state room,
so you have a full bath. – [Steven] What! – Shower has marble walls! – [Steven] Wait, is this a television? What’s goin’ on here? – Yeah, what’s with these TV’s actually? – [D.J.] Yes, and every single room has the glass walls with the custom made TV’s recessed inside. – You know like, when you get an Airbnb with your friends, and you’re like, alright I call dibs on this room, I call dibs on that room. – [Selorm] Right? – You don’t have that problem here. Even if you don’t get the
first V.I.P. state room, you get the second V.I.P. state room. – [D.J.] So come on in
to the master state room, this is truly almost a private apartment. And just like the main salon, we do have the dual balconies. You can go outside with
the press of a button. – My turn! (angelic singing) The world is my oyster. – [Selorm] I’m still feeling the carpets, you guys, they’re really really nice. – You know, they’re so soft, I can feel them through my socks. – Oh my gosh. – [D.J.] And behind you,
of course, a full bath. You look up there. – [Steven] Whoa! – It’s gas filled, so it can seal off the
viewing for privacy reasons. – I don’t have words, it’s like, why do these things exist? What? – [D.J. Kiernan] I’m
glad that you’re admiring the glass enclosed elevator that services, the lower deck, the main
deck, and the bridge deck. So make your way down to the lower deck to see the guest state rooms. – [Selorm] Oh, Steven,
we could share the room! – [Steven] Oh hey, there’s two beds! – Oh God, everything is
so dope purple, okay. Wait a minute, this is like nice. – [D.J.] And that scent
you’re smelling is plum. – Oh my goodness I need to
up my interior design game. – We didn’t actually charter
this boat, I’m saying, we don’t have that much
money on this show, but, we can touch the robes, right? – These robes were touched
by Steven and Selorm. (heavenly music) – [D.J.] Pure luxury. – This could literally be
sandpaper and I wouldn’t care. (laughs) – [D.J.] Welcome to the bridge deck. – [Steven] Oh! This is a baby grand piano on a yacht. – [Selorm] With almonds! – Yacht, baby! – [D.J.] So here’s where you can seat 12 people for some of the best cuisine that you’ve ever had. – I don’t even have enough
friends to fill that table. – No, you have me though,
and Alex, and D.J. – Hey. – Hi. What makes this boat special
also, is the spa deck. – [Selorm] There’s more? – How’s there more? – [D.J.] How ’bout this? 180 degree views, techno
gym, stair steppers, ellipticals, you’ve got it. – [Selorm] You don’t have
to do anything outside. You literally can just stay here forever. – So Selorm, check out door number one. – [Selrom] Oh, snap! – I’m on the Price is Right, except the price is always right! There’s a sauna, we get it! What’s behind door number two? A steam room! – [Selorm] Ayy! – And behind you, Selorm,
is a treatment room! – [Selorm] Oh my gosh, they have cucumber water inside of here. – [D.J.] There is a
full-time masseuse on board. – [Steven] No way. – How about a nice zen lounge for ya? The spa lounge is just some
place that you can relax before or after your treatments. All the way throughout
the boat you’ve noticed how modern the interior is and
the bridge is no exception. This is actually the steering wheel. This is the main engines. You’ve got all your nav systems, security systems, everything in one place. – Yeah I was picturing, like you said, a giant steering wheel,
and it’s this little thing. – [Steven] Yeah. – [Selorm] That’s it. – Can money buy happiness, Selorm? – I mean, it can buy a
boat, which makes me happy, and there’s almonds in here. – Alright, that’s it. – I’m gonna miss you, yacht. I love you. – That was crazy. Also, look at our lighting setup. It’s pretty good, how we do work here. – [Selorm] It’s pretty
awesome how we do work here. – You know how this goes. Which one was the worth
it to you as price? – I don’t own any boats, so all of these were
cool experiences for me. Boatsetter was really just
a chill boat, ya know? I could take my family on that boat. I could just go out on that
boat whenever I want to. But at the end of the day, I really frickin’ loved the yacht, man. The mega yacht. – [Steven] No! – [Selorm] I loved it! – I cannot say that’s worth it for me, because I cannot literally afford it. – I’m going with shark boat. – Shark boat?
– Yeah, I know, right? It’s crazy, because I was the one who was like, nah, no thank you. But, that was fun. Worth it winner, go. Shark boat! – Shark boat’s his Worth
It winner, okay, okay. I see you. – Okay, bye guys! – Bye! – Bye Palm Beach. Bye random tourists, walking through. – Goodbye random tourists. – Alright, bye! – [Selorm] Help me down Steven, Steven! – Cut the camera! (light pop music)

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