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6 JAPANESE Tuner Cars You Can Easily Turn Into Supercar Slayers

6 JAPANESE Tuner Cars You Can Easily Turn Into Supercar Slayers

A video on tuner cars is well overdue. I know many of you have been asking for such
a video. So I thought i’d start with Japanese cars
and if this video performs well I’ll consider doing a one on European and American tuners. Oh and btw I did not feature any of the Nissan
Skylines in this video since they weren’t offered here in the United States. My previous video does feature the R34 if
you guys want to check that video afterwards. If you’re new here, welcome to the channel,
my name is Cristian. If you end up liking the video make sure to
subscribe for weekly automotive content. Now let’s begin First Japanese tuner car on the list is the
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 and 9. This is arguably Mitsubishi’s greatest creation
unless of course you’re more into the Eclipse GSX. The Evo gained most of its reputation throughout
the 1990s with the World Rally Championship success. That may come as a surprise to many Americans
since the first Evo to make it to America wasn’t until 2003, which is right around
the time when 2 Fast 2 Furious came out. Coincidence? I think not, That movie served as a massive
commercial to the Evo and Mitsubishi crushed it with sales. With it’s small form factor, AWD system
and an engine that’s just waiting to be modified. It’s not rare to find Evo’s making 400,
500 and even 600 Horsepower, which is a massive gain compared to the 271HP you get from it’s
2L 4 cylinder engine. A greek company called Extreme Tuners managed
to build one with 2K horsepower! Obviously most people won’t take tuning
that far for obvious reasons, but just know that with moderate tuning you’ll be able
to keep up with most Corvettes. Even though Evo’s are no longer offered
here in the US. Aftermarket support is still as strong as
ever. Honestly there really isn’t a substitute
for the Evo and it’s sad that they aren’t made anymore. And for those wondering why I didn’t mention
the EVO 10, I didn’t think they had a major impact in the tuning scene like the previous
generations did. When the Evo 3 first made it’s way to the
US it was perfect example when an auto manufacturer listens to it’s fans. Currently in the US Mitsubishi is looking
kind of sad to be honest. Next car is the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. It’s only right that I talk about this car
right after talking about the Mitsubishi Evo. They were one of the biggest automotive rivals
that ever existed. The first STI officially available in America
was in year 2004 just one year after the Evo. While it seemed like both of them were always
neck to neck competitively when it came to rally championships from 2004-2006 the STI
always came out on top. And unlike the Evo the STI still exists today
under a slightly different name competing with cars like the Honda Civic Type R, Ford
Focus RS and the Volkswagen Golf R. Unlike what was offered in Japan and Europe the first
STI offered in the US came equipped with a 2.5L turbocharged boxer 4 instead of the 2L
version. You know Subaru wanted to give us the torque
levels us Americans demand. The result was a deadly backroad weapon as
is without modifications. But there is a lot of room for improvement
should you want to take you rally car to the next level. It’s pretty cheap and easy to get an STI
to 300WHP. Even at 350WHP you’ll have a solid car that
shouldn’t bug you with reliability issues. And if you’re looking for attention this
car manages to get lots of it. It seems like when you’re driving one everyone
wants to race you. It might just be because of the big rear spoiler,
which btw is functional as it provides necessary downforce for this type of car. Even the new generation STI’s are solid
picks. Gotta give Subaru props for not forgetting
about it’s enthusiast base, unlike other companies……*cough* Mistubishi. 3rd car is the (spongebob clip) Mazda MX-5
Miata (Gotem clip). The third car on the list is the Toyota Supra
in particular the Mark 4. This car right here might just be the most
exciting one on the list. Funny because the words Toyota and Exciting
are not really words that sound together, unless of course you’re Scotty Kilmer. But in all seriousness, no other Toyota has
become as Iconic as the Supra, and no not even the Toyota AE86. The Supra is a hall of famer in the world
of sports cars, and it comes equipped with arguably the most legendary tuner engine in
history. 2JZ. The naturally aspirated 3L inline 6 and the
3L turbocharged inline 6 which was the popular choice for tuning. Some reports say that the turbo engine was
built to handle around 600HP, meaning plenty of room for tuning. There are some rare cases of Supra owners
being able to crank out 1000HP with stock internals! It’s obvious this Supra’s engine was over
engineered which is why tuners drool over the engine. Sucks that they are hard to come across by
now a days. Well taken care of examples have become garage
queens and the price for them continue to climb every year. What’s not to like about them? You a get Legendary tuner that has lots of
performance potential while having the reliability of toyota. And please don’t get me started on the new
Toyota Supra, I’ll wait for that car to come out first before giving my impressions. 4th tuner car on the list is the Nissan 240SX. Which includes both the S13 and S14. What a surprise the 240sx made the list..Not.. I’m sure most of you knew this car would
be included in the video. It’s basically the same car as the Silvia
that was offered in Japan but with a different engine. The 240sx in the US came equipped with the
KA24 series engines that most would find rather boring, while the Silvia/180sx twins got different
SR20 options, including the ever famous SR20DET. Which brings me to the next point, 240sx owners
love engine swapping. Whether it’s a 1JZ, 2JZ, SR20 and even an
LS series V8 engine from GM. thankfully the LS V8 and the 240sx fit each
other like it was always meant to be. In fact, the weight distribution is more balanced
with the V8 than with it’s stock KA24 engine. Add the fact that the 240sx is lightweight
from factory, rwd, tons of performance modifications available, it’s really not a surprise this
car is one of the most popular options for drifting. I mean it was one of the cheapest RWD cars
you could get at the time. Even though S13 and S14 didn’t sell well
back when it came out, they are in so much demand in the modern area. It’s nearly impossible to find a 240sx completely
stock and in good condition. You’re able to find the S14s in a fairly
good condition but they aren’t the cheapest. But if you manage to get a good deal on one,
modification parts are plentiful and affordable. Next car is the 3rd generation Mazda RX-7. The good ol rotary engine, a true physics
bender. At the time the 1.3L made power output of
engines nearly twice that size. Rotary engines tend to move a lot of air by
design, and operate at higher temperatures making them perfect for turbo applications. Even though these type of engines have been
abandoned by car manufacturers for some time now, they have a strong following. You’ll always hear Rotary enthusiasts list
the advantages the Rotary design has over the conventional, piston design. Rotary engines are normally labeled as unreliable
and difficult to tune by most people. The truth is they can be great engines, but
it’ll definitely take much more attention and care from the owner to make them last. From factory the RX-7 produced 255HP and 217lb-ft
and ran from 0-60mph in 5 seconds. Which was very fast back in the 90s. A v10 powered Dodge Viper of the same era
did 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Let that sink in for a bit. It’s beautiful thing what two triangularis
rotors that spin very fast inside of pinched ovals can achieve. And the design of the Rx-7 is stunning in
my opinion, and dare I say I think the exterior design looks better of those of a MK4 Toyota
Supra. Remember if you’re looking to buy an RX-7
make sure to ensure that it has been well looked after and properly serviced. The 6th and last car on the list is the Honda
Civic. In particular the pre-2000 year models. This has to be the most common tuner car you’ll
see around mainly because they can be found for cheap, essentially people of all ages
can get their hands on one, which explains why the civic is also the number 1 car that
gets riced out. Gotta love the chrome taillights, the welded
muffler tip, and massive spoiler. Anyways on to performance. Civics have never really been an outstanding
performer but it doesn’t take much to make it a sleeper. For a few thousand dollars most civic owners
just swap out the stock engine with a B-series engine from a junkyard Acura integra and slap
a turbocharger kit on it. The result was a car no one would expect to
move that fast. Another thing about the Honda Civic is the
massive market when it comes to aftermarket mods.There are various companies that till
this date support the platform, so choices are essentially infinite. Same goes when it comes to online forum support
and information in general. A quick search to google will bring up some
of the best tuning guides with personal experiences that way you don’t have to make some of
the same mistakes. I used to own a 1999 Honda Civic coupe myself
and I have to say, it’s one of the most fun cars I’ve ever owned. Replacement parts are cheap, maintenance is
easy, and the car is near bulletproof. If you guys enjoyed the video make sure to
hit that like button, especially if you all want to see another tuner video. And make sure to subscribe with notifications
on that way you don’t miss my next uplaod. Let me know in comment section below which
of these 6 cars is your favorite. Like always, thanks for watching, till next

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100 thoughts on “6 JAPANESE Tuner Cars You Can Easily Turn Into Supercar Slayers

  1. Which of the 6 cars is your favorite? I've always had a soft spot for the Rx-7. Happy Thanks Giving y'all 🙂

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  2. Most of these cars on the list you cant even find…. can you do a video with cars that are easy to find and fun?

  3. British tuning cars Serra sapphire cosworth the ford xr4x4 cosworth the ford fiesta XR3i cosworth the vauxhall astra MK4 2.2l irmshire only 500 made and it's the same tirbo engine from the vauxhall vx220 the next one on my list then the vauxhall Carlton lotus which you already done a segment on already in a previous video then the last on is the VW R32 turbo these aren't British classic tuner card that with a few stage tunes can beat Lamborghini and Ferrari any day of the week with 3 to 5000 pound upgrades stage tunes also all of these cars are from the 80s and 90s cars that still rival today's cars and all there technology too

  4. Evos aren't cheap, neither are RX7s, Im not even going to bring the price of Supras. Such beautiful cars so much expensive. Definitely want to get me an Evo

  5. I love living in New Zealand,… Our government lifted the tariffs on Japanese imports, so we got flooded with JDMs… Every other guy has a street racer!

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  8. I've owned most of these except the Honda. In New Zealand we were blessed with all JDM models, however with ample choice and twisty roads a few among the list were not so popular I.E Supra, too fat, late model evos, they lost their way from evo7 up and the Honda which although we got typeR civic/integra/accord were normally fan boy cars with cult like, no other car matters following. I still own an fd Rx7 series8 and Tommi Makinen evo which were favourites of mine from then til now.

  9. I have a toyota aristo with a factory 2jz-gte. bought it from Japan for cdn $2400, instead of the $37,000 for a supra with same engine.. very easy to bury the needle at 180 km/h in a few km

  10. 5 supercars you can turn into overpowered jdm car & hypercar slayers (they all can have over 2000 hp like a supra can)
    1. Lamborghini Aventador lp 700-4
    2. Lamborghini Huracan (base model)
    3. Ferrari 488 coupe
    4. Porsche 911 Turbo S (991)
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  11. What about the lude. 2.2 stock 200hp. Pretty quick and easy mods. Cheap as well. And first vtec engine to hit under 9 secs

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