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6 EUROPEAN Tuner Cars You Can Easily Turn Into Supercar Slayers

6 EUROPEAN Tuner Cars You Can Easily Turn Into Supercar Slayers

Well I did say if the Japanese tuner cars
video performed well I might consider creating one for European and American tuners. Well here’s the European version. I want to thank my Instagram followers for
suggesting some of the cars featured on this list, and if you’re following me yet we’ll
go drop me a follow that way you can participate when I need suggestions. Real quick guys before the video begins, give
me a few seconds, don’t click away. Some of you have been asking when will I release
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in the comment section about which car is better, which inspired me to create this design
“All Cars Matter”. Essentially diversity for cars. I worked very hard to make this happen and
I hope you all like it. Link will be in the description section below
if you’re interested in supporting the channel by purchasing something. The merchandise will only be available for
10 days and then it’s gone, so if you’re interested act fast. First European tuner car on the list is the
Volkswagen Golf R32. When you think of Hot hatch it’s almost
impossible not to think of the R32. Straight from factory it came with a lowered
suspension, beefier brakes, deep front spoiler, bigger rear bumper and equipped with twin
exhausts. Performance delivery is one of it’s strong
suits. It’s not what the R32 does, but how it does
it. Unlike the modern turbocharged Golf R the
R32 comes equipped with a 3.2L VR6 naturally aspirated engine. And for those that weren’t aware yes, it
carried a V6, a 15 degree v angle for space saving. Fully stock it produces 240HP and 236lb-ft
of torque, which pushes the R32 from 0-60 in around 5.8 seconds. Back in 2004 that was amazing, as a comparison
moden Volkswagen GTIs performs about the same 0-60. The R32 definitely was ahead of it’s time
and made all that power without being turbocharged. Which explains why so many owners are able
to get so much out of this hatch by adding a turbo or supercharger. Add the fact that torque is available almost
from idle and remains strong all the way to it’s 6500 rpm redline. They say classics live forever, and this hatch
is definitely iconic. It was only available in the United States
for on year, and now , well it’s a classic. Only 500 units were shipped to the U.S making
the R32 hard to come across. And if you do manage to find one, I’m almost
certain you won’t find it stock. untouched, well preserved ones are practically
museums pieces, garage queens, you know the ones owners feel guilty driving. Modern Golf Rs are also great tuner choices
as they do come turbocharged, allowing you to unlock power at a relatively low cost. Next car is the Audi B5 S4. The slightly spicier version of the first
generation A4. First available in Europe before making it’s
way to the US a few years later. For whatever reason us Americans always seem
to get some of the best performance cars late. My guess is that the S4 didn’t meet the
strict federal emissions regulations enforced here in the US. Sure the S4 has lots of potential tuning wise
but prepare to show it some attention. The S4 does not handle neglect very well. Honestly, it’s not that difficult. Just spend all your time and money on it and
you’ll be fine. All jokes aside the S4 is one beast of a car. For many Audi Enthusiasts there is no car
more iconic than the S4. Upgrade the small K03 turbos for the K04s
used in the Audi RS4 and the motor can handle anything you throw at it thanks to it’s
The 2.7L twin turbo V6 that came with forged internals from the factory. With just the turbo upgrades it’s not unheard
of the S4 making 480HP with completely stock internals. If you’re not looking for supercar slaying
power you can leave the engine untouched and go for a more budget option. A stage one tune that can yield lots of power
within a matter of minutes. You’ll be able to get an additional 65HP
and the best part it won’t require additional supporting modifications. This is indeed one of the best german tuner
cars of all time right next to it’s competition at the time the e36 BMW M3. Which one would you rather own? Next car is the Volvo 850 T5/T5R. Sure, slaying a super car with a fast car
is cool and all, but doing it with a car that has no business going fast is so much sweeter. In other words, if you’re looking for sleeper
that has massive tuning potential, well then look no further. The Volvo 850 T5 is the perfect choice. And honestly they aren’t too hard to come
across since when Volvo designed them with a lifespan of 500K miles in mind. It’s no secret old Volvos were built to
last. Performance wise the 2.5L turbo engine found
in the 850 T5 produces 225HP while the T5R produces slightly more HP. Volvo doesn’t typically tune their vehicles
to maximize performance, which is where the tunining potential comes into play. Keeping the stock turbocharger equipped with
the T5 you’re able to get around 300HP with proper tuning. But many owners advise against that since
you’ll be pushing the turbo to it’s limit as it can only handle up to 15 psi’s and
will wear out much faster. If you’re looking for an insane sleeper
then upgrading the stock turbo to the 18T or 19T turbo is a must. Combine that with the large amounts of aftermarket
tuning parts available for the 850 T5 and the sky is the limit. Choose the modifications wisely and you can
easily have a supercar chaser. Some of you might remember the reactions the
850 Wagon got during the British Touring Car Championship, 2 of them were entered into
the race. You can see them taking curves on two wheels,
You know Volvo was just going for attention with this stunt. 4th european tuner car is the BMW 335i (N54
engine). And for those that haven’t been around since
the beginning of my channel, I actually own an e93 BMW 335i myself. So of course I’m being biased by including
this car on the list. Kidding, Well not really biased, the truth
is the BMW 335i is bursting with tuning opportunity. Popularity has grown in recent years for the
355i platform since they are so much easier to find at an inexpensive price. Whether you decide to go with the earlier
models equipped with the N54 engine or the later N55 model you’ll be able to get big
HP gains with minimum effort. A simple stage 1 JB4 piggyback tune can get
you nearly 100HP with stock internals. Think about that for a second. The 335i already comes stock with 300HP and
300lb-ft of torque and for less than $500 you can gain an additional 100HP? Sign me up! Take it a little further by installing a bigger
intercooler, downpipe, charge pipe, a dual cone intake along with a stage 2 tune and
you’ll be well in super car performance territory. I personally know some tuners pushing 700WHP,
which I tend not to take a ride in since I don’t want to die. Unlike other high end performance sports cars
where reliability can be an issue when it comes to finding replacement parts the N54
engine found in the BMW 335i was featured in many other BMW Vehicles starting from year
2007, making replacement parts much more accessible and fairly inexpensive.I might start modding
335i soon and introducing it to the channel. Maybe like a transformation series, let’s
what I do. Let me know in the comment section below if
that’s something you guys would love to see. Next car is the Saab 9-3 Aero, I believe it’s
the fastest accelerating car Saab has ever built, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s engine does produce some impressive
power. It carries a 2.8L turbo 6 that produces 250HP
and 250lb-ft of torque. The best part about the torque is that it
peaks at a relatively low rpm giving the driver massive pulling power across all all speed
ranges. And just like Volvo, the engine equipped in
the 9-3 Aero is heavily under utilized and it appears to be able to handle much more
boost then it comes with. A J2W or Vtuner stage one tune can get the
9-3 aero to 320HP and 409lb-ft of torque. That’s a gain of 70HP and 151lb-ft off of
a simple tune that’ll only cost you a few hundred bucks. But of course I’m sure I speak for most
car enthusiasts when I say we want more! Well at least that’s always the case when
you modify your car, increasing performance becomes addicting. Upgrade the instake, injectors, turbo, clutch,
downpipe and mid pipe and you’ll havel more power than recommended for a front wheel drive
car, as torque steer starts to become an issue. Over 400HP to be exact. You’ll have that while still looking stylish. I personally like the look of the 9-3 Aero,
it has a design that doesn’t resemble those of other cars. It’s a shame Saab doesn’t exist in the
Automotive industry anymore, I really do think if they made a return they would do quite
well. 6th and final European tuner car is the R56
Mini Cooper S. I’ll get this out of the way first. Straight line speed wise It’ll be extremely
hard to get a Mini Cooper to keep up a with a supercar but when it comes to tuning one
specifically for handling, it can compete. This well engineered car was re introduced
by BMW back in 2001 and surprisingly sold very well. It was perfect for those that wanted a car
that was very fun to drive while being packaged with retro style design. Unlike the Copper S released before 2006 the
R56 ditched the supercharger in favor for a fuel eficient turbocharger that surprisingly
produced more power. The R56 Cooper S came equipped with with a
1.6L 4cyl turbo engine that produced 173HP and 177lb-ft of torque. While that might not sound like a lot, remember
the Cooper S is a very small car, that feels like a go cart when driving. There is one thing many owners do complain
about the cooper S, and that is that it makes a terrible car for long distance driving because
of it’s tight suspension tuning from factory. Can you imagine how much worse it gets once
you decide to tune it? Anways if you like retro looking cars, well
the Mini is one of the best, and it’s arguably one of the most fun cars to drive from this
list. Remember guys if you’re interested in purchasing
my limited time only merch, link will be in the description. Not only will it help support my channel but
you’ll also own a pretty sweet t-shirt. Like always if you enjoyed the video make
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don’t miss my next upload. What European tuner cars do you think I missed
out on, comment below and let me know what that is. As always thanks for watching, till next time

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  2. THANK YOU for putting the Saab Aero in the list! Although 335i takes the cake on all, I've owned both, currently onvmy second Aero(stage0 Vtune, black diamond stage 2 clutch) hands down best euro tuner for the money.

  3. The most fun car I’ve ever owned was a full bolt-on Stg2+ Mk5 GTi.
    I’d love to have another GTi.
    Perhaps a Mk6 or Mk7.

  4. Why does everyone ignore the slk55 amg on these lists? My 2006 can smoke most cars on the road today and it doesn't have a turbo or supercharger.

  5. As a Saab owner, I fully support this video! More people need to know how great potential lies in Saabs.
    I have a 9-3 Aero with B207R engine (the two-litre turbo inline four) and that engine can go up to around 340 HP on stock internals (with forged ones you can go even further) and you can go from stock 210 hp to 250 with just a tune. Not to mention how ridiculously comfortable and pathologically safe this car is. Saab always took care of the safety and comfort of its customers and it shows.

  6. I have seen old 90s mercs with the m103 and m104 engines pushing over 700whp with stock internals if threated right

  7. you stupid fatcuntshowoff must think yu some kind of VIP just for saying euro euro euro. you can tune any car to supercar power ,price and do it wihouit blowing, is why the japanase are way better.. If the european stock cars are already a POS ,bmw,mb,vw how can the tuned be any good. the reason euro always is better is because this euro countrys are run by laiying fuks liberals like yourself ,that lie all the time, run the media,the car magazines etc etc and say euro is best than everything else. they fix all results and pools, f1 races,rally,even the fuking singing competitions.Stop with the fake news you showoff cuynt

  8. Imagine the faces i see everyday when big guys try to pick on my 2018 400hp little azz beetle(thats how they call the GTI now a days)

  9. Owned a SAAB 9-5 Aero -00 Stage 3 once, stock turbo though.Ethanol converted. But between 80-130 on 3rd gear it was fast as hell. SAAB always held the ability to overtake quickly and safely very high.
    This is where one can shock quite many faster cars, I miss my SAAB 🙁

  10. All cars matter , for bottom of the conversation range and what vehicles are perfect for A-b ( not including bikes) are a honda civic or an f150 . Leave it alone and either one of those will last .

  11. B5 s4 is sick but I really like this s3 I’m rolling in now. Used to have a e90 335 with some slight mods and it was great too but this Quattro is doing it for the Canadian winters

  12. Macron est une ordure. Il gaz son peuple. Gens du monde les médias se foute royalement de votre geugle. En France Macron est détesté. Au moment de sa mort sa sera champagne dans bien des maisons.

  13. Glad to see the 9-3 aero made the video! I own a hot red stage 3+ 9-3 aero and it's a beast of a car! Love the look on the m3 drivers face when he can't pull from me😂😂

  14. I always hear about modern German cars using “cheap” plastic pieces that wear out and or break(often early) that are very expensive to replace . The main thing that keeps me and many people away from Euro cars and German cars specifically is the fear of needing a repair that will equal 1/2 to sometimes the full used value.

    You said your car was good because of how common the power plant is. That’s makes sense and sounds great and I have always heard your car does get a ridiculous boost in power for very little with that first tune. But it seems all parts for BMWs are very expensive . I know people with independent specialized shops for euro cars and even they don’t drive them or even really recommend them to friends.

    Are there aftermarket companies that make replacement parts for the cheaply made pieces that address any of those issues while being more durable for less money?

    I’m not a wrench , but I also hear that the mfg design the cars so you need special tools and force you to buy overpriced parts and then have technicians install them making them less appealing to average person who can get cheaper parts and use standard tools to do stuff themselves on other cars.

    It seems their should be aftermarket companies “fixing” some of the cost saving or planned obsolescence that seems built into German cars. Hot rodding or modifying used cars has generally been a thing for younger people and those that want a bad ass performance car but don’t have big money.

    It seems today with some cars it doesn’t really work that way. Your car for instance can be found for very reasonable price and that first mod gets you power that you would have to spend 40k plus on a new car to get near . But if you are dumping a lot of money over a couple few years to keep the car going when things fail or need replacement (could be general stuff that has nothing to do with performance or pushing the limits of the stock set up) then the equation doesn’t work as well and it might be better to make a payment on a new/newer car that is already making close to 500 hp.

    I would like to see content on how to own and modify some of these high potential used cars that addresses the issues inherent in owning, modifying and dealing with cost of ownership of German cars and others. Perhaps it is really just a wanna play gotta pay situation and you can’t eat your cake, but these issues seem to be the reason most people are hesitant to go this route if they know better.

    Minis for example. The ones I have been around don’t seem to be made well as far as interior materials and quality and seem to show age worse then even some much less expensive domestic stuff or Japanese. Minis seem to be particularly overpriced for the quality to me. I get that they can be made to handle well by the nature of their size and weight and they are unique this way. Am I wrong on that?

    Miata is often the answer but they also seem over priced when new no matter how great they are and expensive when used so when you add parts or try to squeeze power they also become expensive.

    Sorry for the long post and insight or even just a confirmation that you need to pay to play or gamble and pray for no expensive failures would be appreciated. From what I have seen the car you own is about the best for people without huge money that want performance along with some upscale appeal without going broke. THANKS!

  15. Hi there! Huge fan of yours which is why I highly support and vouch for your channels massive popularity! Keep it up, bro! 😉 One question – would you recommend me a channel on youtube where I can see how people tune up there vehicles, showing all necessary details and how to install parts/tune-ups, where to procure those parts from as in online shops? I would be highly grateful for your pieces of advice! 🙂 Thanks again, keep grindin' and piling good reviews on the channel 😉

  16. shit my dad had a 335i for 10 years, it was at a quarter of a mil miles and he sold it to a guy for a few hundred pounds cos it had an engine failure. Wish I took that off of him instead cos the guy who bought it totaled it in a few weeks of repairing it. Damn, missed opportunity

  17. Hey guys my name is Libo Mngomezulu I am from South Africa and I recently bought a VW Jetta 5 2.0 FSI. I am really passionate about cars and was wondering if you guys know of any support groups I can join. I am really into tuning and would like to improve the performance of my car. I just dont know how to go about it. I also want to learn about maintenance tips and mods to watch out for.

  18. That's the best looking 3 series. The one you have. I have sold BMWs and was a die-hard BMW culture engrained but to answer your question I would have taken the S4

  19. I owned 2001 S4 loved it so much I bought a new one . I stay away from BMW had one was always in the shop and I though Audi was bad

  20. Be careful of the Mini as they are know to drink oil and are not particularly reliable. Saab all the way my 2.8 V6 aero 2006 has a quad exhaust, with race cat and no silencers with the Vtuner upgrade around 340BHP. 50 to 100 mph is where a Saab kicks ass! At 100, 000 miles she does not even have a hint of any fluid leaks or rust. Reliability is insane!

  21. Hello, listen, i'm not sure if this guy answers his subscribers but ok here it goes, where or what tune is it to get that extra 100 hp on the car,. for either the N4 or N55 motor?

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