50 thoughts on “50HP Princess Jeep VS. 500cc Sport Quad

  1. We're crazy excited to cannibalize the sports quad for a next power wheels build! What are you guys think? Here's the build thread to everything we used on Senderella https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/

  2. Should use the Troy Lee edition. It has a better transmission along with reservoir Fox podium shocks up front. But it’ll be awesome to see what the future holds

  3. Is there any way to repackage the front end to use unequal length A arms to maintain better caster/camber control? Or is the long travel too much for that geometry?

  4. Да ,своей смерью не умрете , на таких скоростях на пластмассе😂😂😂

  5. Love the videos guys. Went to grade school in Bonner's for a few years as a kid. I'm just imagining the fun shit you get into on a daily basis.

    Keep it up dudes, maybe I'll see y'all in the future.

  6. Dude that jeep rips! I want to drive that thing so bad. I love how sketchy it is. And idk if the quad and bike are just holding back but it's seems like that jeep is way way faster than that bike and quad. Inspiring for sure. Makes me wanna build one. Plus I bet when you guys go riding you get mad looks and attention.

  7. this is ridiculous … every f ** king time I see Sanderella she is better and / or more powerful than before! Stop making me want and start manufacturing on a scale with delivery to Brazil! hahah
    Big hug and good luck!

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