$500 Land Rover Oil Change Job DIY For Free

ladies and gentlemen local I’m looking
at your watch here tonight Range Rover Land Rover HSE sport and I’m
going to be doing things on this truck over the next few weeks tonight today this afternoon this
evening I’m going to be doing an oil change on this vehicle and this will
change if you were to go to the dealership and have it done what you’re
getting is synthetic oil course and the cost of this service at the dealership
is roughly about $500 the oil filter by itself on this vehicle is $50 and the
oil is another $90 looking at about $140 in material and
then they tell you they will check all the fluids etc etc we know that goes
it’s not like they’re going to put them in jury they’re just gonna check it
first thing with the module is within the coming weekend just so you look under the hood you have this
cover names utiful the plastic cover just pick that up and it exposes the IRS
looking at the Union from the top down here is the oil filter cover be removing
that and I’m gonna talk about how to do that and here’s the oil filler and also
the oil is not taken a stroke this is where we’re going to put the oil and
right arrows to remove evacuated the oil from here to do this in order to
evacuate the oil properly and that side right there ASAP just tiny amount for
turns so that oil in filter will drain down into the pan and not cause a mess
when you remove this later I’m gonna go ahead that’s why I’m gonna put the vacuum hose
onto it evacuate or set up right and at the end
of this weather is a connector and this and connects onto the port right here
and when I used at the pool the oil annually oil to come out these vehicles have their oil filter and
their court right on top so you don’t have to go on a media engine anymore
like used to make in the old days makes it nice and clean easy to do take about a ten-minute maybe maybe
quicker evacuating the early using this process so we’ll be right back when
that’s done right the oil just about done coming already had to enter the
evacuated wants 9.5 leaders still qualified court anyway so as that was
happening now is loosening this just so that he could breed that’s just about
done here and as you can see it’s releasing the pressure is no more oil to
be had I’m going to go ahead and disconnect this disconnect the evacuated
as well and remove the oil filter put a new one removing the oil to make sure that you
cover the well-heeled support so that nothing goes in there that include that
in a safe place for now cover this nothing gets in there gonna
disconnect this evacuated creationist takes action before I remove anything I
was like to let them make sure they match filter has been touring here here
and here and we want to make sure that there’s also they’re taking off the old
filter and make sure the ordering that son here actually comes off it stays in
the vehicle you’ll miss it put on another one then you create a leak this
is going to be replaced by this one night so once you get the address so I
can be very careful around the edges here right now in place
and over the point that this is five quarts 645 courts nine-point 9.5 so the first player in this is w 20
has caused by this vehicle is in mobile on high mileage and leverages over
75,000 miles W 2012 synthetic just taking this back up and then I’ll target
target take them by hand first just so you don’t miss it has been done in about
to land and check the level now so you turn the menu but you know I’m started because I went into the menu options
both crawling around on the hill joins to care for its ok to service manual
pressing the red arrow key there should have been displaying the oil level
display going on tour level display it ok and it’s right at the maximum level
perfect with the engine running support just to make sure that alright run for about three minutes sign of leaking we’re gonna check the
oil level on the looking for a level in the menu again as we all know that
the oil filter picks up recording against illegal goes into
these little nodules in israel not just go into these little rubber gaskets
where to go down and $1 off the service menu here ok good oil display it ok press OK declare engine oil level is not

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