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50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

What’s good everyone? It’s Joe from Complex At, where else? Flight Club with G-Unit. They’re not giving him the money we’ve made On those deals. Now it’s like, we’ll give
you some shoes. Kidd Kidd, Fifty and Tony Yayo. Key-Kay what you getting? I need these exclusives. We’re going to do some sneaker shopping today. We’re going to see what these guys are feeling. And we’re going to talk some history about
Fifty’s early Hustles in the sneaker game. Let’s go. How was it growing up for you guys getting
sneakers? I used to hustle for mine. These? I couldn’t get a pair of these to save
my life. Really? So these days I made sure I don’t miss a pair. You’re different than him to where, you seem
like you buy everything And you don’t. I don’t. Even when they was doing it- I was
missing that part. I was saving my money. I’d be dirtying it,
so I could buy a car. There go a pair of shoes here five thousand
dollars for the shoes. You go buy a small car, you can go buy a fucking
Chrysler for Five thousand dollars. Ain’t no shoe ever
going to be no wheels. I don’t care what you say. But these are my favorite joints buddy. The sixes? The sixes, yeah. Even in the height of you having the deal-
with Reebok. Just at the tipping point when people started
lining up for shoes. Is it crazy to see how it’s become? It’s different now, like- Paul Fireman response
to losing the bidding war For LeBron was doing lifestyle branding. That
was me, Jay-Z Daddy Yankee. Right. All of us doing it. Would you buy Reeboks now? Yeah, if everything else don’t fit my size. I got these. KD’s? Yep. Is there a player that you like more than
another that you would support? Not necessarily related to the shoes though. I rock the mellow joints, cause me and mellow,
cool- he’s my homeboy. Yeah. KD’s cool. This is his aunt- right? The aunt? The aunt pearls. See you know- you put on
that You’re not that big of a sneaker head, you
seem like You have some knowledge. No, I’m just not off to see the wizard. I
know what’s going on. I- I got all of these. All of these forms.
I don’t think this tho. You like that one? Yeah I do like this. But I do got this shoe
though. Yeah. Custom painted, and it was a white shoe. It
was these. How do you feel about some people who say
the integrity is Messed up when you pain on sneakers. I’m not talking to them, those people don’t
count. You did a monumental deal with Reebok and
now you see Big Shawn, 2 Chainz they’re all getting deals
but the one That is the most successful is the Kanye shoe.
You know these are Going for six grand. Wow. You can keep them motherfuckers. Ye, he did these too right? These are all Kanye’s. One, two, three, four,
five, Six, seven, eight. He make good shoes, he pick good ideas. Yeah. For his shoes. What’s the difference of doing a deal in 2004? The difference is you’ll get paid for it. They’re not paying for- But you got paid. Yeah they’re not giving them the money that
we made on Those deals. Now it’s like- we’ll give you
some shoes. These are the ones I was talking about. Seven fifty. Get the fuck- These are probably. Why those is seven hundred dollars. These are probably originals. That’s the thing. Oh from when they first came out. When they first came out And the ones you
saw down The block are probably reissues. Which you
know… It’s a big difference. That- look the- Wait it’s a huge difference, look. The new
ones Don’t got… Okay, no there’s no difference. I never even see nothing like this before. Hold up. Those are crazy. Those are like the vacation
Huaraches. These are my ones. You work out a lot. Do you wear them in the
gym? No, I wear them in the summer. When it gets
warm these are my sandals. What is the difference between these two shoes. Well this one has a- no this- this is the
same. Three seventy five- four seventy five! They
say it cost more cause of the date. The older the sneaker the more valuable. I’m going right to the storage. I know I got
the LeBron’s y’all can have those. They ain’t got them? These these- No no why? These are cheap shoes? He said
you can get these. No you just said you don’t like expensive
shoes. Oh you think you’re taking pictures in front
of the sneakers. Instagram will fuck your whole life up. Want to know how you’re living. See look at
all the cameras man. Aw man give me my bag Angie. I got a little
bit of paper with me. All right I’m done. Y’all not trying nothing
on. Y’all can go ahead and do that I’m- You’re you’re leaving? Shorty I’m going to get out of here. And I’m going to see if you keep your word, Cause if I get the shoes then I’m going to
know That you be about that. And if I don’t get
the shoes- I got you. I know that you just put the money back – put
your money back complex. All that money from all the advertisers. Goddamn
it I got to get out of here. I got other things to do. But I’m going to
see y’all though- We’re going to do it again. Yeah. Definitely whenever you want. Peace. And they brought you cause you cute
girl. You fine as a mother fucker. You pretty ass
girl- Thanks. Got that hair. Last time I seen hair like
that it was Kelis Saying, I hate you so much right now, you
ain’t saying that. Bye. Get shoes right now. Don’t let your daddy
come out Here without getting you a pair. Go on get
you something. All right I need a Taxis nine and a half. Okay got you. I need these exclusives right now- make sure
you Handle them with care and in an eight baby,
thanks. Sure. Taxis classic. That’s what I come to flight club for- I come To Flight Club for the J’s I know everybody
don’t have. You see what I’m saying. These Taxis you couldn’t find these no where
in new York City. See my partner money, he be having all the Jay Z Wears- new Jay always stunting me. Oh you don’t got these? And I ain’t no rapper. So you know I gotta come out with these. On it. You know what I’m saying? I’m going to say you ain’t got these yet. You dig? Okay, the total is… Thirteen dollars and fifty cents. No, one thousand three hundred fifty. Oh, okay okay. Oh. All right so fifty bounced. But Yayo got his
pair. Kid kid got his pair and nut got his pair. Thanks for coming through. Yo, thanks man. I appreciate it. Oh man- oh man. Everyone check the new EP, The beast is G Unit coming soon. Yo’ I didn’t know. You ain’t got these.

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100 thoughts on “50 Cent Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

  1. I respect 50 loved his music since I was a kid , His actual struggles and realizes expensive shoes are stupid amen. I would never drop more than $200 for sneakers it’s just not necessary at all. Even when I get $1000 check on payday I don’t even go cop sneakers because my $200 sneaker I bought from last month or so still fresh n rockin lol

  2. Didnt this dude make "window shopper "? I a video where a fucking milkshake was like a couple thousand? Now he's here complaining about shoe prices lol fake ass rappers man

  3. I just watched the video with Scott Disick and that white boy dropped $15k on his shoe bill. 50 only spent $1670, wtf?

  4. Y’all petty AF this used to say G Unit goes sneaker shopping now it just says 50 Cent 😂🤣😂

  5. I feel like u all haters when someon has a gift as a talent to actually show their creativity to draw something nice on a pair of good shoes. U all need to get of that haterade and stop hating on talent fooools! U all don't know what's art .. All u foools to become famous rappers u do satanic rituals that the lumimaty xpects from all of U ! Specially that foool that expects u guys to waste a bundle of $$$ on shoes he has satanic rituals to, sadly he cant even dress as somone who representing the show😂🤣😅 U all fake ! Only bcz u that foooools rappers don't mean crap, u all hating on real artist that know the true meaning of art and know how to draw, Get a life u looooser all u care for this foools to throw their $$$ on ur overpriced store. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  6. Es un tipo presumido, no veo la necesidad de que saque todo el efectivo de su bolso. Pero ni lo presumido le quita lo mezquino y tacaño. A su morro no le quería comprar ni pito jajajajajajaja.

    Si eres un tipo ahorrador que no gasta en cosas innecesarias y sobrevaloradas, está bien, pero tampoco vayas presumiendo que llevas un chingo de varo si no lo vas a gastar

  7. No matter how many new episodes & new guests they have on sneaker shopping w complex I always come back to this classic fifty cent episode

  8. $6,000 tennis shoe from KANYE? are you mother f**** crazy like 50 Cent said a motherfucking shoe would never beat no wheels I can buy a goddamn car for $6,000 and not even spend the whole 6 and have change in my pocket

  9. Uno respect to 50, I was thinking what he was saying the whole video, when I saw the kanye sneaker I was literally thinking keep those shit, even with the girl I was think what a beautiful girl lol

  10. 50 cent be the only guy on this show that has a brain, he prolly knows the resell prices on these shoes. Thats why he didnt buy nothing.

  11. I wonder if rich ppl price is different from regular ppl ….fuck these price r ridiculous…..6000 for a fuck shoe… that's like 700,000 in Jamaican ……I respect this man rich or not am not buying no fuckin shoes dat expensive

  12. Damn, when he says act broke he really mean it. With all due respect, my dude be carrying around stacks of cash like it's nothing

  13. 50 Cent carries a bag of bills? That’s actually hella smart, for a certain reason. Psychologically when you have cash, you’re less likely to spend it without giving it a second thought. With plastic you’d probably be more likely to buy stuff more frequent.

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