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5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about five things that you should never do to your car you don’t want to have
any problems, now I’ve been working on cars for 51 years and believe it or not
I’ve seen many people do many of these five different things over the years, so
I’m going to warn you why you shouldn’t do them, now the first thing is never
jump start your car backwards, learn which terminal is positive and in which
negative this Toyota is pretty easy it’s got a big plus on the positive and if you
pick this up you can see there’s also a plus on the battery right here, it says
plus so you know that’s positive and the opposite side is negative and it’s got a
negative on the battery, they’re not all this simple that’s why you need to learn
which is positive and which is negative and here’s why jump-starting it
backwards can really cause problems, using this
voltmeter you can see how many volts the car battery has, now in this case it’s
almost 12 volts this battery is a little bit low, it’s eleven point six eight and
like all modern cars the positive wiring goes to all the wires and switches and
the negative goes to the body of the car and to the engine all the metal in the car
is negative electricity and that’s 12 volts negative electricity, unfortunately
since cars are all computerized many of those sensors work on a five volt
reference signal, so a lot of the electronics and especially the computer itself runs
on five volts, now that’s five volts on the power side if you jump start a
battery backwards and put positive on negative and negative on positive
you’re making the ground now go to power so instead of the ground being negative
electricity you’re now having positive 12 volts
going through there, that will feed right through any of those computer parts on
the ground circuit and go right to the computer with 12 volts instead of five
and it will fry the computer, so never jumpstart a car backwards, and as a
corollary to that, if you’re working on the electronic system, make sure you know
the voltage of what you’re working on, is it regular 12 volts or is a computer
circuit that has five volts and you should never put more than five volts
into that circuit, now the next thing I don’t advise to do, is to add fuel engines
to your fuel, now this isn’t going to hurt anything, except your wallet your
waste money in most cases, modern fuel
at least the United States has many additives required by law, cars run
perfectly fine with the stuff you get out of the pump, if you buy good fuel,
take care of your cars you don’t need additives, now I know some
people are gonna say, well Scotty those GDI gasoline direct engine cars they get
carboned up don’t they need cleaners in the fuel tank and the answer to that is
no, because if you put them in a fuel tank of a GDI, the GDI injectors spray
them right into the engine they don’t go over the intake valves, so the intake
valves still get crud on them and they don’t get clean because the inside of them only has air and oil from the PCV valve system going in, the only way you
clean those is by either spraying it into the intake where the air goes in or
paying a mechanic like me who has pressurized cleaning machines to clean it,
now the next thing not to do is to put a heavier weight oil in an older engine
that might start to be burning a little oil and you think, well I’ll put heavier oil in and it will make it better, you really don’t want to do it in any modern engine
and here’s why, you can see this is a 12 year old matrix and it says use 5w30 oil
and some modern ones say even to use 0w 20, it’s very light oil and you
don’t want to make that light oil heavier most of these variable valve
systems and they have to have thin oil so the oil flows really fast gets into
the VVT system if you put a heavier oil in, when you start the engine up, it won’t
flow right you’ll get wear in that VVT system and if it’s really heavy
it won’t flow right through the VVT system and the variable valve system won’t
work right, it won’t accelerate right it might put the check engine light on,
I see that a lot of people put too heavy oil in the modern car, so don’t do that
stick to what it was made for and the next thing not to do is, don’t waste your
money filling your tires with nitrogen, a few years back they were pushing that
and they’re trying to sell guys nitrogen concentration machines cuz realize the
air were breathing in now that’s like 80% nitrogen already, so all these
companies are trying to sell guys like me
nitrogen enhancing machines that could turn that 80% nitrogen into almost 100%
nitrogen to fill the tires with and yes nitrogen is an inert gas and it keeps
its pressure a little bit better, I believe they use them in big jets
because they’re up in the air where it’s really cold then they
got it land really fast and they want the pressure to stabilize exactly but
for normal cars just driving down the street,
you’re wasting your money paying somebody to fill your tires with nitrogen because
of course over time most tires lose a little bit of air, so you’d have to keep
going back and paying them to add a little air, you couldn’t be adding it
yourself and all you’re doing is knocking out 20% of the nitrogen that’s
in there, so it’s a waste of money don’t throw your money away
filling your tires with nitrogen and the fifth and last thing not to do is, don’t
forget to change your coolant every once in a while if you keep your cars a long
time now, this is an old car it has the old fashioned green coolant in it, you
need to change it once every three years, but more modern cars they use
extended life antifreeze as you can see here 150,000 miles or five years, now if
you don’t keep your cars five years or 150 thousand miles you don’t have to care,
and there are even more modern ones there are seven years so it’s not
something you need to do all that often but if you’re cheap like me and drive
your cars 30 years 20 years 15 years you want to change the coolant when it’s
required, if you don’t know and it can ruin the water pump, it can ruin the head
of the engine and with these modern computerized cars, it actually creates a
battery voltage when it’s low inside the coolant and that can destroy the
electronic system and the computer sensors make the car go haywire, I’ve had
customers with cars like that, I stick my meter in their coolant and another end
on the battery terminal and find out that there’s voltage flowing through the
coolant, that destroys stuff, it’s not that hard to change the coolant out you
can change it out yourself but you have to do it if you keep the car a long time
to prevent all kinds of electrolysis that’s going to occur inside and damage your
car, so now you got it five things that you shouldn’t do on your car if you want
it to last a long time, their simple things you can easily do them yourself,
you don’t want to waste money, but on the other hand you don’t want to ruin your
car because you didn’t want to buy $30 of antifreeze, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty, what do you think of the 1961 Pontiac Tempest 4DR sedan with the trophy 4 motor and the automatic rear transaxle?

  3. I have a 2002 Honda Accord with a 2.3 liter v-tec motor. When should you change the antifreeze?

  4. There is 2 number on oil (ex. 5W30) The first one is the cold viscosity, the second is the subrication level. So in theory a 5-30 lubricate better than the 5-20 for the same viscosity, is it truth?

  5. Hey it's me again I put a comment and I thought you check them all where I said you not a real Mechanic how come you haven't even correct me lol…

  6. I don't know jack about cars and I could (and have) listen to him talk about cars for hours. Very entertaining and informative.

  7. scotty nitrogen in used in all the military tires i am aware of for just the reason you said.

  8. LIke Scotty says, don't put nitrogen in your tires. I prefer laughing gas. I doesn't work any better than air, but at least it puts a smile on my face.

  9. Why does my 2003 Ford Explorer 2wd 4.0 always act like the fuel tank is full when I'm at the gas station trying to put gas in it?

  10. Earlier this morning I gave someone a boost and they nearly did it backwards they could of messed up my vehicle

  11. Mr. Scotty Kilmer is incredibly down to earth and well articulated enough especially with something as intimidating as working with cars for the novice like myself. Between my mechanically savvy boyfriend and him, I’m learning so much, and this is so very critical for females to get into. Thank you, Scotty Kilmer !!! Keep me coming, sir

  12. VD or Voltage drop will happen at any point on the car. I'm old school, so I don't know a lot about these modern engines. :But putting one end of the probe and another ground part of the car is going to show something. Also To my knowledge the radiators still rarely directly touch the car, only the in and output transmission tubes, which are grounded with metal straps to the chassis.

  13. Should you never leave your auto trans in Drive when at a stop for a good amount of time Ex train crossing. Should you put your trans in park or neutral when at a long wait?

  14. And…….

    Never, and I mean never……throw your car into "park" while doing 70 mph.
    Never… your car if you can see the air in the tires.
    Never…use "Hydrogen" to inflate your tires!
    Never……use the term "that's good enough", while performing your own brake job on the family sedan.

    Any more out there?

  15. Some people can't figure out a 2 part puzzle, yet they drive?
    Careful buying anything from anyone NOT done basic maintenance!

  16. I’m new to taking care of my car and sir! You’re a legend for your straightforward talks about cars that I like!

  17. Never just assume the red wire is going to the positive terminal, found that out the hard way with my boss man's old Buick.

    The battery was positioned so that it was hard to see so when we were trying to jump it off we just assumed red was positive until the jumper cables started smoking.

    Now even if it takes a little longer we make sure the battery has the plus sign on it.

  18. I've literally watched 2 hours of videos by mistake of purpose your great.
    I know your name is Scotty but for some reason I wanna call you Jimmy.

  19. Hi Scotty, quick question for you, I purchased my friends 09 Honda Civic sedan EX, I noticed that the car has a hesitation on acceleration, any idea what it may be ? Is this a known issue, vehicle has 130k on the odometer, one owner

  20. I flush coolant yearly.
    Put your coolant through a coffee filter through a Funnel into a buck and you will be shocked at what is in their. Change it!!! Your radiator will last forever

  21. The Nissan dealership down the street from my workplace provides nitrogen fill ups for free, I don't even own a Nissan and I go to them to fill my tires lol.

  22. What do you think about self inflating tires? Should I use that feature or do it the old fashioned way?

  23. I used to work at a BMW dealership in southern California. They would charge $85 to fill a customer's tires with nitrogen.

  24. of all the vehicles I've ever owned.. all used.. I NEVER thought to swap out the coolant fluid since all you hear is how bad it is for the environment and kids and pets should not drink it and etcetera. YouTubing the process it seems fairly simple. Everything I need to access is on the outside of the engine. It looks even easier than changing the engine oil! Oh, be sure to use appropriate funnels and reservoirs. I got a big 'ol reservoir I use for changing 2-3 car's oils at a time then go empty it at my local dump. Funnels, though, I'm gonna have to go out and get along with some new coolant. Question, Does it make sense to buy 50/50 diluted mixes, or for the same price get twice as much and mix it myself with my own distilled water? HAHAHA!

  25. I have an EJ253 engine and run heavier, thicker, Rotella T6 Diesel engine oil. My engine recommends 5w-30, but I use 5w-40. Been running 12k miles on this so far, definitely runs a lot smoother than 5w-30. I’m also pushing 35 HP over stock (175 AWHP stock, i dyno’d at 210 after CAI, full exhaust, fuel pump and bigger injectors with a nice tune from Rallitek). Revs all the way up to 6.5k as happy as can be!

  26. At work I have to boost a lot of vehicles, but one time I saw a co worker incorrectly boost a vehicle by putting the pos on neg and vice versa, I wonder if it affected any of the computerized mechanisms like you mentioned it can. Spooky stuff lol

  27. The very informative and friendly neighbor that you hope not to run into as soon as you pull up after work. If your car starts making noises it shouldn't, you park around the corner, just to avoid the conference lol.
    Thank you for your time and car smarts!

  28. Just take your car back to the dealership ask them to place it on the showroom floor then go by and look at it on the weekends.

  29. Everyone commenting to not start the car because of the thumbnail should know this one extra thing! Never keep your car key with your other keys. The weight of the keys will put stress on the ignition and cause it to wear out prematurely. Instead keep it separate and have a door only key on your key chain (in case you lock your keys in your car).

    That's the only thing I can think that's practical good advice. The other item dealing with the thumbnail would be to not start it too long or twice.

  30. He said cheap like me driving car 15 20 30 years um Scotty I’m only 19 that’s not being cheap that’s being old lmao.

  31. Can you tell me if doing long distance driving (having to drive through the hills / grapevine)in a 2016 car ruin the transmission?

  32. We use nitrogen in my motorcycle.. but it's a racebike so therefore it's advantageous to be able to keep the tire pressure constant regardless of the heat that is generated.

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