41 thoughts on “5 Stocks to WATCH in DECEMBER 2017 📈 | Top 5 Stocks to WATCH🔎 INVEST📊or TRADE📈

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  2. Very interesting picks! I went more conservative with mine but this gives me a new perspective. Good stuff 👍

  3. Thanks Marvin for another well done analysis video. I will definitely be watching MU in the following weeks and months. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Hello Marvin. I had been watching Mastercard, after watching your video I bought a vertical option. I was able to collect a 30% return before the pullback. Right now I am stuck with Micron I am waiting for a rebound to get out with a smaller loss, i have Jan 19 options. These are my first 2 real money trades.

  5. Any opinion on the ridiculous rollercoaster that is XNET? I know the stock is suspect, but looking at all the profit I've missed out on is making me sick

  6. Wheres the videos my friend????? Can you recommend a good stock under 15$?? Please continue the videos, I think your one of the best on YouTube with your evaluations .. I’d like to continue to learn how to break down a company and what to look for before I enter a position

  7. Marvin, good job on the video. Any reason why you think Micron dropped recently, especially in light of MU`s upcoming earnings report that is expected to be good.

  8. Make more videos, you have a good view. What stocks you think is strongest in 2018 & what you think about canadian weedstocks etc. Make moreeee vidss!

  9. I had a question about REDHAT. Do you think it will bounce back to 130 soon? I caught it at 122.50 and was looking to short term until 130 but may sell if it will take too long and may make more on something moving up faster. Thanks for you help.

  10. I would like to say thank you for all the help you have given me are looking at the stock market and how to analyze companies. I have not seen any videos lately and I wonder why. I hope all is well with you please post more videos soon

  11. Compadre,

    Tremenda vacación te mandaste.. no tengo los stocks para enero. Jaja lol!!

    I’m sick of watching the greengos on CNBC. I hope all is well.


  12. Another great video Marvin. Glad you covered MU, as I just picked up some stock and see this going to $230 within a few months. I also really like Costco as a company and plan to add some too.  Let me wish you and all your subscribers a happy and prosperous 2018.

  13. Hi – Happy New Year 
    Haven't heard a peep from you for the new year – hope all is well. 
    We are eagerly awaiting your next vid post.

  14. YOYO, MARVIN!!! i pray you're doin well!!!
    Haven't Seen nor Heard ANYTHING by you in a couple months!!!
    lemme know you still breathin' bruh! God be with you too…BreatheEzy

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