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5 Rare BMW Cars You Probably NEVER Heard of & May NEVER See In Person!

5 Rare BMW Cars You Probably NEVER Heard of & May NEVER See In Person!

A few weeks ago I asked my followers on Instagram
to help me out with some video suggestions. They were all fantastic ideas and I may actually
use some of them for future videos. But one in particular stood out, a video on some of
the rarest BMWs that exist. I figured since I’m a huge BMW fan and many of my subscribers
are too, why not. So today I’ll be showing you 5 rare BMW cars that you probably didn’t
know about and may never get to see in real life. First one on the list is the BMW M3 CRT. At
a quick glance it may seem like an ordinary e90 M3. But if you look a little closer you’ll
notice the unique frozen silver paint job, the small red accents found on the hood vents,
the front diffuser and fender emblems and the 4 unique bucket seats found in the interior.
And yes rear passengers also got bucket seats. What really made the CRT different from the
rest was the use of carbon fiber throughout the car. Hence the name CRT which stands for
carbon racing technology. At the time, carbon fiber reinforced plastic which was used on
the M3 CRT was rare and very expensive to make and it wasn’t until the BMW i3 and
BMW i8 where BMW used it much more widely. BMW’s goal was to shave off as much weight
as possible with the M3 CRT since carbon fiber can be just as strong as steel but at ¼ of
the weight. They managed to decrease the overall weight of the car by around 154 pounds. May
not sound like much but when you combine the weight reduction with the 4.4L V8 found on
another rare BMW car known as the M3 GTS, oh makes a huge difference. Producing 450HP
@ 8300 RPM and 324lb-ft torque, and having a 180mph top speed which is limited btw, this
car really meant business. Essentially the M3 CRT is the sedan version of the M3 GTS,
but much more rare. 135 fire orange colored M3 GTS models were made while only 67 M3 CRTs
were made, and get this, none were sold here in the United States! Only two of them are
reported to be in the United States, federalized for show and display use. They can be legally
driven in the states for no more than 2,500 miles a year. Actually remember one of the
two in the US being sold a year or two back for like 300K. Honestly it’s hard to believe
that someone would pay so much for such a car but let’s look at it this way. Only 67
of them were built which makes it one of the rarest BMWs that exist, and if you own one
in the US then you’d be owning 1 out of 2. If you had the money would you buy one
for 300k? Second car is the BMW M5 Touring E61. I’m
sure many if not all of you know about the E60 M5 either because of it’s beautiful
exhaust sound or because it’s one of the most unreliable BMW cars to ever exist. But
how many of you knew there’s a wagon version that exist? BMW only had two M5 tourings over
the course of the models history, the e34 and the e61. That alone makes them extremely
rare. The E61 M5 is essentially a copy and paste of the E60 M5 but with the practicality
of a wagon of course. On paper this has to be one of the most exciting wagons to have
ever been released. It has it all, except reliability of course. Being that it’s a
wagon it’s extremely practical, seats 5, grocery runs are a walk in the park, and comes
equipped with a massive F1 inspired 5L V10 that produces 500HP and 383lb-ft of torque.
It’s top speed is 155 mph limited but if the limiter is removed it can go over 200mph.
Some saying someone reaching an insane top speed of 207mph on the autobahn! If that’s
true that’s faster than a Mcalren 570s! The M5’s engine screams with it’s 9K rpm redline
and the sound the M5 produces is orgasmic! I actually made a video a while back on some
of the best sounding productions cars and the M5 is one of the cars I included. I’ll
link it below if you want to check it out later. 0-60 for the M5 Touring is around 4.5
seconds, a half of a second slower than the sedan version, but either way very fast. And
can easily be a sleeper in my eyes, if it runs lol..alright enough with the reliability
jokes. Sadly, just like the M3 CRT the E91 M5 Touring was not sold here in the United
States mainly because well, Americans don’t seem to have a big interest in wagons. It’s
a damn shame, my guess is if you had the courage and opportunity to get your hands of a M5
Touring and hold on to it for the long haul, it may be worth a lot in the future. Only
1025 of them were built and dare I say it looks better than the Sedan version. Third car on the list is the BMW Z8 Alpina.
Also known as the Alpina Roadster V8. It was first released in 2003, a year after the regular
Z8 came out. Alpina wanted to add a very distinctive twist to the supercar like Z8. While the regular
Z8 focused more on hard nosed performance the goal for the Alpina Z8 was to have more
of an emphasis on grand touring experience. The 6 speed manual was swapped out for a 5
speed zf automatic transmission, the suspension was tuned to be more comfortable, the run
flat tires were replaced with more conventional tires with softer sidewalls, and they added
20 inch wheels for cool factor. Engine wise the original plan was to insert a massive
V12 into the roadster but the engine bay room was an issue so Alpina ultimately decided
to go with a 4.8L V8 from their 5 series based B10 V85. While it produced less HP than the
original Z8 at only 375HP it did produce more low end torque at 384lb-ft which is exactly
what Alpina wanted. Inside it is very easy to tell apart from other Z8s. They have an
individually numbered plaque, blue instrument cluster dials, a display that shows the gear
selection and unique interior stitching. While some may not like the looks of the Z8 Alpina
I actually dig it especially when it comes to the interior. The Z8 is already a very
rare car that was only produced in limited numbers. 555 units in total, 450 of them sold
in the US and out of all of them only 28 of them were tweaked by Alpina. And if you had
the opportunity to buy one back in the day, the starting price was around 138K which believe
it or not was a bargain compared to what they sell for today. Most well maintained regular
Z8s are selling for over 200K while the Alpina versions are selling close to 300K This next car is an honorable mention because
while its very limited and rare, most car enthusiasts know about it primarily because
it was featured on both Need For Speed most wanted and carbon. The BMW M3 GTR E46. First
of all it was the first M3 in the history of BMW to feature a V8 engine. While many
of you many recognize the M3 GTR, you may not know why it even exists. In a nutshell,
at the time when the M3 GTR was introduced at Le mans racing. Porsche was wiping the
floor with every one and the M3 GTR was the answer for BMW to come out ahead, they were
tired of seeing Porsche win. Here’s the thing, Porsche complained because the V8 engine
found in the M3 GTR was not found in a production car which according to Le mans rules, would
disqualify such an entry. So what does BMW do? They went and produced 10, that’s right
only 10 road version BMW GTRs which was the minimum at the time to allow them to race
without issues. The road version ones were detuned compared to the track one, producing
380HP compared to 493HP. The racetrack version was kicking Porsches behind and the road version
one was an extremely rare and desirable piece of art. Shortly after the Le mans rules changed
stating that 100 production M3 GTRS would have to be made and 1000 of the same engines.
1000 of those engines would be very expensive to produce so that’s where BMW closed the
curtains on the M3 GTR racing at Le mans. The BMW M3 GTR E46 is truly a legendary car,
just seeing one in person not even owning one would be a phenomenal experience. 4th car is the BMW M3 pickup truck. Only two
of them were created by BMW. An e30 version and e9x version. Neither of them were produced
for the public but more so used to transport parts within the M division facility. BMW
used the e30 version for 26 years before they decided to retire it in 2012. And that’s
when the modern one came into play. Bmw decided to pull a prank on enthusiasts and used the
pickup truck as an April fools joke. And man was it so well executed. BMW purposely placed
the M3 pickup truck on the iconic Nurburgring track knowing that many spy shots would be
captured as a result. Pictures started to surface all over the web racking up excitement.
BMW even went as far as releasing a press release for it, I’ve read it myself and
it sounded very convincing. Only for it all to be a cruel joke! Well played BMW. All it
ended up being was a once off and used as a workshop transport like the previous m3
pickup. Building it was not a challenging task for BMW as it started off as the convertible
E93 version, so strengthening elements already were added to the body. Not only was this
variation of the M3 more practical and can haul up to 992lbs of cargo, but it was also
150 pounds lighter than the coupe E92 M3. combine that with the same 4L V8 engine producing
420HP, and this pickup truck was a performance machine! It looks pretty damn cool! It would
fit perfectly in the Australian market as a distinctive M3 UTE. There is actually a
tuning shop in South Africa that replicated this with a e92 M3. It’s apparently the
only supercharged M3 pickup truck in the world! 5th and last car is the BMW Baur E21. And
yes there was a 3 series available before the E30. Only two body styles were available
for the E21 platform. A coupe version which is the one everyone bought and a rather interesting
and unique convertible version thanks to Baur a coach builder in Germany. Baur had a long
history with BMW so they decided to team up with them and make the convertible 3 series.
But see the E21 Baur wasn’t using a convertible top most of us are familiar with, to be honest
it was rather weird and quirky. They essentially shaved off the top of an E21 coupe and reinforced
and engineered rigidity to the top since it was not meant to be a convertible. The result
was a rather strange one. The top panel comes off as you would expect but the A B and C
pillars remained in place. And since the top laid on top of thr trunk and not inside of
it practicality remained the same which was actually a good thing because that means it
wouldn’t limit cargo room whether the top was on or off. The E21 was essentially a BMW
with a hat. As far as I know the convertible treatment was given to all engine variants
of the E21. 4,595 units were made with the convertible treamement. Compared to the other
BMW cars featured on this video it doesn’t seem as exclusive but I’m sure many of you
probably have never heard of it before. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know it existed
until recently where a friend of mine mentioned it to me. The E21 Baur in a way paved the
way for future BMW convertible cars. Baur actually continued to modify the the 3 series
all the way through the E30 and E36 generations. So were you aware of the BMW cars featured
on this video? If so let me know in the comment section below. I really do hope you guys enjoyed
the video and if you did make sure to like it, it really does make a huge positive impact
on my videos and don’t forget to subscribe with notifications on that way you don’t miss
out on my next upload. As always thanks for watching. Till next time.

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