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5 Pro’s and Cons of bmw i3 120ah Review, is it any good? πŸ”ŒπŸ”‹πŸš—

5 Pro’s and Cons of bmw i3 120ah Review, is it any good? πŸ”ŒπŸ”‹πŸš—

welcome to this week’s video this week’s
video I’m going to be doing a five pros and five cons video review of the BMW i3
it’s the new 120ah version also known as the 40 kilowatt hour battery
version and we’re gonna be going over some of the pros and cons I’ve learned
as a BMW owner of this car now for over six months now if you don’t know who I
am I’m Nicolas Raimo I make videos every single week about electric cars be that
the Renault Zoe the BMW i3 or Tesla’s I’ll take you through my entire journey
of owning electric car be that reviews of the cars how they work insightful
tips and other things to do with electric technology and environmental
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YouTube every time I make an upload now before I start getting into the cons of the car these really worth noting that these cons and issues I have with a
car and my personal pros and my personal cons if you have one of these or you’re
thinking of buying one of these you’re not necessarily going to have the same
issues that I find with it all you’re not going to find the same benefits that
I do well this is what I found after having the car 6 months and what bothers me the first one is the fruit or the frunk if your in the US the only way
of opening it is by the key now this might not seem irritating however if you
like me like to unlock your car by the app which you can do on the BMW app
which is absolutely great you can’t open the car from inside there’s no internal
buttons to open this front boot the only way of doing it is by the key and that
is a little bit irritating there is another issue which I’m going to tie
into one number one of the cons of this car and that is this front boot here
isn’t waterproof which is ridiculous seeing they put all your charge cables
in it the emergency tyre kit I mean you can’t use it for anything else that you
don’t want to get wet because it isn’t waterproof there is two drain holes at
the bottom of it to stop it from filling up with water
but why would you not make it waterproof I was almost the prime example of why
only having only key is a bad issue and that is I almost locked the key in the
front boot now it would have been a complete disaster and I wouldn’t have
had to get the spare key there is ways to open the front boot there is a video
on the top right of this video on how to open stuff like this and the rear boot
if it’s jammed or you’ve locked it and the emergency pull cords are where they
are but you could have had a slight panic if you were out and about shopping
and you didn’t know where it was the one thing that I found very very irritating
with the BMW infotainment system is it’s not a touchscreen now yes you could
argue that the screen is too far back to be a touchscreen but they could have
easily made the screen here or you know brought it forward and it could be
touch screen now like I said these are issues that are unique to me that I
find irritating a lot of people prefer the BMW idrive with the scroll wheel and
not being a touchscreen but to me in the modern century where you’ve got
touchscreen iPhones touchscreen sat-nav touchscreen tom-toms having a
touchscreen is very intuitive and very easy to use and it just it doesn’t make
any sense not to have any of this being a touchscreen it it’s it’s silly now I
could understand them having a bit of a compromise of being partly a touchscreen
and partly a scroll wheel to make you know make some of the navigation a bit
more easy but it to me it should just be a touchscreen and I know this is going
to cause a lot of debate where people think it’s a great idea that the scroll
wheel let me know now we know you’ve thoughts down below in the comments I’d
love to know do you agree with me should all Sat Navs in cars now be a
touchscreen or do you prefer the old manual sort of scroll wheels that the
BMW idrive got now my next little issue about this BMW is to do with the heating
control system and the reason I am picking on it is because it is a 35,000
pound car when new the Renault Zoe in considerably the same class sector of a
hatchback is around about the 20,000 pound battery Owned mark for the ZE40
model at the time of recordings this video The ZE50 prices weren’t out but I
assume the ZE50 battery owned versions gonna be around about 24 so
still 10 grand cheaper than the BMW equivalent car
and the Nissan Leaf comment down below in the comments I’m not sure what the
Nissan Leaf prices are for the 40 kilowatt it is literally every every
time I check it’s all over the place I only really know the Zoe Prices off the
top of my head so if you do know the Nissan leaf 40 Price please leave me
down the comments below but my issue is this is a 35,000 pound car that has the
same heating technology that the generation 1 Nissan Leafs had in and
that is it does not use a heat pump but it can do if you pay for it now a lot of
BMW drivers and Non sort of previous EV drivers will not know that not having a
heat pump is extremely detrimental to your range in the winter and I mean
extremely detrimental it can it will basically suck as much battery power as
it can to heat the cabin now it does tail off very quickly as soon as the
cabin gets warm but to me a 35,000 pound car should the only way of heating this
cabin be using basically like heating up a an electronic coil to warm the cabin
or shouldn’t they be using a heat pump like the Renault Zoe or other makes and
in my mind yes they should I’ve mentioned this issue before and that is
this boot is terribly small now it doesn’t look like I’ve got much in here
I basically got my scooter my Ohme cable and then the just a normal public
cable that I use now technically I don’t really need the public cable in here and
not really the ohme cable but the scooter just about fits and I’ve got to
slant it in a weird angle and put it in now in the Zoe I can just literally pick
it up and drop it in the boot and I can have the Zoe full of rubbish and I mean
full of stuff my wife’s boot is the messies car in the world and the issue
here is when I went down to Heathrow for my honeymoon I couldn’t fit two large
suitcases in the back of here I could only just about fit one of the hand
luggage bags well I actually managed to squeeze both the handle which I’ve seen
to be fair I did leave this in a loop through the seat folded up now in the
Zoe I was able to fit the two large the two large suitcases in the boot of the
Zoe and I could just about squeeze one of the hand luggage bags in I did test
that tested in Both but we needed to take the i3 because we needed the range
of the I3 and the old the Zoe we’ve got 22 kilowatt
the issue maybe for me is because when we’re going to Heathrow we’re stopping at
Milton Keynes to film some stuff for milton keynes experience and if you look
at the video top right of that Milton Keynes experienced enter I was parked in
the carpark and I basically had two large suitcases in my rear passenger
seat and the two miniature hand cases in the back now that fine the hand cases
were hidden but the two large suitcases weren’t so what I had to do is i had to
bring my dog cover that I use in the Zoe to make it look like there was
nothing in the backseat and kind of cover it up and that’s not ideal now if
you a family of three or a family four you go into the airport you couldn’t
take the i3 which is ridiculous it’s it’s a 4 seater car it should
be able to fit 4 seat 4 people in with at least two hand luggage bags in
it and it can’t sorrt not hand luggage two main bag it just couldn’t do it
that’s really really irritating me now this particular issue isn’t just a BMW
issue a lot of car manufactures do that and it’s this here it’s the fact that he
the charge flap is a petrol flap it looks like a petrol flap it’s a bit ugly
it doesn’t need to be it doesn’t need to be here that it could be pretty much
anywhere that the flap and the charging socket don’t need to go into a fuel tank
and loop down in a certain order to fit the fuel tank in the back it’s it’s a
cable it can pretty much go wherever it wants wherever they can fit the cable
now this there’s several solutions you can go down the the renault route which
uses a lovely front nose bit which is my favorite because if you’re going to a
rapid charger or your home charger you can you do have to drive forward in all
the time but it’s always in the center of the car which you can always reach
it no matter how long the cable is a rapid the issue with the BMW is if you
want to charge at polar rapid for example you need to reverse in and if the space
is blocked on one side and the cable won’t reach you can’t charge now Tesla
have gone through a similar thing and they fitted theirs right at the back on
one of the headlights which is almost as ideal as a Zoe because it’s it’s very
easy to reach and stretch the cable no matter which way round the rapid is but the
ideal way for me would be directly on the back or directly on the front or copying what Audi have done with the e-tron which is have flaps both sides
they’ve got CCS one side and an AC one side and the reason why that’s
convenient is if you have a garage that you park into and you can’t stretch the
cable around you can fit a AC either side and just plug it in and charge if you
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feel free to always ask questions in my comment section I will always always
answer comments Quickly moving over to the pros one of the things that you hear often
about electric cars is that they are not green to build now that is completely
untrue and we’re not going into that in today’s video what we will go into is
why this is a particularly green car and that is because they use recycled
materials all the way throughout the car they don’t use a metal chassis really
they use a carbon fiber structure chassis and the car plant that they
build these in is 100% renewable energy that you’ve mainly wind a little bit of
solar that everything all the energy that’s used by that factory is offset by
Green Green wind turbines each and close by the factory very similar to what
Tesla do in their factory this is a particularly greener Car on a plus point
on something to do being green if you probably know that the less meat
you eat the glow you can lower your co2 and I’ve recently gone to a slightly
vegan diet but I’m still eating the occasional bit of meat but hardly any
compared to what I used to I’ve gone a little bit pescetarian but my vegan
friends will be happy to know that the steering wheel on this car doesn’t use
any real leather it’s all fake leather which means no animals were killed in the
making of this car so a lot of vegans will be very very happy with that now if
you’re buying a BMW then you would expect this anyway but I’m gonna note it
anyway and that is the build quality on these cars is very very high and I mean
very high there’s no problems with panel gaps there’s no problems with faults the cars
delivered with paint when it arrives to your door
perfect wheels you don’t have to crib you car like you would say I’m sorry
to say this like a Tesla there I do have seen some of the model 3’s in Belgium
that were delivered and there was various little tiny faults that BMW wouldn’t
of released now Tesla yes we’ll sort them that’s fine they will not argue
they you will report the fault they will fix it the problem is new car shouldn’t
be delivered with a fault now in fairness I did this car did develop a
fault two months after owning it and that was the iDrive joystick things
stopped working and yes BMW fixed it straightaway so I’m trying to weigh some
balance but they they are better built you can’t deny it the paint quality is a
lot better the panel gaps you know the non-existent it’s a BMW you do expect
that kind of build quality now you wondering why the hell I’m down here at
the bonnet and that is because these babies these little headlights are the
most amazing things I have ever seen on any car they are LED headlights from the
120 amp hour BMW i3 and they are super bright and I mean super they all I will
try and record the best footage I can it on the darkest Road I can but bear in
mind I am recording this in July but I will try record the darkest Road
i can with standard beams and then main beams but they are super bright
they are literally the best headlights I have ever seen in my entire life on any
car and one of the things that I really do like about the i3 and one of the
things that I’ve really started to experience that I enjoy so much about it
that is the sheer acceleration and performance this thing gives you I mean
it’s a 170 brake horsepower in a carbon fiber chassis that just is just it’s
just so lovely great smooth acceleration like you’d expect from any EV but
there’s just so much of it I mean the other major benefit about this is the
handling as well now you think that with these skinny little BMW i3 tires that
the handling just wouldn’t be there and but it
it’s just handled so well you can really like throw it around these corners and
it just grips it’s just effortless which neatly brings
me on to something that’s kind of linked to the build quality and that other
thing is this car is so quiet I mean it really is a quiet Ev
now it’s very hard to understand this unless you’ve had a unless you’ve driven
an Ev but if you if your driving an ice car diesel petrol the one thing you
don’t notice it’s how you hear every creep and crack in a car because diesel
and ice cars you’re fighting with a noisy combustion engine and that noisy
combustion engine takes over a lot of the noise that you hear so when you
drive an Ev the Renault Zoe you hear a little creak crack noise that that car
could make I’m one of the issues that people find in the Renault Zoe R110 ZE40’s is that they have a bit of a noisy boot Creek at the back but the
BMWs quiet and it’s so quiet that you don’t hear too much road noise from the
wheels too much noise from any dash interior it’s perfectly Sound deadened
very very quiet and probably one of the quietest Ev’s I’ve driven and sat in I mean
if we just quiet for a second and just listen all the windows up nothing not just quiet it’s perfect
I love it well done BMW and I guess the last thing to say for me is thank you
very much for watching this week’s video if you haven’t already please give it a
thumbs up don’t forget to click subscribe down below and check out some
of my other videos on my channel thanks very much and I’ll see you again next
week goodbye

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40 thoughts on “5 Pro’s and Cons of bmw i3 120ah Review, is it any good? πŸ”ŒπŸ”‹πŸš—

  1. Yes exactly, from what I can see the only thing the i3 has over the Zoe and several other EV's is that very expensive badge.
    I hate those doors and the dinky toy boot space.

  2. I thought the trunk could be opened from the inside by a button on the lower kick-panel? With a plug covering the pull-chord backup.

  3. P21 of the i3 120Ah 2019, Heat Pump section, explains that the HVAC uses a heat pump to heat the car, not heat coils? Just checking?

  4. I’ve just bought a bmw i3 Rex and was also discussing pros and cons and touched upon a potential safety issue…in the event of a front on collision and doors were damaged and couldn’t open the doors…there’s no way to get the kids out of the back due to suicide doors, windows cannot be wound down and boot cannot be opened from the inside, the headrests don’t come off so you cannot use the spiked end to break any windows open. Does anyone have any opinions on this please?

  5. When driving, a touch screen is very difficult to use. I find the BMW I-drive easy and intuitive to use, and does not need a touch screen. I do agree with you about the other points. Do remember the design brief for this car was as an urban daily driver. I think BMW themselves did not expect this car to become so popular and sell in these volumes. For me the biggest plus, is every time you get in, the interior experience is a joy, and the driving experience is sublime.

  6. I hate the select button for the airvent choise. You have to press and press and press to get the mode you want. Also the display is to small for old eyes.

  7. If you’re going on honeymoon, you’re not taking anyone else, so fold the seats down to get the suitcases in.

  8. Yeah more petro chemical non renewable parts that cannot bio degrade. What a win for an EV. Would much rather have better sourced leather and improvements made to recycling and re-use then more off gassing plastics in my car. I am sure if we tried we could reduce 80% of the plastics used in a car and replace them with renewable sourced or recycled materials. It's just a question of cost initially until it becomes mainstream and economy of scale kicks in. Go be vegan just realise that it does not save cows. It just lowers demand and eventually cattle population. If ever one where to stop eating beaf the cattle population would go down atleast 90% as there is no longer an economic incentive to raise cattle. Think about it how many herds of wild cattle do you know? Again nothing wrong about veganism or eating less meat. Just think about the whole situation and not just a gut feeling. Also everything dies. Which means that eventually even the cow you don't eat will die and as you won't eat it, it will just rott away. Think through the entire process/situation. There are a lot of improvements that need to be made and to make them we must learn to think in more depth and not be afraid of results we do not like. I too work to eat less meat and have veggi days. I want to see better practices in the meat industry and pay for it currently, for bio rearing and free range. I hate that a lot of leather comes not from the cows we eat. When they figure out lab grown leather I will be the first to too use it if I can afford it.

  9. I agree with you regarding touch screens. They are very easy to use but they do need to be well designed. The Zoe is pretty good, apple play on the old model Insignia (I’ve not driven the newer model) was excellent – big buttons, colour coded and well spaced apart. Where as the Hondas we used at work had small monocrome buttons close together, which were virtually impossible to select without taking your eyes off the road and even then you could select the wrong button. So touch screens are great but they have to be well designed. It will be interesting to see how Renault have used the bigger portrait screen on the Zoe 50.
    I’d also like to say that my R110 has been v good for build quality. Usually the only rattle is from the boot if I don’t pack it carefully to avoid things vibrating against each other – not a problem you have to worry about in an ICE powered car due to all the mechanical noise. The only niggle is an irritating vibration from the drivers window when its open a few centimetres. And I have had the slight drip from the A post drivers door seal in heavy rain that a few people have mentioned.
    The BMW i3 is a great car but that charge flap, the leaky frunk, and the resistance standard heater are big niggles. It’s odd that they have designed and built a great, high quality product and these items have been allowed to go through to production.

  10. 6 months? Jesus that's been a long time. I thought it was more like 4 as you had not long got it when I sold you PN68?

  11. The frunk button is still there on the left near your foot. Sits on top of the trunk button. i just drive a 120ah 2019 model in the US.

  12. did u know statistically, the leading killer of Americans in automobile accidents in terms of car features is the Touch Screen.

  13. I really like the i3. But living in a flat, I'm disappointed they've got rid of the rex. The rex provided access to EV's for flat dwellers.

  14. I've had an i3 for nearly 3 years and it's possibly the worst car I've ever had. I was shocked since I've loved all the other EVs I've had. But this is just awful. From the worthless cruise control, creaking panels, wind noise, horrid radio controls, worthless tech features that don't work correctly most of the time… Honestly, just a shit car.

  15. please consider that a lot of drivers need glasses to operate a touchscreen – so the screen being quite far in the i3, was a main decisive factor in choosing it.

  16. Many thanks for this video. My wife and I love the i3 and its green credentials are a big plus point for us. The problem is the price. I am thinking about buying a used one but could easily buy a new Zoe for the same price. Both cars meet our needs although the additional range of the Zoe, while not essential, would make our life easier (we do not have off road parking). Any thoughts?

  17. I have the 94Ah model, originally on a three year lease, now extended to 5 years, that says how much we like it. It is a great car.
    But it is a rex model and when I test drove it 3 years ago I was amazed how relaxed I felt knowing I had the backup generator. And I thought after driving my lovely blue Leaf since 2011 that I had no range anxiety.
    BMW were selling two i3 with rex for every one without the rex option and I honestly thought they would continue increasing the battery capacity and continue to offer the rex option until customers opted to be without the rex themselves. But then I also thought BMW would build the same drivetrain setup into conventional styled models. When a company does something so right, why do they not give customers more of it?

  18. Based on my 18 months of 2015 i3 bev ownership, and 28k km, I suggest the i3 is a completely different proposition to a Zoe. (I nearly bought a Zoe, but Renault Australia were too hopeless to deliver it.) Solid quality is much nicer, and drive experience is heaps better. Rear Charge Port is fine – front one is hopeless if you have front damage (e.g. kangaroo strike – yes, my i3 just ploughed on afterwards!). Frunk weather proofing is poor – but IKEA does a lidded plastic box that fits perfectly. Much prefer iDrive to touch screens. Safer, more convenient, and very clever, once you learn how to use it. Boot space is fine, for what it is supposed to be. Rear coach doors are only ok – the triangle of death can be a problem in a confined space. Apart from a Model 3 for same money, I'd certainly buy another one…

  19. I preferred the iDrive in my i3 . The Tesla M3 touch screen is far more distracting. I've triggered the lane guidance a couple of times while learning the layout. M3 has a frunk, huge boot and another sub boot underneath no contest there.

  20. You forgot to mention the advantage of that; You will not need to indicate (such a chore) when turning, in fact (having purchased the road along with your BMW) you can ignore most of the rules of the road that we lesser mortals have to abide by……..

  21. How much does the range depreciate with time? how does this compare to the model 3? I'm thinking of buying a 2014 i3.

  22. I have a 2014 i3 with eight active cruise control option when I use the active cruise control mold when a car come down to a complete stop car in front of me move and my car will not move until I step on the accelerator pedal again.

  23. Excuse me if I have missed an earlier video but have you produced one on the voice activation of various controls such as Sat Nav instructions, calling someone in your address book or activating hold state of charge etc? Also do you have Apple Car Play and how does this work on an i3? Thanks

  24. Scroll Wheel! Precise and needs no screen wipes. And you can lay a seat or two down πŸ˜‰ reversing in is the safest way to park. Plenty of studies point this out.

  25. Real Range
    between 100 – 225 mi

    City – Cold Weather 145 mi

    Highway – Cold Weather 100 mi

    Combined – Cold Weather 120 mi

    City – Mild Weather 225 mi

    Highway – Mild Weather 130 mi

    Combined – Mild Weather 170 mi

  26. BMW Quality, well i bought my first PHEV a 330e in October 2016. I would have stuck with Lexus if they had a PHEV, come on Lexus keep up. That said the quality of the BMW is far worse than a Lexus and the customer service is abysmal. First fault, the cruise control button just wore out in weeks the rubber around it degraded and it was a floppy rubber mess in less than a year. I initially just let this go until the charge cable failed (the granny charger with the car that is) The BMW dealer told me this is because i was folding it incorrectly and using too tighter turns. The only way it fitted in the bag provided by BMW was to use tight turns and the bag it fitted in even had a spot in the boot where it needed to fit which could only be achieved by winding it round the EVSE brick. So my granny charger failed no problem use my home charger, nope the car stopped working on the home charger too red light on the car port. So i took my car to the dealer to be told this was my problem. The granny charger is not under warranty as it is an accessory and the red light was my home charger at fault. I informed them that it was not working at public chargers too and after them saying that could also be my type 2 lead they eventually agreed to look at the car. In this period they gave me a diesel car which i was not happy with and also cost me a not inconsiderable amount of money as the repair took almost a month on a car less than a year old. So the granny charger (which it turns out was under warranty as i pointed out if i bought one from them it would have a one year warranty even as an accessory) was fixed with insulation tape and tie wraps. The charge fault was diagnosed and fixed but this took far to long almost a month. Whilst they had the car i asked for the cruise control switch to be repaired which it was but is now another year later gone again. I will never buy a BMW again Tesla M3 on order and looking forward to Lexus CT200E in the future

  27. I absolutely love the fact it's not touch screen. We also have a model 3 and the giant ipad is the most distracting thing I've seen in a car. The other thing that is absolutely great is the turn circle. I can make a U-turn in spots that pretty much nothing else can. Got the 94ah model so a bit less range but still plenty good enough for my 55 mile/day commute. If I had the 120ah I wouldn't have picked the rex model πŸ™‚

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