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5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 20K!

5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 20K!

Looking at the analytics on my previous 2
videos It seems like you guys really like the reliable luxury cars segment so here’s
another one. Many requested for me to make one for under
20K, so that’s exactly what I decided to do. Just like my last video I included 2 european
cars to diversify the list so make sure and watch till the end, and if you don’t agree
with me you know what to do. Sup guys, I’m Cristian and this is Vehicle
Virals, if you enjoy the video make sure to subscribe for more automotive content. Let’s get started. First car is the 2013 GS350. When this car first came out it was the first
to show off the new direction Lexus was taking transitioning from from a soft cushy comfort
based ride to more of a sporty feel with a stiffer suspension. The GS proved at the time that it can make
sporty and fun cars without sacrificing luxury. The exterior features LFA inspired curves
and features a front end that some might find it too angled but me personally I dig it. Moving on to the interior you won’t be disappointed. Especially since you don’t need to look for
a fully loaded one as this car came with tons of impressive standard features such as a
standard review camera, a sunroof, dual zone automatic climate control, 10 way adjustable
power front seats, satellite radio, HD radio, aux and USB ports, a 12 speaker audio system
and a 8 inch infotainment display. You also get 3 drive modes ECO, Normal, and
Sport. But let’s be honest we only care about sport
mode. It allows the the transmission to hold the
gears longer and tightens up the the throttle response, allowing you to unlock the the true
potential of the GS350’s power. Talking about power the GS350 comes equipped
with a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 306HP and 277lb-ft of torque. Plenty of power to push a 0-60 time in just
5.7 seconds. Oh and get this, it’s RWD. And you know that means. FUN FUN FUN. While it only carries a V6 engine you get
quite a satisfying sound from the GS350 thanks to an intake sound Generator that can arguably
make it sound like a V8. Sound of a V8 with the gas mileage of a V6,
19MPG city and 28MPG highway. I also want to point out that you can also
get an equally as reliable 2015 Lexus ES350 for under 20K. My question to you is would you get a slightly
older GS350 with more features or a slightly newer ES350 with less features? You can find a GS350 for just under 20K with
less than 40K miles on it Next car is the 2014 Acura TL. While most people don’t believe the Acura
TL should be considered a luxury due to it’s Honda Accord roots well I just want to say
this. You’re WRONG! I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t say it’s the
most luxurious car out there but in my opinion it’s enough to be considered a entry level
luxury. Let’s have a discussion down below in the
comment section and tell me if you think the Acura TL should be considered a Luxury car
and why. Looking at the exterior it definitely has
some class to it and the one thing that sticks out is the controversial beak like grille
which looks much better than it did before the mid cycle refresh. It’s obviously a big car outside which translates
with plenty of room inside. In the cabin you get well padded comfortable
heated seats, and plenty of leg and head room making it a good choice for those that routinely
drive with other people. The back seats feature back headrests that
fold down to increase visibility. If you’ve ever wanted to drive a plane, well
you’re in luck. The center console features so many buttons
that it’ll sure make you feel like you’re in one. Some might find it too cluttered, and some
might find it ok. As far as practically, the trunk space is,
well laughable. Moving on to performance the TL comes equipped
with a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 280HP and 254 lb-ft of torque and gets you 20MPG
city and 29MPG HWY. If you manage to get the super handling AWD
full fledged sport version you’ll get 3.7L V6 that produces 305HP which will get you
slightly less gas mileage. You want a car that’s reliable, comfortable,
and does well in crash tests, then the Acura TL might be a good pick for you. You can find them for as low as 15K with less
than 60K miles on it. 3rd car on the list is the 2014-2016 Lincoln
MKS. This car is an affordable way to slip into
a large luxury sedan. Before the Continental came out this was Lincoln’s
largest and most luxurious sedan. It’s wrapped in a fancier package than its
sibling, the Ford Taurus. The exterior looks modern especially when
it comes to rear. and of course a Big luxury sedan needs a big luxury grille. And to be quite honest it doesn’t get much
bigger than this. You also get 19inch aluminum wheels that come
standard. Probably the best feature of the MKS is the
roominess and practicality. You get a spacious rear seat big enough to
accommodate people of all body dimensions and a massive trunk. 19.2 cubic ft of space to be exact. You also get some killer standard feature
like heated and cooled seats, Lincoln’s drive control which provides adjustable settings
for the suspension, steering and the powertrain, active noise cancelation that results in a
quiet ride, adaptive HID headlamps, rear parking sensors, automatic climate control, and a
keypad entry system. You remember those? While many might reject the choice of owning
a Lincoln, you gotta admit you get a solid bang for the buck when it comes to all the
features. It’s also not a slouch when it comes to the
performance department. You get a 3.7L engine that produces 304HP
and 279lb-ft of torque. There is a slightly more powerful Ecoboost
engine variant also available. With the standard engine you’ll get 17MPG
City and 24MPG HWY. You also get a continuously controlled damping
system that reacts to changes in the road while you’re driving. And the best part about the MKS is that you
can get yourself one for as low as $16K with less than 50K miles on it. Next car is the 2013 BMW 135i. Wait a second Cristian, did you really just
include a BMW on a reliable car list? Why yes I did. If you all didn’t know this is one of BMW’s
most reliable cars. According to consumer reports based on a 3
year study, the BMW 1 series scored 5 stars on the reliability category. Mind Blown. This is a car for those that want a luxury
vehicle that you can have fun with. The 135i takes the driving experience seriously. With it’s nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution
and the option of either a 7 speed dual clutch transmission or a stick shift this is a car
that can be tossed around very easily. The looks aren’t mind blowing by any means,
what you get is simplicity and straightforward in a small package. The same goes for the interior. Very simple. It offers everything you need and nothing
you don’t. The back seats, well they are there, adults
trying to sit back there will have a tantrum, and kids will love the rush. Talking about a rush, the 135i comes equipped
with a Inline 6 engine that produces 300HP and 300lb-ft and can do a 0-60 in just 4.7
seconds making it the fastest car on this list. You get great fuel efficiency as well, 20MPG
city and 28MPG HWY. can’t go wrong with this car, it’s back to basics BMW performance wise. It’s a reminder of the time when the brand
was more about the driving experience than luxury upgrades. No adjustable suspension, no idrive control,
it doesn’t need a button to tell it when to be sporty. It’s crazy most new German cars focus too
much on electronics and the future of driverless technology. With cars such as the BMW 135i you just get
an honest and connected driving experience. That said RANT over. As far as pricing goes you get a 135i for
as low at $17K with less than 40K miles on it. Just remember to to properly maintain and
service it, parts and repairs aren’t cheap. Last and final car is the 2013 Mercedes-Benz
E350. This is a car that offers diversity for all
people. It comes available in a sedan, a coupe, convertible
and a wagon. Who am I kidding nobody in the US buys wagons
anyways. The Eclass has long been a benchmark for luxury
vehicles. And the Eclass has always lead the rest of
the Mercedes lineup when it comes to reliability. Both JD Power and consumer reports have given
this model very high scores. If thats not enough to convince you, why else
do you think these cars used as taxis in Germany. You get a good blend of comfort, performance
and of course luxury. Nothing like sitting on the driver’s seat
looking over the hood at the 3 pointed star. Some key features include adjustable suspension
settings and something called an attention assist system which determines whether the
driver is getting drowsy behind the wheel and uses both visual and auditory warnings
to tell the driver to pull over and rest. You might also notice that the shifter is
on the steering column leaving room for more important things on the center console. When it comes to performance, the E350 comes
equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 302HP and 273lb-ft of torque. And surprisingly you get decent gas mileage. 20MPG City and 30MPG HWY. You can get an E350 for just under 18K with
less than 60K miles. If you enjoyed the video make sure to like
it and if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe for more automotive content. What did you think of this list? What car would you have added, make sure and
comment below. Thanks for watching, till next time

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78 thoughts on “5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 20K!

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  2. The German cars were the highlight for me. The others were definitely eye openers. I previously owned a 2008 E-350, loved it! But it’s nice to see that the fuel economy has greatly improved since then.

  3. Gotta love the E82, get one for the performance. My friend had a 135i with the N54 and M Sport pack. Nothing but power is what the E82 screams if you know the chassis.

  4. I found a reliable car.. it's not that recent but it's the 2010 BMW X3, they're really reliable BMWs, and they're hella cheap! I'm about to get one soon

  5. 135i is not reliable. I had one and it had one thing wrong after another. I never bought another Bmw till this day, thankfully to 1-er. Sorry, man, but it doesn’t belong on this list!

  6. I put a gun to my head trying to like the look of the Lexus especially since there suppose to be reliable but I keep seeing a Toyota Camry.

  7. Im looking into the bmw 135i but can only find the 2012 in my area not the 2013. Is the 2012 as reliable?

  8. TL is a luxury Accord if the ES 350 is a luxury car because that is a Camry. The hp on the Acura is not great. Although the nicer TL is right in line with GS 350.

  9. wow finally some one put a Lincoln in reliability. That 3.7 engine is nice. guessing the 13 to 16 MKZ 3.7 is just as reliable…

  10. great vid but i wouldnt reccomend putting a bmw in the thumbnail when talking about bmws im not against it but yanno german cars have a stereotype of being unreliable

  11. Just find you my man and you're awesome. Atleast better than 99% of these trash talkers that give false informations. You have now +1 subscriber 😂

  12. dig your videos but you should use real dearlship prices for examples on pricing and private sale examples… not places like hgreg or florida fine autos… i know for some examples you did though. those side dealerships are known for buying damaged cars that havent been reported and reselling them. family been into car biz for forever and when you buy from places like that you are really rolling the dice. its like when someone buys a car from OffLeasOnly and thinks they got a good deal, and 3 months later their axle snaps off making a u-turn.

  13. Hey Christian I was wondering on what category would you put a 2013 Subaru legacy 3.6R I would appreciate some feedback please and thank you could you make a video including this car?

  14. The only reason the BMW falls on your "reliable" list, Is because of it's N55 engine.
    But majority buy the N54 variant engine that has it's flaws. But like my plate says, LOL N55. 🙂

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