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5 More Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They’re Expensive!

5 More Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They’re Expensive!

So I’m a tad bit late, I did say on part 1
of this video that if I got 5K likes I’d create a part 2. At no surprise you guys crushed that goal
so today I’ll be showing 5 more cheap cars that fool people into thinking they are expensive. I hope you guys enjoy this one just as much
as the first one. First car on the list is the BMW 750li. To car enthusiasts it may not come as a surprise
that a BMW 7 series has made this list, they are among one of the fastest depreciating
vehicles to have ever exist. But to non car people, they’ll still think
that a 2-3 year old used one is still expensive for several reasons. For one, the 750li is the long wheel base
model, and it’s absolutely massive, big cars normally mean a bigger price tag, right?. And 2 it’s packed with fancy electronics
as you would expect from one of BMW’s flagship cars, they pretty much put everything they
had into this car. So how big is the 750li? I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s massive. It’s wheelbase is around 126inches! That’s 10 inches longer than both the 5
series and 6 series of the same generation, allowing for both more leg and headroom. To put it into perspective, there’s enough
room to easily fit a pair of NBA players in the rear seats, heck you may even be able
to fit them inside the large trunk witch has 17.7cuboc feet of room. I’d say that the interior of the 750li is
definitely the best part about the car. Sure the exterior looks good, but I wouldn’t
say it’s eye catching. The interior on the other hand, is where this
car shines. The 10.2 inch display features something called
transflective technology which makes it easy to read in direct sunlight, the night vision
system allows you to see warm bodies ahead of you and according to some journalists allows
the driver to see up to 5 times further than without using the system. I’ve personally never used the system myself,
but I wish I had. I always just thought it was just a gimmick. Anyways, continuing with the interior, you
get power sunshades, ceramic knobs, massaging seats and if equipped with the rear entertainment
package, passengers are able to control the car’s infotainment options from the screens
placed behind the front seats. When it comes to ride quality, the 750li exceeds
expectations. I can say this since I’ve personally drove
and have been driven in one. The active suspension, and 4 wheel, and near
silent cabin makes you feel like a celebrity. By far my favorite part of the 750Li is how
quickly it moves for such a heavy car. It comes equipped with a 4.4L twin turbo V8
that produces 445HP and 480lb-ft. And like most BMW’s, all of it’s torque
is available towards the beginning of the RPM curve, helping the 750li accelerate from
0-60 in just 4.7 seconds. You gotta admit that is pretty impressive
for a car that has a curb weight of 4600lbs! What’s not to like? Reliability and high maintenance cost maybe? Other than that, you’ll get a monster of automotive
technology, that features a very capable engine, while at the same time having the cabin room
and ride quality normally celebrities only experience. Best part is that you can find them for around
15K, which is much less than what they used to go for just a few years ago. They used to have a starting price of 91K
when new! 2nd cheap car on the list is the Maserati
Quattroporte. Not sure how many of you knew this but the
word Quattroporte means four doors, literally. Leave it to the Italians to make a simple
word sound so exotic. I mean just listen to it, Quattroporte. Anyways, at no surprise I decided to include
a second Maserati on this type of list. I first included the ghibli in part one, you
guys absolutely loved slamming it in the comment section, regarding the poor reliability and
maintenance cost, so guess what? I’m featuring another since you guys loved
it so much. Sure Maserati’s drop 20% in value every
time you blink, but hey that’s good for all of us, well kind of. A Quattroporte new starts at just over 100K,
and within 3-4 years they depreciate as much 75% which makes them obtainable to those that
normally wouldn’t be able to afford them new. But here is the catch, if you can’t afford
to buy a new quattroporte then I wouldn’t suggest buying a used one as a daily driver
but more so as an occasional, special occasion car, you know like a weekend car. That way the chances of something failing
is drastically reduced. Something as little as having to replace the
foreign door handles can be very, very expensive. Okay let’s talk about some positives. The quattroporte is essentially Maserati’s
bread and butter vehicle and it has been dating back to the early 1960s. Today’s modern Quattroporte is a big boy
car, it pretty much does it all. It’s faster, lighter, roomier and more frugal
than it has ever been. Within the interior the Italian design comes
to life, quality materials used throughout every inch of space, The perfect combination
of technology, wood, leather and metal makes makes the interior experience just right. My favorite part about the Quattroporte just
like the Ghibli is the Ferrari derived engine. Packed with performance and sounds excellent
through the exhaust pipes. There are two engine variants but to be honest
the one that you can find for cheap is the twin turbo V6 on the S Q4. The twin turbo V8 found on the GTS while excellent,
will cost you much more to get. That said the twin turbo V6 is no slouch. It produces 404HP and 406lb-ft. It’s the perfect amount of power for the
AWD drive system that is for the most park RWD bias, 100% of the torque gets sent to
the rear wheels during regular driving conditions and when the car detects slip 50% gets sent
to the front. If you’re willing to take a chance with
a used maserati, well then the Quattroporte is an excellent choice. Gone are the days of the ridiculous unreliable
transmission. You’ll get a super sedan that looks exotic,
looks much more expensve than what it is and most importantly has a Masserati badge up
front. And instead of paying more than 100K for the
you can find them for around 25K with low mileage. 3rd car on the list is the Infiniti Q60. Idk what is it about this car, but I absolutely
love it. I managed to feature in two other list videos
of mine. Feel free to disagree but I believe the exterior
design is among one of the best there for a two door luxury sports car. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not,
it doesn’t have a cookie cutter design that’s become a norm in the automotive industry. Sadly this car doesn’t get as much attention
as it deserves. I mean the G35 was a massive hit, the G37
was as well, but the Q60 not as much. It’s rare that you seen them on daily commutes. But when you do see one, it’s hard not to
stare, at least for me that is the case. My neighbor owns one, and I must have seen
it over 200 times and I still catch my eyes drifting towards it. It looks like a very expensive car even though
it;s japanese. The interior looks great, the layout looks
sleek and modern. I definitely dig the dual display where you
have rhe top screen dedicated to the Navigation system and the bottom screen for everything
else. The idea seems great but coming from a person
that has played with the infotainment on the Q60, the top screen lacks the pixel quality
and the responsiveness that other modern cars have. But turn them off and they look great! Engine wise you can opt in for the Q6 with
the turbo charged 2L 4 cylinder or the 3L V6 turbo. And let me tell you this, if you’re into
tuning potential at all, the turbocharged V6 is the way to go. This is by far one of the cheapest engines
to get power out of, to the point, that is not even worth spending an extra 10K for the
redport 400. I actually made a video explaining how on
5 different cars including both the q50 and q60. That said the stock turbocharged V6 produces
300HP and 295lb-ft of torque. Oh yeah, and try to avoid getting a Q60 that
has the drive by wire technology equipped. If you don’t know what that is, it’s essentially
fully electronic steering. There is no direct connection between the
steering wheel and the front axle, instead you have two motors that turn the wheels for
you. And as you can imagine road feedback is practically
non existence unless you tweak the settings to simulate the feel. Think of it like this, you’ll feel like
you’re in a Forza simulation. Another thing I’m not a fan of is that as
sporty as the Q60 is, they don’t offer a traditional but that’s not a surprise, but
get this, no paddle shifters. There is a manual mode but with no paddle
shifters…so odd. Alll that said, if you’re looking for a
car that’ll attract lots of attention and get many compliments, well the Q60 is for
you. You can find them for as low as 16K!. 4th car on the list is the Jaguar XF. This was and still kind of is an important
car for Jaguar, It helped them climb back up the ranks. It was the first real modern looking model
that broke away from the excessive chrome and round headlights. It first debuted for the 2009 model year and
then receiving a much needed facelift for 2012. I say much needed because I was not the biggest
fan of the semi bubble headlights up front. This is a car that many think has an outdated
look, and others like me think the opposite, doesn’t look old at all, well at least exterior
wise. The interior is a bit lackluster, technology
features and quality within the cabin are subpar to say the least. But that’s okay! Most people will only really get to see the
amazing looking exterior and performance if they get walked, Which if you ask me that’s
enough to make people believe it’s more expensive than what it actually is. Can’t forget the Jaguar badge, it’s pretty
exotic for most non car people, heck it even looks a bit exotic to some car guys. While the interior is not necessarily eye
popping, it’s quite pleasing to look at, it has minimalist look with some quirky features
scattered throughout. When the ignition is switched on two pretty
cool and gimmicky things happen. One the air vents automatically open up and
the two the gear lever pops up from underneath the trim. Cool yes? Will it impress your friends and family members
maybe? Will this be reliable in the long run, probably
not. Well it be expensive to fix one of those two
quirky features if they were to ever break, most likely yes. Depending on your driving needs you can find
the XF in two different engine variants. The more efficient 2L 4 cylinder turbo that
produces 240HP and 251 lb-ft or the more powerful naturally aspirated 3L V6 that produces 340HP
and 332lb-ft which in my opinion is the go to option. No one I mean no one, would picture a 2L engine
in this aggressive looking car. The sound you get on the V6 is already not
that satisfying, imagine the 4 cylinder one. Ehh. So who is the XF for? Well its for those that want to go slightly
out of the mainstream cars such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi which you tend to see more often
out on the road. I know some people may see it as a old car
that is trying do new tricks, but honestly it depends on the driver’s needs. But when it comes to the pricing you can find
them, there isn’t much you can complain about. You can find them used for under 10K! 5th and final car on the list is the Lincoln
MKZ. You know I couldn’t leave out an american
luxury car from the list. Let’s get this out of the way first, Yes
I know that the MKZ is pretty much just a glorified Ford Fusion, but that’s okay. You’d be surprised how many car manufacturers
do the same within their models to save cost. I decided to include the facelifted model
which makes it looks twice as expensive as the previous version that featured the countrvoursey
and weird butterfly style grille. Instead the grille the MKZ carries now resembles
the Continental, Lincoln’s most expensive sedan. That’s pretty much the main reason I included
the MKZ, because it misleads everyone especially when looking at it from the front. There is one thing i respect about the MKZ,
unlike other modern luxury sedans that all trying so hard to be sporty, the MKZ stays
in it’s lane. It focuses more on comfort, rather than performance. You know like back in the days. It features a continuously controlled damping
system that reacts within milliseconds to give the rider a comfortable and buttery smooth
ride, the panoramic roof is quite the feature, unlike many used on other cars this one slides
back all the way sort of making it look and feel like a convertible. The 10inch infotainment display is large and
fits in nicely with the center, the gear selector on the other hand is very odd and would hate
to see this be used in future vehicles. It’s not a tradition lever style gear selector
nor is it like the knob ones you rotate. Nope in the MKZ you get buttons that are laid
on the side of the infotainment system, which is so odd. I once drive one and had to parallel park
it in a very tight spot that required me to move forward and reverse several times. My mind was fucked!. I don’t know how to explain it but it just
didn;t feel right or natural. Performance wise the 4 cylinder turbocharged
engine that is rated for 240HP to a turbocharged V6 that can produce up to 400Hp if equipped
with the AWD system. You can easily find both used for under 15K
so the choice ultimately will be yours. But it’s nice to have options.

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64 thoughts on “5 More Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They’re Expensive!

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