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5 Modern American Sleeper Cars You Should NEVER Race

5 Modern American Sleeper Cars You Should NEVER Race

oh hey guys you should be extremely
afraid to race these five cars what are we talking about today
sleepers what is a sleeper car well it’s essentially a fast car that non car guys
your buddies that shouldn’t be your buddies think that would be slow I’m
just kidding about that the buddies part and they won’t notice things that you or
I would notice like dual exhaust or larger brake rotors just think of it
this way you roll up behind a brand new supercar let’s say I’m McLaren and
there’s a jeep next to it which happens to be the same Jeep that your buddy
that’s not a car guy his mom drives it’s even the same color mom is that you now
your non car friend would bet his life savings and then some that the McLaren
would just dust the Jeep but you know that’s not just any Jeep that’s a
sleeper and just like that your friend gets introduced to the extremely
exciting world of cars that look really slow putts are really fast so in this
video I’ve come up with five of my favorite modern American sleepers and
they are ordered by their zero to 60 times the fastest rig on this list is so
fast and so unexpected that if you blink you might miss it okay and once I get
through all five of these I’m going to give you my take on which one I think is
the ultimate sleeper and it deserves a crown also smash the like button down
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righty the fifth fastest sleeper on this list is extremely underestimated the
Ford Taurus show you’ve got to step off the gas because if you see one of these
tailing you you might think that it’s an unmarked police car this car is used by
a ton of different law enforcement agencies across the country and I
actually just made a video on the top five fastest police cars in the USA
check it out up here and this is a tried and true platform and if you’re driving
one it will probably encourage that left lane Prius to move over when you get on
their tail which is a feat to say the least
at first glance no one would expect this tourist to be anything more than your
typical family sedan but the show which stands for super high output baby
well not the baby gives the family hauler the performance chops of a
sleeper with 365 horsepower available to your right foot and all-wheel drive to
put that power down to the ground it’ll zip from 0 to 60 in just 5.2 seconds and
get ready to surprise some faster looking cars now that Ford Taurus show is cool but
fourth on the list has very ho-hum styling and secretly hides a mighty v8
under the hood it’s the Chevrolet SS this thing has comfy interior with
heated and cooled front sports seats magnetic ride control to keep you in
control and oh let’s not forget 415 blistering horses under the hood ready
for you to demolish any unsuspecting drivers snag along with the optional
6-speed manual and row your own gears and you’ll be smiling ear-to-ear from 0
to 60 miles an hour in just 4.5 seconds it’s a large sedan but performance
enhancements like big Brembo brakes and dual-mode exhaust make this thing handle
and sound like a true muscle car oh and sort of a side note the Chevy SS started
life down under as the Holden Commodore so to make this the ultimate sleeper
swap out those exterior emblems to the Holden logo and you’ll have people
asking you all the time what kind of car you’re driving that is if they can catch
you alright and the third-fastest sleeper on the list is the McLaren f1 no
I’m just kidding actually this is some ideal swag go snag some because the
actual third fastest american-made sleeper on this list happened to be a
supercharged v8 wagon yeah I said wagon meet the Cadillac cts-v
wagon this wagon truly checks all of the boxes
and it may be the ultimate sleeper but I also think that the fastest car on this
list is well it could be the ultimate sleeper so stay tuned and I gotta say I
was extremely impressed with this 6.2 liter supercharged v8 putting out 556
horses and in fact this cts-v went on the last supercar rally I was on but you
can check out up there Plus this thing puts out all of its power via a Tremec
6-speed manual made into a limited slip differential not only is this one hell
of a sleeper but it’s an insane donut machine speaking of donuts if this thing
can comfortably haul five cops to the local Dunkin Donuts and do it in a hurry
like zero to 60 in four seconds flat in if they slap some cop lights on top they
could top this thing out at a hundred and ninety miles an hour and off without
spilling their coffee so Cadillac has always been known for
luxury not speed and they decided to cram a supercharged Corvette motor in
there in a six-speed manual and this is all built into a wagon I think that
gonna be pretty hard to beat for the top spot of the ultimate sleeper but the
first runner-up for the fastest sleeper has something to say about that and
actually they make nine different models of this cart which is the Dodge Charger
Hellcat and remember we’re talking about cars that look slow to your non car
friends so the charger definitely fits the bill but us car enthusiasts know
that this is a four-door sedan with mega performance 707 horsepower and 650
foot-pounds of torque pumped out with the supercharged 6.2 liter that’s
connected to a robust 8-speed automatic transmission this is essentially a
bargain supercar that looks like any regular family sedan and zero to 60 in
an eyeball flattening 3.6 seconds and if you’re daring enough to keep your right
foot planted to the floor this thing will do 204 miles an hour
man this Hellcat gives you so much more bang for your buck than anything else in
its class and the fastest sleeper is not a car but rather an SUV meet the Jeep
Grand Cherokee track Hawk yeah this thing has the same 707 horsepower
Hellcat supercharged v8 engine found in the second fastest car the charger and
throw it into a platform known for its off-road capabilities not its thirteen
hundred and twenty foot performance and you get an SUV with out-of-this-world
acceleration it literally flips it’s a Jeep thing on its head they took the
strongest drivetrain components to make even the longest straightaways feel
short when you push the pedal to the metal whether you want to be first to
the grocery store or at your local quarter-mile strip the track Hawk is
your secret weapon let’s just say it’s capable of hauling ass groceries and a
trailer hell you can do them all at the same time if you’d like and the best
thing is that if the road turns to dirt you don’t have to turn around like every
other sleeper on this list because after all it’s a Jeep thing okay
I think that was one pretty good list of five American modern sleepers now out of
those five what is your ideal sleeper or did I miss one let us know in the
comments can’t wait to see what you guys think for me I gotta say it’s that
Cadillac cts-v with a manual 6-speed supercharged v8 I
mean I understand that the charger and the track hawk are a little bit faster
but man wagon with a six-speed manual I just can’t get over it you’re
essentially driving the highest rated Corvette at the time the zr1 camouflage
in a state vehicle if you look up sleeper in the dictionary I
there’s a cts-v wagon what do you think and if you enjoyed this video support
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100 thoughts on “5 Modern American Sleeper Cars You Should NEVER Race

  1. Hellcat a sleeper? You have to be insane to pull up to a stop light next to a car that says dodge with two dual exhaust sticking out the back with a factory hood scoop and a emblem of a cat sitting on the side of the fender and think you can race it😔

  2. Unfortunately pulling up next to any of those cars listed will instantly tell ANYONE that its going to be fast…

  3. All the wrong info on the LSA in the Cadillac was kinda annoying. Considering it's never been in a Corvette

  4. I've got a little 93 mustang lx notchback (which might or might not be stock-you'd never know looking at it) and I am most definitely not scared to race any one of these any time any place….

  5. Before all this new shit there was the 2004 single cab hemi 5.7 magnum ram 1500 which mine is pretty peppy from stock

  6. 2017 Lincoln MKZ with 3.0 Twin turbo V6 AWD and 400 horse power and torque and looks like your uncles Sunday best!

  7. I love how a few of you guys call Mopars junk, Ford is better…. The sad part is that you say that, but what the hell do you drive that's 1/2 as fast?

  8. PPV is a true sleeper. Looks like an Impala, stops there. Tuned Na 6.0, blower it and it’s ready for business. The V wagon,. On my list

  9. i think the biggest sleeper is a hellcat demon, everyoneeeeee knows a charger alone lower model at only 450ish hp to highest model at 900hp is no sleeper, and the hellcat and trackhawk for 90-100k is DEFFFFF no sleeper, now for me the sho which you can get for 25-35k used is a steal with a couple easy quick bolt on's and with awd you have 450-500hp, dont get me wrong i think the trackhawk is sweet and badass but 90+k for me at least is wayyyy to much and cant layout money like that on a jeep, the taurus may not be the quickest best looking car but def is a huge sleeper as 90% of people would laugh if you say you have a taurus or dont know what a sho is. nice video overall, just adding my 2cents

  10. None of these cars are really sleepers, I think people will start to get use to seeing these hogs at EVERY GAS PUMP! That jeep get less than 12 mpg! I could afford to start it,but never leave the garage🤣😥😥 I’m so poor

  11. Cadillac not known for performance??? guess he never heard of XLR, CTSV been around for a decade, and 472/500 CI big blocks. Don't make Quotes without knowing

  12. I'm a HUGE Mopar fan so the top 2 are my favorite. I've ridden in many Chargers so I know what it's like but the Jeep surprised me! 🚗

  13. I am sorry but 10 billion ltr engine cars aren't sleepers, when the V8 gas-guzzling beast pulls up beside you, you know it't not a sleeper. All these cars aren't practical for an average European. It's just not efficient.

  14. I it me or all the manly things in America has been replaced with some of the most effeminate mofo’s you can find outta the hamper in the back of the closet

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