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5 Fastest Cars For Under $10,000!

5 Fastest Cars For Under $10,000!

– [Sean] What up nerds? And welcome back to the channel. Today we’re gonna change
it up a little bit and we’re gonna talk about something I’m very passionate about and that’s getting the most horsepower per
dollar when buying a used car. And this is my list of the
top five powerhouse values on a budget. For this list I’m gonna
be focusing on cars that are capable of doing a
12 second quarter-mile time for little or no money
with an overall budget of around $10,000. Let’s get started. (techno sounds) (shattering glass) The first car on my list
is very near and dear to my heart and something most of you have probably never considered. And that’s the 2004 to
2007 Volvo S60 and V70R. Most people cringe at the
conservative and semi-dated look of these older Volvos. But don’t let that fool you. These things come equipped
with a very well engineered 2.5 liter turbo five cylinder
puttin down 300 stock ponies through a questionable
all wheel drive system. And these things sound the business. What does that even sound like? – [Sean] It sounds like a damn Viper? – [Man] Come back here and listen to it. (engine revving) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Sean] They sound like a frickin R8 V10. It’s crazy. Automatic versions of
these cars in boring colors specifically can be had for under $5,000 with manual variance being a
little bit taxed above that and then manual wagons
even further above that. These cars really wake
up with some super basic and cheap mods, throw
a down pipe on there, like a cat back little guy, injectors and E85 tune in these things will put a lot of stuff to
shame at the drag strip. Next up on the list is much like the Volvo in the way that it’s
conservatively designed, boosted 300ish horsepower, all wheel drive and non-domestic. It’s of course the B8 Audi S4. Now B8 is designating the
2010 model year til 2012 right before a pretty major facelift that they called the B8 and a half. The facelift cars come with a plethora of badly needed updates. However this drove the prices
of the pre-facelift cars directly into the ground. The B8 S4 has a
supercharged three liter V6 making about 330 horsepower to the crank. However once these kind of came out, people started putting them on the dyno and they were making
about 325 to the wheels. So needles to say, these
cars were consistently doing very low 13s in the
quarter mile in stock trim, sometimes even dipping into the
12s with perfect conditions. Modifications for these
engines are a little on the expensive side
for the name brand stuff, but they react very well
to very basic stuff, exhaust, dual pulleys,
the supercharger pulley, and the crank pulley, and a tune and these cars are dipping into the 11s which is super crazy. And that’s why I bought one. These cars present a
fantastic value for the money. I bought my 2010 S4 for $10,000 with plenty of other examples out there for even less than that. You know seven eight grand for some really high mile examples. I’m always surprised by
how quick the car feels and how much torque it makes
down low in the rev range. For number three, let’s
take a trip down memory lane for a little bit, and we’ll stop right around in the year 2005. In 2005 there was no horsepower war. There was no Camaro. The Mustang GT at the time
was making 300 horsepower. GM’s fresh new GTO
grand prix looking thing was making a tired 350 horsepower. And then Dodge resurrected the Charger with an aggressive looking
sedan and promised to deliver an impressive 75 more
horsepower than GM’s LS1 with the new SRT8 variant of the Charger, a swift kick right to
the groin of the GTO. (carnival music) With aggressive styling,
sedan practicality, and 70s muscle car power
with modern reliability, you really can’t go wrong. An impressive compromise for
car enthusiasts with the family and it really paved the way for a lot of your modern super-sedans. High mile examples of
these cars can be had for around $7,500 and
will consistently run a 13 second quarter mile on stock trim. Throw on a couple of basic
bolt-ons, open element filter, headers, and a tune, and you’re looking at a mid 12 a second four door car. Moving on to my personal
favorite car on this list and not just because I have
one, but because this car is the undefeated world champion of the cost to horsepower
ratio and was the fastest production sedan in the
world only to be beaten by a newer version of itself. I’m of course talking
about the W211 E55 AMG. The E55 AMG is powered by
a supercharged 5.4 liter V8 and makes 470 horsepower and
516 foot pounds of torque. Yes, you heard that right,
a mid-2000s luxury sedan that makes power numbers that
rival supercars of it’s time. It makes more horsepower than
an Aston Martin Vanquish V12 of similar vintage. More torque than a Lamborghini Murcielago. And it goes from zero
to 120 miles per hour quicker than a V12
Ferrari 575 Marinello F1. In stock form with the
sticky tire, these cars are known to break into the
11.9s in the quarter mile which is absolutely bonkers. But unlike all those cars,
the E55 can accommodate five adults and fit all of
your luggage in the trunk. And it’ll waft you to sleep
with it’s heated, vented, massaging, dynamic, sport
seats with active bolsters. This car’s supercar tributes
don’t stop there either. The exotic eight piston Brembo
calipers house a massive 14.2 inch rotor on the front
with a 13 inch four piston Brembo setup out back. Needless to say, these cars can stop as quick as they can go. And best of all, it attracts
about as much attention as any ordinary other E-class on the road. This car is all about supercar numbers while flying, literally, under the radar. I bought my 2003 E55 AMG
with a hefty 130,000 miles for just about $6,800 and there’s
plenty of others out there that are below that. And don’t let the haters fool you. They put these electronics
and engines and transmissions in a plethora of other
vehicles that are bigger and smaller than it. There’s a ton of these things everywhere. So parts aren’t as expensive
as you might think. There’s a ton of used
parts around and there’s lots of after market options. Speaking of after market
options, as if these cars weren’t quick enough, they
respond very well to extra air. Headers, pulley
interjectors on these things and they make a little over
600 crank horsepower all day. I could talk about German
super-sedans all day but based on the look
Lawson’s giving me right now, we’re gonna go ahead and
move on to the next one and probably most obvious car on our list. And that is going to be
the C5 Chevrolete Corvette, something I’d fight, What? Specifically the fixed
roof coupes in the Z71 performance handling package variance with the FE3 sport suspension. The C5 Corvette is undoubtedly
the cheapest sports car you can get for under $10,000. And they’re a fantastic
performance bargain. GM’s LS1 is one of the most neat engines that has come out of the 90s. It’s an old school
configuration with the perfect mixture of modern technology. It’s easy to work on. It’s a push rod V8. It makes a ridiculously
reliable 350 horsepower in a light weight, compact configuration that can get very serious, very fast by just bolting some stuff on to it and sliding a cam deep inside of it. So when Chevrolet took
that engine and dropped it into a light weight sports car with great weight distribution
and aerodynamic design and then advertised 34 miles
per gallon on the highway, they had an instant hit. You know what happens when
you have an instant hit? They make a ton of them. And you know what happens
when they make a ton of them? You know what happens when
they make a ton of one thing? They depreciate like mad. And you can buy one of these
things for 7,500 bucks. 7,500 bucks for basically
a friggin race car that gets awesome miles per
gallon and is very practical so long as you don’t require a rear seat. Cheap, early C5s can
look a little bit dated, but it doesn’t take a whole
lot to make these cars look much less 90s and
a ton more aggressive. The gearing in these cars seems to be what held it back the
most in the quarter mile making stock times in the
mid-lower 13s which is pretty weak but it doesn’t take
much to make these cars get deep into the 12s without
even getting under the car Let alone when you start
playing with forced induction, but that doesn’t easily
fall into our budget that we chose for this video. So that’s gonna wrap up today’s video. Please let us know if you like this video by giving it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below and let us know what you
wanna see us cover next. Share this video with your
friends and your family. And as always, bye! (ding) (light music)

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12 thoughts on “5 Fastest Cars For Under $10,000!

  1. The corvette is the only car that made sense on here. By you adding the charger shows how little racing experience you have…..mega turds everyone I raced.

  2. Good list guys! You included cars from all different makers and nationalities which I respect. Gotta say though that the C5 Corvette is a severely underrated car, but I'm glad it made the list. Keep up the great new videos!

  3. Just an idea (prolly wouldnt have made the cut) but as a runner up, the mk5 gti, specifically the ea888 08-09 model. They can be had for dirt cheap, for around 3ish grand, which leaves a large budget to tune, something the ea888 respomds really well to. That being said, good list all in all

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